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ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

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Is your warehouse team growing? We'll help them & you succeed.

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ShipHero enforces an efficient and accurate process from receiving through inventory management to picking and shipping.


Visibility of every inventory movement, every pick and every shipped order and dashboards to see efficiency by person.

You will love the software

We power happy merchants. Here’s proof: 4.8-star rating, 100 million packages shipped & 10% of all Shopify Plus stores globally use ShipHero

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Let us give you the technology and processes to run your warehouse the right way.

We ran an ecommerce business, didn't like the software options available, so made our own. We serve more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally. We serve Canadian Tire a $10 billion brand and Black Wolf Nation a $1 million brand. The same processes work.

How do we know? We operate 7 of our own warehouses with over 200 warehouse employees on our payroll and they use the same software you can buy for $1,850 a month with the same processes you can learn on our Youtube channel. The process is accurate and it's efficient. We spend our time in our warehouses and when we find ways to increase accuracy and increase efficiency, we take those opportunities. Like we said, we have 200 people on payroll using our software.

Don’t take it from us. Hear what clients say about working with ShipHero:

  • “Since switching to ShipHero, we’ve reduced our fully-loaded costs by 35%. At the volumes we move, that’s huge.” Brittany Stewart, Founder and COO of BURST

We have a process. We explain that process on our website, our YouTube channel and you can even visit our warehouses to see for yourself. Use the process, use our software and you will eliminate your inventory errors and boost your warehouse output by 30%.

Here's another customer, Woxer:

  • "Ship Hero is the best option for Shopify merchants. It's almost like it was build for it" - guess what we are Shopify merchants and we built for ourselves and for you. And also from Woxer "If Ship Hero didn't exist I would never want to own a warehouse."

Last point, we have twice as many people on our onboarding team as compared to our sales team. We want your business to be successful.

Sign up, you'll be glad you did.

Switch to ShipHero and start shipping today.

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$150 per month per additional user

  • Includes 2 Users and 1 Store Connection
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Returns
  • Automation Rules
  • Shipping Rate Shopper
  • Setup & Training
  • 24/7 Support

For Brands


$150 per month per additional user, $30 per additional store connection

  • Includes 5 Users and 10 Store Connections
  • Unlimited SKUs & Orders
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • API Access
  • Batch Pick & Pack
  • Single-Item Batch

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4.8 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Filly Flair

ShipHero has drastically improved our warehouse speed and efficiency, and the ShipHero team is a pleasure to work with!

MOEFLAVOR - Waifu Inspired Fashion and Lingerie Store

We switched from veeqo (not recommended) to shiphero and we love it very easy to understand . everything goes smoothly and fast. We had Mike & Joel as our teacher they will make sure everything is clear and they are very patient with you. If you have a problem you can reach out to them and they will work on it . We haven't run into any big issues yet so keep it going.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

28 ottobre 2021

Thank you so much for your review! We're so glad that the switch to ShipHero has been smooth and exceeded your expectations. Thanks for giving Mike and Joel a shout-out as well. We really appreciate it.

Black Wolf

How switching to ShipHero transformed our business in 90 days My skincare brand was doing very basic in-house fulfillment using ShipStation. We grew from 20 orders a day to over 1000 in just 12 months and needed a more robust solution to continue growing. Working with Shiphero we were able to implement a receiving ASN system, warehouse locations, faster and more accurate pick, pack, and ship procedures, rate shopping, and setting up bundled components for accurate inventory. ShipHero is a very powerful out-of-the-box solution that paid for itself instantly. With the help of the Shiphero team, we then transformed our in-house fulfillment operation into ONE23 Fulfillment - a thriving 3PL business within 90-days. We now ship for many top DTC brands and are pushing out thousands of orders a day. This is an extremely scalable solution that continues to innovate and add new features. Onboarding new clients, portal access, and billing are all fantastic. Without ShipHero we never could have grown as fast as we have or had the confidence to implement it in the first place and get the most out of the platform. All I can say is we are thankful for ShipHero every day.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

7 ottobre 2021

Wow! Black Wolf Nation, thank you so much for sharing such a detailed review and letting us know how much ShipHero has helped you as you switched from another platform.

We're so glad ShipHero has been a benefit to you and your company and that you're seeing the value. Thank you for the review!