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21. August 2019

ShippingEasy never disappoints! We have been using ShippingEasy for several years and find it very user friendly and efficient. On the unusual occasion like today when we have had to reach out to customer service, they are always super helpful. Tom went above and beyond today to not only find a work around solution for me, but he went the extra mail by literally doing the math for me!! Thank you Tom and the ShippingEasy team for your excellent customer service!!

R. Nichols
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14. Januar 2020

ShippingEasy has definitely lived up to its name. Everything about it, from set up to using it everyday, has been easy. The thing I truly enjoy most about ShippingEasy is that I don't have to even think about it. It works like promised, so, as a family-run business, shipping is one less thing to worry about.

Magic Weighted Blanket
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1. April 2020

We love Shippingeasy! They help us ship like a BIG business, even though we are small biz. They are continually making improvements to their product that allows us to ship even faster and save time & money.

The customer services if top-notch. We personally love the Chat option. The Chat employees are not only very knowledgeable, but they are also extremely helpful and willing to go the extra step to help you.

We feel like the pricing we get for shipping is the best we can find anywhere.

Give them a try! You'll thank yourself.

s/o to Melody! Thank you!

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17. Januar 2020

Every time I have had call this company with any concerns or needing help they have exceeded my expectations. Today I called & spoke to Jeff. I needed help with finding a better plan for my business needs but didn't want to cancel my subscription because I love the way it integrates with my Shopify store. He was so helpful & it was so quick to figure out. They help you & they are quick about it. Love that! I can go on with the million other things I need to do for the day & now I feel better about my business.

Downtown Boutique
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11. Februar 2020

I use this app to to create shipping labels for packages being shipped out. I really enjoy using this app because Matt and Tom are super helpful! I click on the chat box quite often for any questions or concerns and they are always there to help with anything I don't understand or need further assistance on. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who has a lot of outgoing packages so that you can create one barcode for the mailman to scan that scans in all packages at once.

Ooh La Luxe
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Bearbeitet am 5. Februar 2020

I talked with Jor'Don on the phone today over some Brazilian matters. No, we weren't discussing his waxing blunder- but I was inquiring about the changes to Brazil Shipping regarding the new Tax ID notifications for 2020. Jor'Don gave me some jazzy hold music while he went to bother "the man" and get an adequate answer for me. I was toe tapping and having a great time- and then he interrupted me to let me know exactly what I needed to do to ensure my packages got to Brazil. Jor'Don was wonderful and he had the kind of smile you could feel through the phone. Shipping Easy is A++ and has always had stellar service. Thanks SE!!

FLOAT Apparel
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19. Juni 2019

This app has always performed beyond any other I've used. Customer service is also excellent, prompt, courteous. Couldn't be more happy!

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Etwa 6 jahre mit der App
22. August 2019

Shipping easy has been great! It's a great way to manage inventory, customer marketing, or even just shipping. I've used it for 5+ years, and always appreciate the improvements they are constantly making. Customer service is quick and responsive, and always helps solve the issue I have. Tom from customer support went above and beyond providing a solution to my inventory export issue and I went on with my day sooner than expected. Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work!

Drinking Well Co.
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16. September 2021

We have been using this app for years. I love how easy it is for all of the orders to show up and how easy it is to refund and duplicate a label if you make a mistake. Having it hooked up to shopify in our recent transition has been really easy, & seamless. We have always had good support from the customer service team for years now. The shipping easy app has really made life much easier over the years.

Cactus Juice
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25. November 2019

Shipping easy has been a terrific app. We have five different stores and we ship using the USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Shipping easy enables us to quickly find the best price for each package. The customer support is also terrific. I highly recommend them for any small business online store.

Robinson Books
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