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I have been with Shipmonk for 2 years now. We are now working with a WONDERFUL happiness engineer, Ron T. He makes great efforts to understand the nuances of our brand. He is very communicative, polished and professional. It is really impressive to partner with someone like Ron, that also has the energy and knowledge to DRIVE our business. We are grateful for this partnership and to be assigned Ron T.

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Our Happiness Engineer Matthew S. was brilliant assisting us with a recent issue we had. He was quick to respond and was able to answer all our questions, and the process went very smoothly. We are very thankful for his help.

使用應用程式 5個月

Making the move to partner with a 3PL for our eCommerce site was pretty scary! But Pascalle and the team at Shipmonk have gone over and above in supporting us during the transition. We've been super impressed with their communication and timely responses. We'll definitely be recommending Shipmonk!

Emily The Strange
使用應用程式 大約1個月


i had to ship a wholesale order that weighs 60 lbs via USPS which normally would cost around $90 via USPS (nonnegotiated rates) , they charged me $527!!!
and the insane part is that since it was a wholesale order, the cost of shipping was TBD until the package was picked up by USPS which is too late. i call to let them know to intercept the package as i did not get a chance to approve this and the order i was shipping is not worth more than $250 in its entirety!!! but NO help.

this is an update to my previous onboarding experience which was another fail, the app works fine even though it overcharges but the minute you have an issue - they OVERBILL or just abandon you.

previous review: Horrible onboarding with so many details on their support pages and almost no syncing with shopify system - had to enter everything manually (they would have the SKU as the product name, the weight in ounces put in lbs), and then the receiving of products is miserable (they again overweigh products & overcharge on shipping and you cannot even edit to the right weight - an 8oz bottle could be weighed as 1 lb! Or even more! ) i regret sending them a whole stock, i should have started with a few items The team talks nicely and try to help but it feels like they are overwhelmed with their system and work flow themselves so the help they end up giving is subpar. in the end of the day, if i am outsourcing my shipping, you need to be a well oiled machine and a cheap alternative to in-house but they are anything but! Also our first big delivery with them was a big big big fail, we were overcharged with UPS because of their weight "errors"above - they split up 1 big order to 8 orders which were not packed professionally, they did a miserable job with taping up boxes and putting heavy items in a no-bubble plastic envelopes like true beginners and arrived to my client all destroyed.

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ShipMonk 已回覆 2023年8月28日

Dear Dr. Wima Beauty,

We are sorry if you have encountered any issues with shipping your products or utilizing our software to execute orders the way you intended. Our team would love to walk you though any aspects of our fulfillment platform that aren't syncing with your needs so your 3PL fulfillment can run as smoothly as possible. Our Client Experience team will reach out to you directly in the hopes of ironing out miscommunications and finding the best solution for your needs.


We had a few challenges to work through, and Josh Callaway helped to resolve them within 48 hours. He has been very effective and communicated well throughout the whole process. 5 stars.

Lupine Lane Co.
使用應用程式 8個月

A much needed 3rd party fulfillment service that makes it possible for me to manage my online business. Very detail oriented, thorough, and supportive.

Primal Health Foods
使用應用程式 2個月

Matt was extremely helpful in helping us transfer a handful of skus from one account to another. He was very thorough in his communication and was able to answer all the questions we had.

Broadway Murder Mysteries
使用應用程式 6個月

We've worked with many fulfillment partners over the years. Shipmonk is one of the best platforms we've used and it is constantly improving. Their support is also one of the best we've experienced. Recent expansion has put a slight strain on their team, as we've cycled through several "Happiness Engineers" in the past year, but they do their best and response time remains quite fast. Their MonkProtect service has been a real game changer for us, allowing us to handle shipping and fulfillment claims with basically no friction: it's a win for our customers and for us.

使用應用程式 2年多

I now have 2 accounts with Shipmonk and they have been great overall! Just opened my 2nd account with them and Joan in the onboarding team was exemplary! She really went above and beyond to get our store live quickly as we immediately had several orders that had to be fulfilled quickly! Enzo also jumped in and was great but Joan really stuck with us and made sure we could get set up fast!

Sleek Air
使用應用程式 12天

Great customer service. We've used them for several companies. Everything is transparent and integrates pretty easily. Any hiccups are responded to promptly.

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