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12. Mai 2023

Good effective app and real people at the other end of the email ready to help. Had a bit of trouble getting the app up and running but got prompt assistance.

Kayla's Kitchen
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BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 28. Mai 2023

We appreciate your feedback. However, we would like to address the concern regarding the rating you gave our app.

We kindly request you consider adjusting the score you assigned to the app. I understand you had trouble initially, but the issues were unrelated to the app's functionality. Our team promptly assisted you in resolving the problem, as mentioned in your review. Adjusting your rating would help maintain a fair representation of the app and assist other users in making informed decisions.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your support and willingness to reconsider your rating would be greatly appreciated. If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact me directly at

27. April 2023

Excellent App!
easy to install and set up
very useful when you have many branches and don't want a long list at checkout.

Skechers Israel
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2023

Thank you for the great review of our app!

3. April 2023

The app really helped us with same day deliveries to certain locations...
great customer service and fast responds

Dé Rococo
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BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 3. April 2023

Thanks for the review! Glad our app helped with same-day deliveries, and you had a great experience with our customer service. We appreciate your feedback!

16. März 2023

MapIt is still developing to its full potential but the support from its team is amazing. They are readily available to help out with any questions, and since they are part of BOA Ideas, they were also able to help with other questions within Shopify.
Great app, great customer service!

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 6 monate
BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 21. März 2023

Thank You for the kind words! We do our best to make this app super useful for all merchants. And we are always here to listen and advise!

26. Februar 2023

Great app.
We are very satisfied since we started using MAPIT app, easy and friendly to use, great and fast customer support.

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BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 27. Februar 2023

Thank you for this review. We appreciate it and are happy that the app is helpful!

28. Juni 2022

Does the job. Would have been great if the app was easier to map the zones. Specially while mapping areas that are too close, this would have been handy.

Studio Kozo
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8. April 2022

Their Support is very poor 5 days and counting they have not answer any of my emails. Hello maybe they will answer now.

Four Seasons At Home
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 25 tage
BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 8. April 2022

Hi, we didn't see any email from you. We usually answer all questions within 24 hours, except during our weekend (Friday-Saturday).
We don't know to which email you sent, please try or

26. Januar 2022

MapIt has been a huge benefit for our store. We have a customized delivery solution and need to have a tiered approach to local delivery rates. For this, we need the ability to create delivery zones that differ from zip codes. Prior to MapIt, we had a list of cities that customers needed to select from. It was an error prone, horrible experience for our customers. MapIt has given us the ability to create custom polygons and unique delivery areas. It has cleaned up our website and customers love the improvement/ease of use. Not only is the tool super flexible and reliable, but the customer support is excellent. The BOA Ideas team is very responsive. We had some questions regarding the tool and they jumped on a call to assist with configuration. Its great to see this responsiveness. Go with MapIt… you wont be disappointed!

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 11 monate
BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 30. Januar 2022

Hi - thanks so much for this awesome review! Glad the tool is helping your business and that we were able to give you a top-notch customer service experience. If anything else comes up, we're here for ya!

10. Dezember 2021

Both the MapIt app and the BOA Ideas team are great. We have a specific use case where we need to manage multiple local delivery zones at different costs for scheduled delivery, pre-dawn delivery and pickup. These zones cut across zip codes, so drawing polygons is the best solution for defining zone. To enable these three delivery options, we use MapIt to draw overlapping zones for each option. We do this across the metro area, defining different polygons for each delivery cost zone, for both scheduled delivery and predawn (pickup is a $0 cost single regional polygon). We had some questions regarding implementation and the BOA Ideas team was super responsive and helpful. Great customer support. There are a couple of competing apps available. From our experience, these are both more expensive and less useful. Go with MapIt!

The Custom Plate
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 23 tage
BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 12. Dezember 2021

Thanks for this awesome review! We're thrilled to know that our app is such a good solution for your business. If you ever have any questions or ideas for ways to improve the app, you know where to find us. Go polygons!

14. September 2021

I was looking for an app that would help me customize my shipping zones, and I love how I can select an area on the map and turn that into a shipping zone. Two features that I feel would make it a 5-star app are:
1. When creating a zone, show the other zones on the map so it's easier to prevent overlaps of zones.
2. Have more control over the drawing of zones on the map. Once you place a dot on the map, you can't undo it. Often I found myself redrawing a zone from scratch if I made a mistake. Aside from those two things, the app is awesome! Definitely recommend.

Nutworks Canada
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BOA Ideas hat geantwortet 15. September 2021

Thank you for this review! First, we're glad you're enjoying the app. Second, thank you for your feedback. Those are great ideas and we'll add them into our next app update. Keep 'em coming!

If you have any questions or trouble with the app in the future, we're here for you.