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Edited September 8, 2021

ShipHero Fulfillment completely changed the way my business runs. After doing self-fulfillment for the last 7 years, we've outsourced everything inventory/shipping related to SHF and it's been a dream. • No more handling inventory
• No more lease
• No more hiring and HR
• No more waiting for the mailman
• No last minute trips to the post office SHF takes care of all of it and is actually saving us money compared to doing it in-house. Their customer care team was outstanding. It's like I've added another RAM stick to my brain now that I don't need to think about shipping and inventory. Wish I'd done it sooner.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied October 14, 2021

Hello SpyGuy! (Cool name by the way, definitely worthy of a superhero)
We're so glad that switching to ShipHero Fulfillment has eased your mind, made your life easier and given your business a new lease on life. Thank you for the review and for letting us work with you and your team to help you succeed!

June 17, 2021

Marina has been amazing when helping us to onboard the fulfillment service! We had a slightly complicated setup in terms of SKUs and packaging of orders. She patiently finds the best solution for us, pulling in other colleagues to help when needed, just to ensure everything goes well for us. I'm grateful for her help and I'm excited to fulfill our orders via ShipHero! Thanks to Danielle and Julia as well for the help along the way! You guys are amazing!

Reactive Outdoor
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Edited December 1, 2020

ShipHero have simplified our fulfillment process. Their seamless solution has eliminated the vast majority of shipping issues and their Customer Success team is responsive and collaborative in solving problems.

Over 1 year using the app
July 23, 2020

They have the best customer service. They respond usually within minutes, and they are always accurate and professional. I’ve had them for a month not on single complaint. Place I can trust with your inventory and customer fulfillment for sure. I give them 5

Waist Forever Official
United States
Over 1 year using the app
December 15, 2021

Save Millions . Do read it completely . Did you get fooled by plenty of 5* reviews here? I was , as well and it turned out to be the biggest mistake of my ecommerce life .90% of the people writing these reviews aren't with shiphero anymore Background:They will force(persuade) you to write a review immediately after signing up - the process of which is smoothless .You'll install their app on your shopify store , shiphero's onboarding team will give u demos & things would look rosy . Infact if you were dropshipping previously , this'd look like a dream . Lower charges, faster shipping and so on . But the real story starts here . 1. They will charge you incorrectly for every order you send out . It would be few dollars here & there and it's easy to miss . But one day i noticed twice the shipping fees charged by them. I checked the invoices . Turns out that they charged me $700 extra for the whole month after calculating the weights incorrectly ( Deliberate?) After big fights and multiple emails , they agreed to give credit 2. 20% of my orders were broken due to mishandling which i am not sure was done by Shiphero or their courier providers. Result was me shipping the items again to customers or refunding them the money . They said that items were insured but i never received any refunds and the standard answer was ' Insurance company needs more proofs) 3. The shipping time for them during the Holiday season ( Oct , Nov, Dec & Jan) is 15-20 Days not 5 . They'll never ship your orders even after a week citing BFCM, Holidays,workload etc etc 4. Even if they ship the order with a tracking number , chances are that order will take another week to get ready for shipping. They'll just create the labels and send you the tracking number . Result is chargebacks & account bans as you may offer a 7 day shipping while it really is 20-25 days 5. Once you send them shipments from your suppliers, they have 3 stages - Arrival, receive & available . My shipment arrived 7 days back & it has yet to be received. Then it'd take them many days to make it available 6. They lost my part shipment which arrived on Nov 24 & after pleading for 15 days and writing multiple emails , they found it on Dec 6 lying somewhere in their warehouse . I was lucky . you may be not I can guarantee you that your actual costing with them will not be $5.9 but $25.9 after calculating everything . Please don't be penny wise & pound foolish . Take a sane judgement and move out to better players who may charge a dollar more/shipment but shall give you far better service.Shiphero is actually not able to handle the new customers it has been getting and the whole system has broken apart If you still want to use them , please do but never never never ever from Oct- Jan period . Your ecommerce life will be over before it begins 

United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied December 15, 2021

Hello Hazelqueen,
We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to leave a review regarding ShipHero. We have passed along your feedback to our Fulfillment Team, and we want to thank you for your willingness to share your feedback with us. If you would like to further this conversation via our Client Support Team, please reach out to them so we can work toward a solution or email us at

