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23 mei 2023

ShipHero has been an amazing partner for us. We launched with them back in 2021 when we migrated to Shopify and have used them as our Warehouse IMS/OMS. They have many advanced features that have helped us become much more efficient in our warehouse operations. We recently started also using ShipHero in our Shopify POS stores as well as their 3PL's on the East Coast. All of it has work seamlessly and easily enabled us to become an OmniChannel business. If you are an Ecommerce brand that owns and operates its own DC, I can't recommend ShipHero enough.

James Perse Los Angeles
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23 april 2023

Amazingly easy integration with the most helpful support! This system has made us 10x more efficient. Can't rate it high enough!

Red Land Cotton
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21 maart 2023

The Customer Service is Excellence.

our Shiphero Agent Brandon Hoisington went above and beyond in helping integrate our shopify to Shiphero.

highly recommend their services!!

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22 februari 2023

We have been absolutely blown away by the service that we received when learning about SH and ultimately going live with the product earlier this year! Our Solutions Specialist, Alissa Williams, was incredible and always replied to our needs within minutes, even when on vacation! We love how customizable the system is and have already been able to save a ton of time and money with switching to ShipHero! We would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make the switch to a system that adapts and learns with you!

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App gebruikt gedurende 10 maanden
ShipHero heeft geantwoord 23 februari 2023

Thank you so much for leaving such a stellar review for our team and for Alissa! We agree that she is a superstar. We're glad that you've had such a positive experience so far and we're looking forward to working with you for many years to come! Thanks again!

8 juli 2022

ShipHero to the rescue. The app has a great UI, which makes it super easy to train our employees to use the new system. Our onboarding specialist was super helpful and a blast to work with. I will say it does seem like sometimes they will push new updates and sometimes those updates can cause the app to act a little buggy. Their support is good and they normally will have a fix or solution that day. Definitly I would say for small to medium size businesses this app is awesome.

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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 28 juli 2022

Hello YoungLA!
Thank you for leaving such an awesome review. We're so glad that ShipHero has been such a benefit to your warehouse and your team. We appreciate the feedback regarding app updates. We are doing our best to keep clients like you up to speed on all the features we're updating, and will continue to strive for more transparent communication. Thank you again for your business and for your support. We look forward to working with you and your business for a long time!

25 maart 2022

Best software out there. If you get to work with Mike Azimi for your onboarding then gear up for the best experience of your life.

Kong Beer Bong Wholesale
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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 31 maart 2022

Hello! Thank you so much for your amazing review! We're so grateful that the software is living up to your expectations. And we agree Mike is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to let us know we're doing well.

27 februari 2022

This review is primarily for the ShipHero 3PL software. Before moving to ShipHero, we were fulfilling 5K+ orders/mo very manually—no SKUs or inventory tracking, manual 3PL billing for other brands we fulfill for etc. We evaluated several 3PL solutions to help us scale fulfillment our own brands, as well as build out a new warehouse to grow our 3PL company. We finally settled on ShipHero because of the full suite 3PL software they've built rather than using separate apps for what we needed. We scored with Brett Oliveira initially, and then Mike Azimi as our onboarding specialist, and he was AMAZING to work with. The onboarding was super smooth, and we're now shipping 7K+ orders/mo for several brands from our first warehouse running ShipHero within a matter of weeks. Some specific things we really appreciate about ShipHero 3PL software: - Kits! We can create a kit SKU and assign multiple items to be picked/tracked as components in different locations in the warehouse.
- The efficiency of the picking flow through the warehouse.
- Replenishment reports for optimizing our team to restock pickable locations.
- Using Purchase Orders for receiving inventory is super streamlined, and makes it easy for our team to be efficient.
- The whole iOS/scanner implementation makes it easy to onboard new employees and make them productive immediately.
- Custom orders statuses that we can use to have pickers focus on specific 3PL brands.
- Order automation rules for adding SKUs to orders based on the product SKUs (e.g. adding ring box SKUs to ring orders, necklace pouches to necklace orders, etc.)
- 3PL billing! We haven’t even scratched the surface yet of all the detailed levels of billing you can apply to your 3PL customers - per pick, n+ picks, bins used in the warehouse, cubic storage used, etc. GREAT STUFF!
- There’s bound to be more things here as we explore the software further. The big selling point is that they use their own software in their own warehouses which means they dogwood their own features before providing them to us 3PL software customers. Before we started with ShipHero we visited their Allentown warehouse and got a ton of ideas for how to implement our warehouse layout and workflows. We still have yet to nerd out on Xbox Kinect for our packing stations, but they even have a KB article when we have some time :) We’d definitely recommend ShipHero if you’re looking to scale your 3PL company and want a SAAS solution from a growing company that is continually building features that help you grow with them.

Relentless Betrayal
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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2022

Thank you so much for sharing your experience about working with ShipHero. We're so happy to hear that ShipHero's software is already providing you with measurable results and that the features like 3PL billing and replenishment are working so well for you and your team. Thank you also for giving Brett and Mike A. a shout-out. They are definitely rockstars! We hope that when you install those Xbox adaptive controllers you'll share a picture. We agree that it's a game changer for packing stations. Thank you again.

24 februari 2022

This app guided us through all our inventory needs and taught us barcoding and organization. It has made fulfillment so much smoother and efficient for us. Mike A was a great help, he was always available for any questions we had!

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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2022

Hello Strata!
Woot for a smoother and more efficient fulfillment process! We're so glad that ShipHero is meeting and exceeding your expectations. We also really appreciate the time you took to leave us a review. And thank you for giving Mike A. a shout-out. He is a super valuable resource for our clients and for ShipHero! Thank you again.

18 februari 2022

We use the software to organize and manage our warehouse/inventory with barcoded locations and products. The Software is very efficient to use on our iPads and desktop ship stations.It has been a great experience overall with mike being our on-boarding contact he was a pleasure to work with.

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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2022

Hello 316collection!
Thank you so much for taking a minute to leave us such a positive review. We're so glad that you're finding the software so easy to work with and that it's making your team more efficient. And we agree that Mike is pretty awesome! Thank you again!

15 december 2021

We are very happy with our transition to Shiphero from Shipstation. Our onboarding contact was very helpful and the go-live process is communicated with clear expectations. Shiphero has improved our warehouse speed and efficiency. BFCM went a lot more smoothly this year. Only downside so far is the lack of customer support after onboarding. We are on the "essential" that plan doesn't include an account specialist. Customer support isn't extremely helpful and the form to submit a ticket through our dashboard doesn't work.

Wild Oak Boutique
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ShipHero heeft geantwoord 16 december 2021

Hello Wild Oak Boutique,

Thank you so much for taking a moment to leave a review. We really appreciate your feedback and we will pass it along to our Client Support team. We're very glad that even though there have been a few hiccups, you've already seen the benefit of ShipHero during BFCM. Thank you!