Race To Order: Smart Countdown

Race To Order: Smart Countdown


Increase sales and decrease the stress with a smart countdown.


Shipping information

Visitors will feel safer and more willing to buy knowing your shipping times. The countdown will pressure to buy now

Time savings

You will save a lot of time. You will receive fewer inquiries regarding shipping times

Sales on the rise

More chance to increase your sales. The customer will have more information about the shipping and therefore will be more motivated to buy

有關 Race To Order: Smart Countdown

How do this app helps you?

Thanks to this app you can convince your customers to buy on your store because they will know when their order will be shipped before buying. A countdown shows the remaining time to be able to ship the product on the indicated day, this will create a rush and encourage customers to place the order as soon as possible.

What problems does the app solve?

You will no longer have to waste time responding to contact requests relating to shipping, in fact the app allows to create, with numerous styles, a notice that informs the customer on which day the order will be shipped. Obviously, all shipping information will be automatically generated based on the configuration set in the app via the Shopify admin panel.

Order Deadline

The customer knows when his order will be shipped before buying.

Answers you will give to your customers with this app

  1. When your order will be shipped
  2. An interval of 1/2 days from the departure of your shipment
  3. How much time is left to place the order
  4. Order shipping day / days
  5. Pressure and urgency in placing the order

Main features of setup the app via the Shopify admin panel

  1. Switch countdown on/off
  2. Set your TimeZone
  3. Personalized phrases
  4. Deadline
  5. Setting days you don't deliver (e.g. weekend)
  6. Setting how many days to view
  7. Choose from numerous styles
  8. Fully compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes

Best Support

Dedicated assistance for information, technical questions and any problems in using the app. For any kind of problem, we can use a platform like Google Hangouts or Skype to schedule conference calls to answer questions and do on-screen demonstrations or troubleshooting.

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