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Shipping Controller

da Shipping Controller

Control your Shipping rates & increase your AOV

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Increase your AOV

Increase your AOV by giving your customers the ability to combine Free+Shipping items with Retail items during the same purchase!

Control your shipping prices

Control your shipping prices for each product! - Set individual shipping prices for different products in your store. ("Free" & Retail)

Create easy discounts

Create easy discounts and encourage your customers to buy more items from your store by using tiered (multiple) shipping prices.

Sobre Shipping Controller

What Is Shipping Controller?

Shipping Controller helps you to Control your shipping prices for each product and set individual shipping prices for different products in your store! ("Free" & Retail)

Shipping Controller helps you to increase your AOV (Average Order Value) by giving you the option to offer your customers to combine Free + Shipping products with Retail products for the same purchase! (No more worries about lost money). Shipping Controller will calculate both: "FREE" products with your Retail products together! At the same time! At the same checkout page! And at the same purchase!

By using the Shipping Controller you can offer your customers a cheaper shipping price if they purchase the specified quantity of a product. This will increase your sales and also encourage the customers to buy more to get more attractive shipping rates.

For example: You can set $9.95 shipping cost for a product and for the same product you can set $7.50 shipping cost if the customer purchase two or more than two units. This will be good for both you and your customers as you can increase your sales and customer can get a better price for that product.

There is no product limit for orders. Shipping Controller will calculate the shipping price for any number of products in the cart.


  • Set multiple shipping rates for the same product.
  • Bulk update option helps to update the shipping price by collection or Vendor.
  • Lists the latest products in your store.
  • Multiple search options help you to find the products and set the shipping rates.

This app requires Carrier Calculated Shipping in order to function. To add this to your existing plan, contact Shopify Support.

How it works:

  • Install the Shipping Controller app.
  • Set the shipping price for products.
  • To update shipping price of the multiple products use bulk update options.

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I used this app to INCREASE my AOV by sending traffic with Free+Shipping items & combine those sales with Retail Items! and then I can make upsales with it!
This app wil calculate both and you can set any shipping price you want for each product!
LOVE IT! Thank You Guys So Much! This App is EXCATLY what I needed!