G1 Branded Shipping Warranties

G1 Branded Shipping Warranties

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I've been using this app for about 1 week and I love it. They are professional! You get an onboarding call and a case manager. Top notch! If you want peace of mind for your customers (and for yourself!) - I highly recommend.

Braazi Lash

Customer service is off the charts exceptional. Quick responses, crystal clear about the tasks being performed on your site, and the ability to protect customers as well as realize a few extra dollars from it is awesome... it will help year over year without question! UPDATE:
A few weeks in, and I continue to get personal communications about my experience with the app from the company. There is no other developer that has offered the communication this company has, and close to 90% of my customers are utilizing this service with their purchases. Because of their communications, I will continue to add unbiased opinions about my experience. 100% so far
Continued communication from the company, and my customers have mentioned to me that they are also happy that I offer this to them. A few bucks is a small price to pay for peace of mind as a customer, and it extends to you and your business as well. 5/5 UPDATE
I've had one shipment issue and ended up resolving the problem on my own after talking with Guardia1 about the shipment. Fast and clear communication and options when there is an issue, NO BS. It's a pleasure to be running this on my site


Guardia1 is the shipping warranty solution we have been looking for. It’s a practical and economical service offering that provides real value to both my consumer and my business.
The service has been great. Guardia1 has a customer first mentality, which has been really refreshing.
Shipments occasionally get lost, damaged or stolen. Usually I have to take on the burden of replacement. Guardia1 allows me to offer great service and also protect my hard earned revenue.
I’ve recommended the service to all my friends and they are loving it as well.

Cents Of Style

App seems to be working fine. Got my first online purchase and my first shipping Warranty protection. Love it

I say give it a try.

Canine's World

Recently downloaded look amazing so far can't wait to see it in action. Having trouble on my sec account hopefully they can fix that issue so for now only 3 stars

Sweet Guitar Melody

We added this app this year and we couldn't be happier. Because this is not an insurance product, we were initially apprehensive that replacement orders for lost or damaged items might cost more than the revenue share. This has not been the case and we are adding thousands of dollars in additional revenue each month.

We have always offered a full warranty on all of our products and Guardia One has made that process automatic and profitable for us. We provide the warranty, and Guardia One provides the service and the automation. We have offered our warranty now on nearly $3m in orders and have made almost $30,000 (and counting) in additional margin. Guardia One's customer service has been stellar and our customers have been able to get replacement items ordered with little to no involvement from us.

We have tried other similar apps, but they did not offer the revenue share that we get from Guardia One. This is one of the easiest ways to boost profit margins in your Shopify store.