Shipping Rates by ZipCode

Shipping Rates by ZipCode

od CirkleStudio

Shipping Solution + Delivery Date + Pickup + Local Delivery

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Custom Rate by Products Group

App allows to set Delivery Rates for Groups of Products by creating Zones and multiple Rates under each Zone by specifying Postcode

Various Conditions Based Rates

Conditions to set Custom Shipping Rates by Order Price, Min-Max Weight, Qty, Order Percentage with Postcodes and Show rate by day of week

Store Pickup + Local Delivery

Allow your customer to choose convenient date and time when they can manually pick up the order from your store with Delivery dates.

Podrobnosti o Shipping Rates by ZipCode

With this single App, We offer Shipping Solution + Store Pickup + Local Delivery + Delivery Date.

Store Pickup + Local Delivery + Delivery Date

Carrier calculated shipping is not required for Store Pickup and Local Delivery.

This app enables customers to schedule their local delivery and pickup date and time. Merchants can set the rules that would prevent customers from choosing times at which can't deliver.


  • Customers can select the delivery date along & time on the cart page
  • Set time after which you want to hide same day pickup/local-delivery
  • Holiday control
  • Min And Max Pickup Interval Days
  • Product Selection for Store Pickup & Local Delivery
  • Translate app to store language
  • And Many More...

Shipping Rates by ZipCode

This app requires carrier-calculated shipping defined by Shopify for your store to retrieve shipping rates from external sources.

Based on Zipcode it will calculate the appropriate shipping price on Shopify checkout. This app automatically fetches the shipping rates for your customers at Shopify checkout. This app supports all the countries supported by Shopify like US, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Portugal, etc…

App support Multi Locations + Each Product based Shipping

If you have multi location origin of the product for your store, You can set shipping based on the product's origin.

You can set conditional logic for shipping rate based on Based on Order Price, Item Weight, Item Qty, Product Selection (Here you can set different shipping for each product) and so on...


  • Rates based on zipcode code and state/provinces
  • You can add Zip Codes with single or range or both like 100001,100002,100003=100097,100098,100099 each Zipcode separated by "," and you can define a range with "=" or you can add Zipcode like 3600*, this means it will apply on all the Zipcode which starts with 3600.
  • Enable shipping rate based on the day of week
  • Surcharge shipping
  • If you have a number of ZipCodes under your states then you can choose the state from the setting and exclude the ZipCode where you don't want shipping.
  • Set rates based on each products or Cart's Qty/Weight/Total.
  • Setup surcharge on Qty/weight.(incremental rate)
  • Add 'Catch' zone. If any of the conditions does not match with the "Zones" it will display the shipping rate from the "Catch All" zone.

Book a Personal Demo

We know shipping is complicated, and learning the new app can be complicated. If you want a guided tour of the app tailored to your specific shipping needs, head to our website or the 'Support' page within the app to book a demo.

Customization Request

If you feel the app is missing a useful feature we are always happy to consider changes, get in touch.

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  • Shipping rates by zipcode
  • Rate modifier
  • Product-based shipping
  • Create 3 Zones
  • Create up to 10 Rates



  • All Features Included with BASIC Plan
  • Pickup, Local Delivery, Delivery Date
  • Create 10 Zones and up to 30 Rates



  • All Features Included BUSINESS Plan
  • FREE Each Product Rate AddOn + Tier Rate AddOn
  • Unlimited Zones and Rates

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The Broth Sisters store

This app helped me break down my shipping into zones for cold logistics as well as having a flat rate for national products that are ambient. I was also able to calculate free shipping and link it to specific zones and product types.

Odpověď vývojáře

27. říjen 2021

Hello Dear Merchant,

We love to hear that your app fulfills all your requirements. We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review.


Me ayudaron con mi problema y dieron soporte con mi problemas son muy atentos y te ayudan con la instalacion sin ningun problema

Odpověď vývojáře

22. říjen 2021

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We will share this with the store team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.


customer service is perfect. Fast and efficiency. The logic of the rate setting is reasonable and efficiency, easy to use.