ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

by ShipHero

The complete inventory, order management and shipping solution

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Royal + Reese

While Shiphero has barcode scanning for picking orders and the ability to print postage, the program itself leaves a lot to be desired. There is no chat or phone support. You have to email any time there is an issue and hope that someone emails you back in a timely manner which usually takes at least an hour. Their customer service is sub par in that we have never had them help with any troubleshooting. We have had to figure things out on our own. The queue does not pull in chronological order which makes pulling cumbersome with trying to get oldest orders out first. There are a lot of extra clicks that are unnecessary making things multiple steps that could be cut down. The speed is slow which they blame on the postage carriers even though their entire platform is slow, not just printing of a postage label. Ideas for updates are submitted and never heard about again. Just not an efficient way to mail orders if you're doing volume in the 10,000's per month.

Developer reply

May 12, 2019

Ello there. Sorry to hear your frustrations, you've been with us for two years so we're missing something. Our team will definitely assist - let's figure out what is happening and get it fixed. Our director of support will be reaching out shortly.

Clear Jelly Stamper 2

My business never got this app to work. We had some costly mistakes due to using this app; however, we did receive support. Eventually, it started feeling like they were avoiding us and we felt like we were being a pain to them. After 30 days of trying to get this app to work, we finally gave up and they gave us our money back.

Open Source Steel

Only problem I've encountered thus far is Multi-Packages using UPS for my business.

After spending THOUSANDS of dollars on employee salary integrating software for testing, buying $1,200+ in hardware (ipad,socket mobile scanner,cases,mounting bracket) this one left me without a solution for my business. I am now looking for alternatives that use the same hardware I just purchased to use instead so I didn't just waste all that money.

Had not loosing out on so much and left high and dry with a estimated solution resolved in two months...

2 out of 5...

This app could get better with age... maybe in two months :P but for the time being, not going to work for my business. Get to developing boys... UPS' API will allow you multi package shipments, I assure you! Just get it in there!

Also work on USPS native integration?

Big business' on shopify looking for solutions with multi-package shipments I assure you! Don't miss out on opportunities with these silly problems ShipHero Team!

I would give this company 5 stars if they had a better system in place for multi-package shipments with UPS that would allow me to use this expensive ipad and scanner I just purchased.