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BEWARE! Please do no download shipping easy. Customer service is horrible. I was on hold for 30 minutes before I was able to speak with a representative. I purchased postage and was charged twice. I contacted customer service and they stated they would be able to refund the charge. PERFECT! 5 minutes later I get a call stating that they can't return the charge because it was not there problem it is the postage company problem. This is not the worse part. To solve my issue the representative told me to close my shipping easy account and money will be returned within 7-10 business. As a company the objective is to keep customers not run them away. Rep then stated that you will eventually use the money! Horrible way to treat a new customer! THEY DO NOT CARE! I just started my company and every dollar counts. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLAOD THIS APP.

Grays Union

I wasn't going to write a review but this app really put me whole in my wallet! I am completely disappointed. First off, all my orders didn't properly sync I had to manually input nearly ALL orders. Second, i didn't save a single dime! Shipping prices on this app were nearly 75% HIGHER than the app i used prior on top of that if you want to "save" on shipping you have to pay a monthly fee to receive a shipping "discount" (app i used prior has absolutely no fees and far lower shipping prices, dramatically lower) the customer service/sales team were very kind and helpful but that's about it. From a business perspective this app did NOT save time nor money both of which are very important to any business owner. I'm extremely disappointed with this app. Money down the drain..


Installed ShippingEasy after promised discounted Ground shipping rates, but their rates were actually higher than most similar programs. Reached out to customer service several times and never heard back, despite getting spammed with marketing emails from them. I then deleted my account and removed the app through Shopify before trial was up, but was still charged nearly $32 because I did not jump through the extra steps of deleting my account through their website. Absolutely terrible, not sure if this is even a real company but convinced it is a scam.


Not a good solution for your all shipping needs, but good for printing packing list :)
Does not support UPS.
Packing list and Pick List module needs to be improved.
Customer service reps cant answer your questions, they cant help at all.

We've used and Shippo before trying this one....we will be returning to those two platforms.

Not sure how this app received so many 5 star reviews. It's clunky, confusing and overall difficult.
Also, wastes entire sheets of paper for labels. We have changed the size settings for our labels FOUR times, made sure to save the settings, yet and still, it continues to print one HUGE label on each sheet of paper.

Uninstalling this app and returning to Shippo.

Royal Rags

After I watched all the videos on their web side I booked a slot for 30 min to talk to the expert - as they offer on the web side to run demos. I prepared and sent them prior few questions which I wanted to get answered. I launch my eshop in 2 months and I started to work on this. And I thought shipping easy will be part. When I started to talk to the expert lady, she hang up the phone after 5 minutes of talking. So I wrote her back that she should call me ( I also called her but nobody was answering) and I got from her the email that they need to focus on clients who pay ( not those that are on free plan up to 50 shipments monthly.) But this info is not on the web side!
So I booked another slot for later today. I got a phone call which last 1 minute. The phone was disconnected so I called back. Again only answering machine. So I wrote an email and I got back following that the shipping easy expert is not not quite sure what happened there, but we got disconnected and couldn't get back through. And that he saw from the notes that I have already spoken to another colleague - as they explained, we only run demos for customers with active shipping volume. And I should look again on their web side.
I cannot evaluate the application by itself as I have not started yet but the servis is absolutly awfull. I will for sure not go ahead with them and will look for another provider who can deliver service too.

Hug Your Skin
2020年12月10日 cancer app. They are trash - the whole company is garbage and should not be trusted with anything to do with your Shopify store. They tried to call me and tell me they had better prices and I laughed in their face. They are scammers and all these reviews are by indian store review farmers to give you a better impression. Delete this cancer from your store ASAP.

Nasa Depot

I opened an account with them and looked around, tried getting started and then decided it was not the best fit for me. I deleted the app and the next day received THREE phone calls from them starting at 7:30am and messages as well as an email. I told them I cancelled my account and didn't need it. Received a 4th phone call again and he even acknowledged that I cancelled and yet he was still insisting on setting up an on-boarding with me. Extremely pushy. There are better apps out there and for better prices (which they argue).

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Cant sign up as it does not recognize Toronto as being a city in Ontario Canada. Duh.


Could not set up a USPS account through Shipping Easy. Despite having the correct shipping/billing address, Shipping Easy APP kept giving a "Billing address could not be verified with USPS" error code. Tech support was quick to respond to my call but could offer no solution. Had to delete APP less than 30 minutes after installing.

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