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9. august 2017

I've had a few pain points with ShipHero but overall the experience has been very positive. The highlight for me has been their customer support team --- they offer live chat support and almost always reply within minutes, with a dedicated rep that's super knowledgeable about the platform. I've found a lot of apps within the Shopify store that have offered excellent CS support, but it's hard for me to think of one better than ShipHero so far.

Nesten 6 år bruker appen
Redigert 19. desember 2016

I love Ship Hero. Running the warehouse and managing inventory is soooo much easier with it. They get e-commerce and what we need.

Nesten 6 år bruker appen
26. mai 2016

ShipHero helped us improving lots of processes in the warehouse - fulfilling orders quickly and accurately, shipping fast, printing labels and creating reports.
highly recommended!

Lior Soho
Over 5 år bruker appen
Redigert 11. mars 2016

We previously used ShipHero with Magento EE, but recently moved to Shopify Plus. We are now managing several Shopify Plus stores with ShipHero and it works like a dream.

Some of the best things about ShipHero are:

- iPad based, no more paper everywhere.
- Full control with bin locations and overstock.
- Fast and accurate picking process. We use carts where we pick into several totes for each picking session, and barcodes are used to verify.
- Fast packing process with another round of verification by scanning barcodes or confirming manually.
- Returns.
- Cycle counting.
- Statistics that greatly help when creating purchase orders. You can set re-order levels and amounts, saving you an incredible amount of time. ShipHero tells you how much you sold in the last 7/30/60/90/180/365 days.
- Lots of useful reports that seems to get better all the time.
- Amazing support!

If you ship anything above 50 orders per day and/or have lots of SKUs with the need for bin and overstock bin locations, the monthly cost is definitely worth it! Using this vs the standard Shopify shipping workflow is like day and night. We had another WMS before ShipHero aimed at larger retailers, so we have tried others, but we are getting faster and more efficient packing and picking with ShipHero.

Conclusion: Highly recommended!

Barbershop Norge
Rundt 5 år bruker appen
10. februar 2016

ShipHero has been a real blessing to our operation and has proven itself to be a real solution to a number of time-consuming issues we've had.

The fundamentals of our warehousing process are:
-picking orders from about 100 SKUs
-determining the most efficient shipping method
-packaging the order

ShipHero was likely not designed for our particular needs, but we found it to be highly adaptable and the customer service was truly top notch. We realized just the other day that it was the first day since we had implemented ShipHero that we had not been in contact with their engineers at some point. This level of customer service is what makes a SaaS product great.

Don't misunderstand this statement: features of ShipHero were behaving exactly as intended. We simply had fairly technical questions about how to adapt ShipHero to our needs and the staff were more than happy to help.

I even had one incident where our company was ready to pay ShipHero engineers to develop a custom modification for us. I had a nice screenshare with Aaron Rubin where he pointed out, in an extremely polite and helpful way, that ShipHero was already solving our issue and no development would be needed.

When I first started looking at developing inventory and restocking strategies for our company, I noted the difficulty in tracking changes in inventory due to our 5 different sales channels. ShipHero immediately resolved this issue by giving us the ability to process fulfillment (and thus inventory) for all of our sales channels.

It helped us wrangle out-of-control international shipping losses before they became a serious issue for our finances.

It increased our fulfillment accuracy to the theoretical maximum level (100% accuracy on the human side) by supporting barcode scans and simplifying the flow of decisions for our shipping employees.

ShipHero was designed with Lean best practices in mind. We now have a shipping process that features a very high work content, with tons of data available in the reports to help us with continuous improvement projects.

We are able to fully train shipping employees in around 2 hours now.

As an E-Commerce business analyst who is obsessed with data-driven business decisions and the tenets of Lean, I wholeheartedly recommend ShipHero!

Nesten 5 år bruker appen
26. august 2016

We chose ShipHero because we needed an end-to-end solution for managing inventory, all in one place, that could sync with Shopify and also with our own custom stack (through the API). Another requirement we had, is our shipping labels needed to be on the bottom of our invoices, this is not a normal offering of ShipHero, but they offered to implement a custom solution for us which was a lifesaver. The iPad and scanning solution has been great for our warehouse to manage orders and inventory and ensure integrity. Their development team has also worked around the clock for us to implement crucial bug fixes and feature enhancements. If you plan on selling 1000's of units and scaling beyond this is definitely a solution I would recommend.

-Adam Ayers, VP Engineering @ Five Four Group

Nesten 5 år bruker appen
Redigert 29. mars 2018

We've been using ShipHero for years. I highly recommend the software, it's powerful and does a great job of managing inventory, purchase orders, orders, returns and is amazing in the warehouse. A+

Scramble Usa
Nesten 5 år bruker appen
17. oktober 2016

In addition to completely revolutionizing our order processing on the day to day, it really helped us make sense of restocking and employee monitoring. The team as bent over backwards to help us integrate, and has had very open ears to feedback for future features.

I don't see how any Shopify store can function efficiently without Shiphero.

Over 4 år bruker appen
15. juli 2017

Love it! warehouse management at its best. guys over at SH help us all the time. incredible service and app!

Mika Yoga Wear
Over 4 år bruker appen
Redigert 14. mars 2017

Shopify + ShipHero is the best way to run your business, and that's all you need from an operations perspective.

We get
Multi Channel Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Reporting to help with purchase orders
Returns management
Reports on Inventory Value, Cost of Goods and our Shipping
Awesome mobile apps for working in the warehouse
A reliable service.

If you're looking for the best back-end for Shopify, you found it.

Over 4 år bruker appen