Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

by Code Black Belt

A shipping rates calculator with geolocation on your cart page

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The app wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so I disabled it per their uninstall instructions. After disabling their app, my cart did not go back to how it was, it is actually non functional now. I contacted their tech support and they instructed me to contact Shopify.

Developer reply

March 20, 2019

[Note: the feature that allows developers to reply to reviews has only been available since March 2019, that's the reason for the late reply]

After much correspondence with the merchant back and forth demonstrating (through HTML screenshots) how our app does not modify themes or templates in any way, and that the cart problem they experienced was 100% nothing to do with our app, we suggested that they contact Shopify so they could shed more light on the matter and possibly assist them, as we explained that we were unable to help fix the issue as it was theme-related.
Shopify support confirmed that our app cannot modify the cart template whatsoever, and tried to convince the merchant that it was completely impossible that our app had anything to do with their cart modification.

Merchant installed an old copy of the template and the problem was fixed, proving that our app was not the issue. However, the merchant refused to acknowledge this and uninstalled the app shortly afterwards.

We also contacted Shopify ourselves to help mediate and were told to try and be adamant and try and convince the merchant to reconsider their opinion, but with no success.