October 12, 2022

Until they get things fixed, avoid unless you want your business to be crippled. ShipHero used to be amazing, but as of the past two months, are extremely understaffed and not delivering on their service level agreement. Their support has been lacking tremendously lately, taking anywhere from 4 days - nearly 2 weeks to respond to inquiries. I have run out of stock because their receiving timelines are now 10+ days. If a customer has an order issue and I need to reach out to support for assistance, I now have to tell the customer I will investigate and get back to them in around a week with an update. I have orders which are not meeting the SLA deadline, and shipping out weeks delayed. I have boxes of 100 units which are missing, and after a month of investigating, still no updates on the status. This is just a fraction of the issues I am currently having. Belen has been wonderful in the past and has offered to look into these inquiries, however, nothing has changed and it has been nearly two months of poor service. Their lack of service is literally destroying my business.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied October 21, 2022

Hello onoroller,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. We appreciate your frustrations and are continuously working to improve our teams. The Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will be in touch.
Thank you.

June 16, 2020

Thank you so much Bela for sorting our my inventory syncing problem! I am so happy I chose ShipHero. I was having trouble getting any replies from other fulfilment companies but ShipHero is always ready on chat to solve any of your problems!

United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
Edited October 8, 2021

If you're looking for a fulfillment provider for your store, I'd look no further and start using ShipHero. We almost went with another provider, but at the last minute we found BBB reviews for that provider to be ... frightening to say the least. Scrambling we checked a bunch of other providers and all had large intake costs and variable pricing on shipping rates based on zones. ShipHero is amazing on both of those accounts. You get flat rates for all of the US - no zones!!! It's so important because you can actually plan your costs. You can also send your product across the US for the same rate. Having that option was unbelievable, but ShipHero really does it. As an example, you can offer free 2 day shipping anywhere in the US. This means you don’t have to focus marketing on one area. Your online store can truly be online! The no intake fee is also amazing. ShipHero knows how to help small businesses by making it easy to startup without being nickel and dimed. You send your inventory in and only pay for storage and shipping.
Storage is another area that shines. Their fee for storage is very very reasonable. Other services charge much higher rates. In addition to all of that, the customer service is great. They respond very quickly and resolve your issues. The onboarding process was also very helpful. You'll get your questions answered and you'll be shipping in no time. Actually, you won't have to ship anything; they'll ship for you, which is incredible. Like I said in the beginning of this review, you should stop your search for a fulfillment provider and go with ShipHero. If you still want to search, then you need to compare everything against ShipHero because ShipHero will beat other fulfillment services in every area.

Canopy Coffee
United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied October 14, 2021

Hello Canopy Coffee,
It's always been important to ShipHero that our onboarding and client support teams are top notch. We want your experience as a client to always be a good one, and we spend time training up our teams to make them the type of people you can rave about!

And we're glad you found us, too! It can be scary to trust a third-party to handle such a large part of your business and ShipHero Fulfillment knows how important it is for us to get it right. It's great to hear that we have gotten it right, so far, for Canopy Coffee. We will continue to strive to be amazing and worthy of such a 5-star review! Thank you.

November 4, 2022

A year ago, this was a great app and service. At the time, would've recommended it to anyone. Now? RUN FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY. They previously used a great chat support feature and it was great. They got rid of that and moved to a ticketed system, which wasn't too bad, but they became slightly less responsive. Now, you submit a ticket and you'll be lucky to get a response in weeks. They don't have a customer service number to actually talk to someone (how's that possible?). Asked to meet with someone to discuss numerous issues in September. Meeting was cancelled 20 minutes before the scheduled time and it was never rescheduled. Been trying to get products back from them but they won't (refuse to) respond. They won't respond to inquiries on social media. Shopify needs to remove this app ASAP until this company starts responding to its customers. There are many other fulfillment services to look into and definitely do so before going with this app. Suspect the company will reply stating the client support team will be in touch. Don't be fooled, client support is virtually nonexistent and don't expect a reply from the client support team.

Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.
United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied November 10, 2022

Hello Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.,
We understand your frustrations and regret that you are unhappy with ShipHero. Our Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will reach out. Thank you.

August 5, 2021

I am very happy with ShipHero. It's an excellent service - customer service and onboarding have been superb. Pricing is also very competitive. Highly recommend.

The Black Stuff
Over 1 year using the app
ShipHero replied August 19, 2021

Hi there - thanks so much for letting us know that ShipHero has been working for you! We're happy you're here and we look forward to even more success together.