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18 de abril de 2022

Just like the name says, it makes shipping EASY!
Really can't imagine not using it. If you are looking for shipping app that just works at a fair price and with live person support, go shipping easy!

Salonwax Beauty Supply
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4 de março de 2022

Contrary to the name, my experience has been difficult. I couldn't sign up for the courier accounts through onebalance because every credit card got declined. I then deleted the app, but continued to get charged $30/month. Be careful with their sneaky business practices.

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30 de janeiro de 2022

The best part about this app is when I need to merge two orders into one shipment. Shopify makes it impossible to do that. Also if you bulk ship at all, this is a great app for that. My only issue is that my UPS shipments seem to be twice as much via Shippingeasy as they are directly on Shopify. Who knows why?

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27 de janeiro de 2022

This app helps speed up the printing, updating and shipping process of our all orders by an amazing amount. I don't want to even think of the manual workload we would have if it weren't for Shipping Easy. It takes thousands of our orders and very easily separates them into categories and allows to batch process/ship them all out in a quick and clean manner. I can't recommend something like this enough.

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18 de janeiro de 2022 integration with Shopify works great. Everything works perfectly. I create all my labels from my different channels on including Shopify. Customer service is also great and very responsive.
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17 de janeiro de 2022

Have been using with Shopify for years, works great for store orders and manual orders. The best part is the helpful and responsive support, never had a question I couldn't get resolved in short order.

Blue Chip Wrestling
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14 de janeiro de 2022

I have been using ShippingEasy for years. It integrates great with both of my Shopify Stores, blendbee and modestmix. Their customer service is steller. Highly recommend.

BlendBee Tea
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14 de janeiro de 2022

I've been using the ShippingEasy app & service for almost six years without any regrets! There have been very few hiccups in that whole time, and the one time I did have a major problem with a UPS transaction (which was purely the carrier's fault), SE's customer service were quick and super-helpful to the point of giving me a credit on my SE account even though it wasn't their fault! Here's hoping SE continues to grow and prosper; just as long as they don't get bought by a larger corporation only to shrivel and die like so many other good companies have before them...

Jigsaw Records
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14 de janeiro de 2022

I have multiple stores on different platforms and Shipping Easy makes it so easy to tie everything together - just one place to go to print all the labels. It is simple and works really well, I highly recommend it especially if you want to be able to do all your labels from one place!

Say it with a Stuffed Animal
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26 de novembro de 2021

I tolerated this app for nearly 5 years...getting worse with each update. The final straw was when I paid for $25.00 of postage, but instead was charged $1000.00. While I was dialing customer support, I was charged an additional $1000.00. After getting bounced all over with customer support repeatedly telling me they can't do anything, I was instructed to close my account to force a refund. I was told I would receive the refund in 1-3 weeks. After canceling my account I receive an email confirming the cancellation, but advising that I would be refunded any unused balance within 6-8 weeks. I called customer support again to clarify. After another 40 minutes I was assured that I should ignore the email because my claim was "expedited" and I would in fact receive a refund in 1-3 weeks. After nearly 5 weeks with no word, I called and asked for an update. The response... "Well if you had read the agreement, you would know that it takes 6-8 weeks for a refund to be processed. There is nothing in the notes about an expedited refund. I don't even know what that means because its out of our control." I asked to speak to a manager and was told, "Why...they aren't going to tell you anything different. There is nothing we can do for you and we don't even have your money. You will just have to wait 6-8 weeks for the postal service to figure it out." I then asked if they were implying that it would be an additional 6-8 weeks, to which they replied "yes". I advised that I would just take it up with my bank, to which they replied, "Yeah, that's a good idea" So here I am, a small company who had nearly $2000.00 stolen by Shipping Easy/, and the only thing they can come up with is to tell me to go away and they will give me my money back when they get around to it. I found another app outside of the family. Once I saw the difference, I was actually embarrassed that it took me getting ripped off to find a better performing app

stā BODY
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