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3. mai 2024

Had a wonderful experience so far with ShipHero. They set up everything super quick and got me to being able to have my inventory tracked and my shipments out! Customer service was top notch! Kyle has been super helpful and responsive. He is very knowledgeable and has been super easy to work with. The system itself very user friendly. I love that I can set up kits within ShipHero without needing to have an extra app in Shopify. I love that I can tell exactly where my inventory goes and it tracks every change! I do wish ( or maybe I haven’t found it) there was an option to see how much inventory was used in the last 30 days. I also love how easy it is to pick and pack orders. Definitely the best system I’ve used so far for warehouse management

Bay Bites
7 måneder bruker appen
27. mars 2024

*What do you like best about ShipHero?

Having attentive staff that quickly answers and fixes questions related to their platform. I have had numerous 'issues' and very few ended up requiring extended amounts of time to fix. Most issues are resolved the same day.. I really thank the staff for making Ship Hero an easy product to work with.

* What do you dislike about ShipHero?

Not being able to schedule reports to be be run at a certain time or on demand. In a given day I could download 20 or more reports as we have multiple clients and reporting requirements.

In an ideal world I could kick off a custom job to pull all this data without having to go to each interface, wait while this loads and downloads..

Westport Big & Tall
Rundt 2 år bruker appen
13. november 2023

Our company just finish on-boarding with Alissa who is the Senior Solutions Specialist. She is an all-star! We have gone through on-boarding with other programs that our company used previously and this is by far the best experience that we have ever had. Alissa is very knowledgeable, patient and genuinely kind. We were sad once our on-boarding process ended because we wish that we could continue working with her!

Ship Hero has been the best system that we've been able to find for our company. Alias mapping SKUs, assembly bundles and other kits have been a breeze to set up and manage. Dynamic inventory has been a huge change to our system but it has truly helped us grow and track inventory more efficiently. Integrations with Amazon and Shopify work very well. Inventory adjustments push almost instantaneously to our sales channels. We are very happy with our experience so far. We only wish that Ship Hero had a manufacturing function so that we could use the program for all of our needs!

Poppy & Pout Wholesale
3 måneder bruker appen
15. september 2023

I have had the pleasure of working with ShipHero for the last year and I can confidently say that their product and services exceeded our expectations. From their exceptional team members to their commitment to delivering high-quality results, ShipHero has consistently proven to be a valuable partner for our warehousing and fulfillment solution. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ShipHero and are excited for the new features yet to come!

Giant Tiger
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Redigert 19. desember 2016

I love Ship Hero. Running the warehouse and managing inventory is soooo much easier with it. They get e-commerce and what we need.

Nesten 6 år bruker appen
Redigert 29. mars 2018

We've been using ShipHero for years. I highly recommend the software, it's powerful and does a great job of managing inventory, purchase orders, orders, returns and is amazing in the warehouse. A+

Scramble Usa
Nesten 5 år bruker appen
Redigert 14. mars 2017

Shopify + ShipHero is the best way to run your business, and that's all you need from an operations perspective.

We get
Multi Channel Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Reporting to help with purchase orders
Returns management
Reports on Inventory Value, Cost of Goods and our Shipping
Awesome mobile apps for working in the warehouse
A reliable service.

If you're looking for the best back-end for Shopify, you found it.

Over 4 år bruker appen
22. oktober 2020

I am speaking to all of my fellow Shopify store owners in order to confirm that the hype is real. ShipHero came highly recommended and they have absolutely lived up to their 5-star reputation. ShipHero makes managing the most important aspects of your business efficient and easy while also providing an unbeatable platform to process your daily orders. ShipHero is constantly releasing new and useful features and because it is a cloud-based software, I instantly have access to these new features with no additional fees. If you sell through multiple vendors there is no doubt in my mind that this is the inventory management software for you. Like clockwork throughout the day, ShipHero quickly imports all of our orders from all of our vendors across the web. Most importantly, their customer support is extremely attentive and helpful.

Rundt 4 år bruker appen
23. september 2019

Game Changer! We looked at over 10 WMS systems for months and went through tons of training, and nothing even came close to ShipHero. We wanted to make sure with a move like this is was worth it. After finally switching over to ShipHero we quickly realized we should have done it years early. It is even better than we expected.

It is extremely user-friendly. Everything about this system just makes sense. Hiring people and showing them how to start picking, packing, and shipping takes a matter of minutes instead of days. The visibility we get with this system is amazing. I can see who is the top picker, packer, who made changes. It really has made our company so much better all around.

The support is crazy good! A special shout out to Matt Dickman ( Senior Solutions Specialist) He made the switch over from our current system painless. Even took the time to text, email, and call after the set up was complete. He kept checking in on our side to make sure things were running the correct way for weeks.

I could not be more impressed with ShipHero!

Rundt 4 år bruker appen
Redigert 2. mars 2019

ShipHero is the best software for running an ecommerce business where you ship product. The software has a ton of flexibility. Make sure you take advantage of the onboarding calls and get help with your setup. You need to map your warehouse locations to your Shopify Locations or you'll end up with confusing stock situations. Once you get the setup done, ShipHero is killer.

We got our error rate down to 0.01% and we're faster than ever before on shipping. Receiving is lot easier to track. Returns are awesome.

The automation rules are very powerful, you can automate how you want orders handled based on dozes of criteria.

10/10 would recommend.

Rundt 4 år bruker appen