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21 de maio de 2022

We are using this App since 2020. And we overpaid almost $500+ USD for their hidden fake invoice. BE AWARE!! You will have no option to remove your card from their dashboard. You will have your regular invoice. But they will charge your card hiddenly without any reason. Their customer support will ask you to pay the same invoice 2-3 times. You will have no records. Even after 1 year when we shout very much, they add a paid status on the invoice. Because there was no status before. So just think how horrible it was, You paid an invoice and no status BOOM! they charge again. Each time you have to fight 2-3 days by email with your bank transaction proof, But if you did not notice or check then you will be charged hiddenly. We stop getting their service from January 2022, But why we are writing a review today? OH yes! Because still, we have no service! No product with them but we got charged $20.74 on 19th May 2023. Seems funny? No this is normal when you are on ShipHero. And you will not able to remove your card as well. Only you can change a card. Shopify itself starts a good service for inventory fulfillment with 90 days of free storage. We switch to that now. Seems like we have now come to haven from the hell of ShipHero! (Well, still we get the bills from the hell)

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About 2 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 26 de maio de 2022

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We have already reached out to your company to let you know that this was unfortunately an innocent oversight. While in the process of cleaning up our records there was miscommunication and a wrong charge was made. We have since fixed the issue and sent an email to clear up the confusion and apologize. Once again, we are sorry that this happened.

Editado a 18 de novembro de 2022

This was my original review when we started with ShipHero: This app is actually just an integration with an AMAZING order fulfillment company. We did a lot of research looking for a 3rd party shipping partner and landed on ShipHero. We couldn't be any happier. Their shipping management software is incredible, their pricing is super affordable and their support team is out of this world. Definitely give them a try. Here is my updated review after we decided to leave and do our own fulfillment: As you will see in many recent reviews, mid 2022 something happened and things really started to go wrong at ShipHero. They started losing products, it would take weeks before they would receive a shipment of products from our vendors and make them available for fulfillment. Orders would not ship for days after being labeled as ready in their app. The support is absolutely pitiful and in many cases there is simply no resolution. I highly recommend to stay way from this option if you can do your own fulfillment (Shopify makes this so easy) or look for a different 3rd party option.

Royal Pickleball
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15 de dezembro de 2021

Save Millions . Do read it completely . Did you get fooled by plenty of 5* reviews here? I was , as well and it turned out to be the biggest mistake of my ecommerce life .90% of the people writing these reviews aren't with shiphero anymore Background:They will force(persuade) you to write a review immediately after signing up - the process of which is smoothless .You'll install their app on your shopify store , shiphero's onboarding team will give u demos & things would look rosy . Infact if you were dropshipping previously , this'd look like a dream . Lower charges, faster shipping and so on . But the real story starts here . 1. They will charge you incorrectly for every order you send out . It would be few dollars here & there and it's easy to miss . But one day i noticed twice the shipping fees charged by them. I checked the invoices . Turns out that they charged me $700 extra for the whole month after calculating the weights incorrectly ( Deliberate?) After big fights and multiple emails , they agreed to give credit 2. 20% of my orders were broken due to mishandling which i am not sure was done by Shiphero or their courier providers. Result was me shipping the items again to customers or refunding them the money . They said that items were insured but i never received any refunds and the standard answer was ' Insurance company needs more proofs) 3. The shipping time for them during the Holiday season ( Oct , Nov, Dec & Jan) is 15-20 Days not 5 . They'll never ship your orders even after a week citing BFCM, Holidays,workload etc etc 4. Even if they ship the order with a tracking number , chances are that order will take another week to get ready for shipping. They'll just create the labels and send you the tracking number . Result is chargebacks & account bans as you may offer a 7 day shipping while it really is 20-25 days 5. Once you send them shipments from your suppliers, they have 3 stages - Arrival, receive & available . My shipment arrived 7 days back & it has yet to be received. Then it'd take them many days to make it available 6. They lost my part shipment which arrived on Nov 24 & after pleading for 15 days and writing multiple emails , they found it on Dec 6 lying somewhere in their warehouse . I was lucky . you may be not I can guarantee you that your actual costing with them will not be $5.9 but $25.9 after calculating everything . Please don't be penny wise & pound foolish . Take a sane judgement and move out to better players who may charge a dollar more/shipment but shall give you far better service.Shiphero is actually not able to handle the new customers it has been getting and the whole system has broken apart If you still want to use them , please do but never never never ever from Oct- Jan period . Your ecommerce life will be over before it begins 

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Questão respondida por ShipHero 15 de dezembro de 2021

Hello Hazelqueen,
We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to leave a review regarding ShipHero. We have passed along your feedback to our Fulfillment Team, and we want to thank you for your willingness to share your feedback with us. If you would like to further this conversation via our Client Support Team, please reach out to them so we can work toward a solution or email us at hello@shiphero.com.

