Shipping Rates Logic

Shipping Rates Logic

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Increase sales by customizing shipping rates

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Reduce Abandoned Carts

Don’t let your customers leave at the sight of high shipping costs. Use our tool to be in complete control of the shipping rates they see.

No Coding Experience Needed

No developer needed. A few simple clicks and you can set specific shipping costs based on product, location or other complex qualifiers.

Preset Rates by Tag

Set prices based on tags so you can easily sync new products with existing tags to ship similar items at the same rate.

À propos de Shipping Rates Logic

Shipping Rates Logic is designed by a fellow Shopify store owner to give you the power you need to set even your most complex shipping rates without the need for a computer science degree. Our app makes for a smoother customer experience, leading to increased conversions.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Don’t lose your customers to sticker shock. Too many business owners overlook shipping cost as a reason for high numbers of abandoned carts.

Shoppers are fine with paying $100 for a quality product; but not once they see a $15 shipping price tag.

SRL allows you to control what the customer sees when it comes to the cost of shipping - so you don’t scare them away with high shipping rates.

Why It Works

You can set specific shipping rates for individual products.

With this solution, you can combine the cost of the product and the cost of shipping to equal the total cost. Then, use that sum to determine how much of it you want to display as product value, and how much of it you want to display as shipping.

For example: take a $10 t-shirt which actually costs $7 to ship ($17 total). Your customer might abandon the cart at the sight of that shipping price.

With Shipping Rates Logic, you can easily set the shipping rate to display as $3 instead. Then, in your Shopify store, change the t-shirt’s displayed cost to $14 - all while maintaining the total sum of $17 to get that product to the customer.

Setting shipping rates in this way increases actual conversions because it is easier for customers to visualize, compared to setting and displaying shipping rates by product weight or dimensions.

Setting Customized Logic Rules

Our easy-to-integrate app allows you to easily create and add simple logic rules.

  • Assign a specific shipping price to certain products.
  • Set a different shipping price for additional quantity.
  • Set different pricing rules based on what other products the customer is buying.
  • Truly customize free shipping. Example: You want to offer free shipping on orders over $60, but a customer ordered ‘Item A.’ But, ‘Item A’ is shipped from a different warehouse than the other items so you can’t include them in the original order’s free shipping. With SRL, you can set a free shipping rule on carts over $60, but exclude ‘Item A’ and set up different rules for that product.
  • See and edit all your shipping prices on one screen to avoid pricing errors.

Plan Requirements

This app requires that your Shopify store have "carrier calculated shipping" enabled. It is automatically enabled on the "Advanced Shopify" ($299/mo) and "Shopify Plus" plans. If you are on the "Shopify Basic" ($29/mo) or "Shopify" ($79/mo) plans, contact Shopify support. They can enable it on your store for $20/mo.

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Avis les plus récents

Planet Deluxe

I love this app. SImply to use and it works as it describes. Highly recommended. I only have to uninstall it because I need to link the product attributes to Google Merchant Center and all third-party apps calculated shipping rate will come into conflict.


The app it's quite easy to use. You can set all the shipping rate depending on your Vendors or products. You can match different shipping rates (by tags, by vendors and so on). There are a lot of logic combination that you can use as per your business needs. If you have so issue to set the rules, don't hesitate to contact the customer service which is very kind and professional. I love this app!

Lip Smackin' Good

I used this app to set up $5.99 shipping for the first item and $1 per additional item, plus free shipping on orders over $45. I had a little bit of trouble getting the app to show up in my shipping profiles and it kept giving me an error about my "Carrier Calculated Shipping feature" I emailed them and they had everything fixed within twenty minutes. They have excellent customer service! I highly recommend this app. I love the customizable rates they offer.