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The shipping purchase/label creation process for larger volumes is much, much more complicated than the demo video/trailer above made it seem. We were completely caught off guard the first-time we used Shipping Easy, and almost missed our shipment deadline trying to figure out how to even buy labels.

What redeems Shipping Easy (and gets them this 4-star rating) is their fantastic customer service. In the midst of our little "emergency", we were able to immediately get on the phone with their service rep Jessica, who stayed on the phone with us for almost AN HOUR, and patiently walked us through the entire process from start to finish.

While we're a little bummed that Shipping Easy doesn't seem to live up to the "easy" part of its name for businesses with larger volumes, and I'm sad to say we're likely going to have to switch back to Ship Station after the trial, I would definitely still recommend Shipping Easy to small business owners with <100 daily orders solely based on the service and personal attention they provide. Shipping Easy is one of those rare companies that truly want your business (and don't mind the hassles that come with it), and they put in every effort to show it. This quality alone makes them stand out from the crowd, and deserving of your consideration.

Shipping Easy, simplify workflow and improve systems integrations, and you got our business. We'll be back to check on you again soon :)

Alpha Bot Industries

This app has made shipping my orders a breeze! Most of my orders is fulfilled by drop shippers, but about 20% of my inventory I ship myself. It used to be a major hassle to create the shipping labels for my inventory that I ship. But shipping easy has made it just like the title says" easy" with lots of options. Great customer service too.

The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is something there are issues when the tracking number is not automatically inputted into shopify for the customer to receive. It happens inconsistently but enough times (and with no explanation) to not give them 5 stars.

Mannequin Madness

Really competitive shipping label rates. We use them for USPS mainly.

Umbrella Testing Supplies

Overall, it's great. But there's a bit of a learning curve to take care each of the special cases I run into with my orders, and it has some flaws.

Most notably: once order info is pushed to ShippingEasy, order information, including the shipping address, cannot be updated. Thus, when a customer updates their shipping address or requests we do it behind the scenes, there's no way to save the new address to the existing order. Your only option is to make a note and hope you remember to change the shipping address when you generate a shipping label for that order.

Their support is top notch. I've been consistently impressed by the knowledge of their phone, email, and chat support.

Overall, I'd recommend them over any other shipping service in the plug-and-play category.

Snap Tailor

Our business only ships. Finding an app that simplifies the printing process was huge for us. I've contacted customer service a few times and they walked me through how to set up my box size/weight so it triggers the accurate box to again make shipping faster for us. Our shipper easily spends half the amount of time. We still need to perfect alot of options, but I'm glad those options are available. I gave 4 stars cause I guess I would say it's not super easy. I needed help, but once you understand how it works, I think it's a necessity for any online store with alot of volume.

Tamco Paint Manufacturing

Shipping Easy has really streamlined our shipping process. We sell on multiple websites (Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce) and I am able to see all orders across all sites at once. They make printing packing slips, labels and pick lists a breeze. The pick list feature is especially great because I can pull all of the product at once regardless of what website the customer ordered from. I did not give a fifth star because of the disjointed relationship Shipping Easy has with Endicia. Whenever we have an issue with payment or postage it seems that Shipping Easy always passes the buck to Endicia and Endicia has terrible customer service and bizarre policies. I had to call them repeatedly for a refund of $300 that they owed us after closing our account. It took them about a month and there was nothing ShippingEasy could do. Over all ShippingEasy has been great, Endicia not so much.

Varsity Girl

Excellent app if you have one store. If you have more than one, it is a bit of a pain to make sure it logged in to the correct store. It also didn't figure the postage correctly for my second store. It does work very well for single shop accounts only.
Edit: I was notified by the developer that a second store can be added for $5 per month.

Aquaffinity Premium Skin Care

ShippingEasy is awesome! The customer service is even better, especially because of the chat option. It is slightly complicated to learn, but once you understand it and have your routine down, its a very well made, efficient shipping program.


Excellent app. A must have if you sell on your own website & other marketplaces. Makes life so much easier. I have been using this since February 2016. Integration with the multiple stores I sell on is great. New features have been added.
Easy to use and saves money.

Style N Craft

ShippingEasy handles large order volume well. Even with over 30,000 orders to process, this app maintains its responsiveness. Label printing is a little slower than some other shipping apps, something to consider when dealing with high volume. Support has been good, and if something goes wrong it is generally corrected quickly.
UPS Mail Innovations is not currently supported, though I'm told it's in development and should be available early next year. That and the slow label printing are the only 2 reasons I didn't give a 5 star rating.

Sanders Store