12 de outubro de 2022

Until they get things fixed, avoid unless you want your business to be crippled. ShipHero used to be amazing, but as of the past two months, are extremely understaffed and not delivering on their service level agreement. Their support has been lacking tremendously lately, taking anywhere from 4 days - nearly 2 weeks to respond to inquiries. I have run out of stock because their receiving timelines are now 10+ days. If a customer has an order issue and I need to reach out to support for assistance, I now have to tell the customer I will investigate and get back to them in around a week with an update. I have orders which are not meeting the SLA deadline, and shipping out weeks delayed. I have boxes of 100 units which are missing, and after a month of investigating, still no updates on the status. This is just a fraction of the issues I am currently having. Belen has been wonderful in the past and has offered to look into these inquiries, however, nothing has changed and it has been nearly two months of poor service. Their lack of service is literally destroying my business.

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Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 21 de outubro de 2022

Hello onoroller,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. We appreciate your frustrations and are continuously working to improve our teams. The Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will be in touch.
Thank you.

4 de novembro de 2022

A year ago, this was a great app and service. At the time, would've recommended it to anyone. Now? RUN FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY. They previously used a great chat support feature and it was great. They got rid of that and moved to a ticketed system, which wasn't too bad, but they became slightly less responsive. Now, you submit a ticket and you'll be lucky to get a response in weeks. They don't have a customer service number to actually talk to someone (how's that possible?). Asked to meet with someone to discuss numerous issues in September. Meeting was cancelled 20 minutes before the scheduled time and it was never rescheduled. Been trying to get products back from them but they won't (refuse to) respond. They won't respond to inquiries on social media. Shopify needs to remove this app ASAP until this company starts responding to its customers. There are many other fulfillment services to look into and definitely do so before going with this app. Suspect the company will reply stating the client support team will be in touch. Don't be fooled, client support is virtually nonexistent and don't expect a reply from the client support team.

Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.
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Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 10 de novembro de 2022

Hello Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.,
We understand your frustrations and regret that you are unhappy with ShipHero. Our Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will reach out. Thank you.

Editado a 8 de março de 2023

What its like working with ShipHero. -> Imagine being stress out about shipping tons of orders everyday > hiring an employee for help -> their rates are low, onboarding is easy -> sales agent are somewhat nice -> you sign up.

As soon as they start shipping orders -> everything changes -> now the only contact you have with someone at the company is via email and also they live in South America -> absolutely nothing ships out on time -> and they literally do the opposite of everything single thing you tell them to do -> your customers start to notice the drastic change -> your business is impacted in a negative way ->and you almost lose everything that you've worked so hard to build -> that's what it's like working with ShipHero.

Reasons Why NOT to hire ShipHero:

Reason #1
Black Friday orders shipped out 4 weeks after orders were placed. Basically, Black Friday orders didn't ship until the day before Christmas.

Reason #2
You don't have a dedicated account rep if something goes wrong. There's no one you can directly speak with. Only customer service reps who are stationed in South America and don't have feet on the ground at the actual warehouse.

Reason #3
You are solely responsible for lost items, items not delivered, items stolen, items that get lost in transit leaving SH, when SH makes errors in shipping, no scans ect.

If your item ships - and it it not delivered to your customer - YOU have to pay this - there is no filling a claim or SH reimbursing you.

Reason #5
SH makes it basically impossible to remove your inventory from their warehouses. Mostly due their policy of, "load balancing". Basically, SH forces your inventory to be shipped to several other warehouse. This could potential increase the chances for lost inventory and it can also cause delays in shipping. You have NO option to opt. out of this. Also, they don't mention this in the initial onboarding call.

How Load balancing negatively effects your brand/ business:

So, basically SH forces you to allocated your inventory to multiple warehouse all over the US which forces them to ship orders from different warehouses. Its all good until SH takes it upon themselves to, "SPLIT SHIP" your orders. Meaning customers will place 1 order, but receive 5 different shipments from the warehouse at different times through out the month - which leave a very confusing shopping experience for the customer. Some customers feel like they are being scammed, some feel like you forgot to ship the rest of their order. SH takes it upon themselves to make this decision for your brand - you don't realize that it's happening until tons of customers are emailing you their concerns.

If you refuse to load balance and only keep your inventory at 1 warehouse location - they will up charge you 5% per order.

Reason #7

It's impossible to remove inventory once they've shipped all your inventory all over the US.

I've been trying to remove my inventory from SH for about 1 month now, and I'm constantly going back and forth with CS reps and getting no where. Today is March 1st, and SH has yet to release my inventory.

Inventory Update:

After 3 weeks of going back and forth with CS via email ( literally like 100 emails ) - SH has informed me the that have in fact mistakenly thrown part of my inventory in their dumpster, smh - I can't make this stuff up.

So anyways, above is a small preview of what to expect when you hire ShipHero.

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About 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 7 de abril de 2022

Thank you for taking a moment to leave us such a positive review. And thank you for giving Bel a shout-out! We're so glad that ShipHero is already helping your brand to grow. Thank you again!

