Shippable Back‑Order Manager

Shippable Back‑Order Manager


Know Which Orders Are Ready To Ship

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Know which orders you can ship

Shippable keeps track of your inventory and determines which orders are ready to ship and which are not.

Stop checking your inventory

Whether from a sale, a return, a new transfer or an inventory adjustment, Shippable will update your orders with the appropriate status.

Replenish Back-Ordered items

Export your Back-ordered item listing and use it to generate a Purchase Order to replenish missing items.

Shippable Back‑Order Manager 정보

Your inventory watchdog

Shippable watches over your orders and inventory so that you can focus on your business. Every change to your inventory is kept up to date and orders are identified as "Shippable" or "Back-Ordered" automatically.

Shopify reduces available inventory when it is sold, not when it is fulfilled. This ensure that you don't oversell items, but it means that the Available quantity shown and the physical quantity you have will vary by the unfulfilled orders in your shop.

Shippable determines the total Needed Quantity for each item and adds that to the Available quantity measured by Shopify. This is the Usable Quantity. Shippable then goes through each order line by line:

  • If the Unfulfilled Quantity is greater than the Usable Quantity, this line item is Not Shippable.
  • If its less than the Usable Quantity, the line item is Shippable and the Usable Quantity is reduced.

If you sell pre-orders or allow back-orders, Shippable will provide you with a Back-Ordered report showing the exact quantity you need to fulfill pending orders. You can also see the current position of your complete inventory.

Use custom Order and Customer tags to filter your shippable orders keeping Pre-Orders or Active Subscribers out of your Shippable orders until you're ready to fulfill them.

Direct integration with Quick-Pick Picklists allowing you to pick and fulfill you Shippable orders easily.


  • Quick-Pick Picklists

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  • Live Inventory Monitoring
  • Unlimited Order Tagging

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Angry Ballerina Fabrics

Easy to use and saves me time. I use this app to manage my pre-orders. It automatically tags the orders as back ordered and makes them easy to find. This works great with another app made by the same company - Quick Pick.

Funky Moose Records

We deal with a lot of back-ordered products and we're getting to a point where we were missing orders that were supposed to be shipped. Shippable made all of those worries go away. It runs in the background and I created a custom filter that shows exactly which orders are ready to ship, saving me a ton of time.
Even better, we can scan the orders and create a CSV export of back-ordered items that I can match what we need to order from our suppliers, which is another huge time-saver.
They say time is money and this is $5/month VERY well spent.