Shipping Insights

Shipping Insights

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Insights you need to ship better, save money, retain customers

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Customized Reporting

Understand how key metrics like your time to ship, time in transit, on-time deliveries, carrier, and method affect your customer experience.


Use the custom insights to make decisions that optimize your supply chain, from carriers, to method, to picking and packaging.

Improve Customer Experience

Last-mile delivery used to be something that was completely out of your hands. With Ketch Insights, it can be a part of your bottom line.

Acerca de Shipping Insights

About Shipping Insights

Making the unseen visible and the complex simple. Supply chain and logistics data is often thought of as unsexy, complicated, and inaccessible. This reputation is not without merit.

Shipping Insights began with one thought: what if eComm stores had the same kind of access and analytics for their shipping and order data as they did for their marketing efforts?

The simple truth is, your customer’s delivery experience is just as critical to your brand (and long-term bottom line) as any marketing campaign.

Here’s what Shipping Insights tells you:

  • Where your orders could be faster - from the warehouse, to the shipping facility, to your customers’ doors
  • Which carriers are on-time more often
  • How your packaging affects LTV and AOV

How it works

Sign in to the app and set your preferences, then import your order data. We’ll analyze your last 1,000 orders or last 60 days of orders for free. This will provide you with actionable shipping insights across all packages and carriers.

Customers receive real-time reporting at the order detail level which provides shipping insights not typically available from other shipping platforms. Shipping Insights brings together all of your order and shipping data across all carriers and allows you to export it into a workable CSV file.

At the helm of the Shipping Insights app, our dashboard gives you an overview of the carrier and shipment data about your Shopify orders, including data organized by shipping carrier, failure rate, and more. This will help you:

  • know how quick you ship
  • identify average time in transit
  • communicate better deliver expectations with your customers
  • leverage data to negotiate better rates with logistics partners
  • see trends in GSR failures month-over-month, and more.

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$0.02 per additional orders

  • 500 orders included
  • $0.02 per additional orders
  • track 5,000 orders/mo



$0.018 per additional orders

  • 3,000 orders included
  • $0.018 per additional orders
  • track 25,000 orders/mo



$0.012 per additional orders

  • 10,000 orders included
  • $0.012 per additional orders
  • track 100,000 orders/mo

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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