Editado a 14 de dezembro de 2022

Close to the worst out there. If you ship anything larger than a cubic foot, you are charged Dimensional Weight BUT ShipHero won't tell you what that cost is until after the items ships! There's no easy way to bill that cost to the customer, so customer-paid rates are unusable.

There is no real time shipping calculator at checkout and ShipHero only provides you a rate table for non-dimensional rate (don't fall for their zone pricing pitch! it's not Dimensional Weight!), so you have no idea of the costs until after an order ships.

We asked for DIM pricing and the box sizes that SH uses and were told to download our historical purchases to figure out the box sizes and pricing ourselves! Oof. That's like saying "work with us and we won't tell you how much we cost until we bill your credit card! Surprise!" Zero effort to help us know what we have to pay. Hardly a transparent partner working to keep our business.

Oh, and no account manager, no phone number to call, takes days/weeks on getting service ticket responses, and orders that are SLA'd to be fulfilled in 3 days are taking 3 weeks to be fulfilled.

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Questão respondida por ShipHero 15 de dezembro de 2022

Hello Team GrowOya,
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your frustrations and our team is working with you to rectify the situation. The Client Support team has reached out and scheduled a call with you next week to further address your concerns. Thank you again for your candor in providing feedback.

Editado a 16 de dezembro de 2021

UPDATED REVIEW: Invalid Tracking Numbers that negatively impacted my Amazon account, Late Shipments, and Overcharges They should be called BugHero as their system is always making some mistakes due to some bug. I first rated ShipHero 5-stars due to their outstanding customer support. But after 3-4 months of using them unfortunately I have to update this review. Their system is incredibly buggy. They ship with DHL Ecommerce which is a very incompetent carrier that not only ships incredibly slow but also generates invalid tracking numbers. Then ShipHero updated these invalid tracking numbers to my Amazon account and I got slapped a few times by Amazon with notifications of high invalid tracking rates and this put my account at risk. I then deactivated my ShipHero/Amazon connection and did it all manually.
This is a very cumbersome process with ShipHero as they have no option to do it in their app. You have to download a csv file, fill it and upload it.
After more than one month since I signaled this, they still haven't resolved the issue. In fact it's worse. They provided invalid tracking numbers for 5 orders and now they barely answer. I keep asking them to provide me the correct tracking numbers and they just won't answer me and when they do, they tell me to hold as they are dealing with multiple clients, even though I contacted them a day before. My orders are now past the allowed processing time on Amazon, so again I will be slapped by Amazon for late shipments. One other big issue with ShipHero is the overcharges. I found multiple overcharges and have sent them a list more than 2 months ago. They said that their warehouse team will look into it and get back to me. Nobody reached back. And when they do refund you an overcharge, they don't have any way to track it. They'll just say that they'll refund you on your next invoice, but when I asked about a way to track these refunds, whether on the invoice or somehow else, they just said that there's no way to track them.
So I'll just have to take their word for it. Another big con, is that they are very expensive. I have one item that costs me $7.9 to ship with Amazon and almost $18 with ShipHero The only good thing about them is the Customer Support and that's only during the offpeak season.

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5 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 19 de agosto de 2021

We're so glad you're finding the app easy to use. And we're so grateful that Marina has been so helpful. We're proud of our ShipHero team.

20 de setembro de 2022

Hired ShipHero to help with pre-orders. It takes a lot to get me to the point of writing a bad review, but...wow. They've been having "some delays at the warehouse" and my orders have not been shipped out in over two weeks. In addition to that they don't have a live support system, so every thing you ask them has to go through a ticket system which if they respond at all takes about 48 hours on average to receive a response and it involves no resolution but rather "we'll look into this and get back to you." I asked to have my inventory back and they told me they have sent it to different warehouses across the country and it will take up to 30 days to get it back to me! It is September 20th to day and I still have customers that are waiting for their order since AUGUST 26th. On top of that, while holding my inventory hostage they are charging me "storage fees." They also, without my agreement, sent my inventory to different locations so if an order contained something they have in PA and something they have in LV, they sent it from two different locations and charged me twice for the same order that would have cost 1/2 the amount. The staff is incompetent, disorganized, unresponsive, and I have no idea how in the world this company is operating at all. The worst experience I have ever had working with a service based company. Stay far, far away.

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3 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 20 de setembro de 2022

Hello Tearribles team,
We appreciate your frustrations and appreciate you sharing them with us. Our Client Support team is aware of your concerns and a manager will be in touch soon. Thank you.

18 de maio de 2020

I reached out to ShipHero prior to installing to ask a few questions. Never got any responses. I then tried to install the app and speak with them. Never got any responses. I uninstalled the app and now trying to delete my account after a week of uninstalling, seems impossible. This is the worst app and customer service.

Carnage Tools
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About 22 hours usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShipHero 18 de maio de 2020

You are right, we should have messaged you sooner! We sincerely apologize. We’ve received a record number of inquiries and have been training new team members to keep up, yet you were the one that got away :|
Our team has reached out to you directly.