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Location Australia
Time spent using app 4 months

worst customer service I have encountered in a long time it takes days generally 3-4 to get a problem fixed. and that is not good enough when you need to ship a package. a 4 day lag in shipping is likely to start giving my great customer service reviews a bad rating. rates are good interface is easy but that customer service makes me so frustrated every time. I'm going back to sendle they are much better and have good customer support.

Developer reply

May 6, 2021

Hi African Fabrics Australia,
We are sorry to hear that you are frustrated. Last year was a busy time for us with many capacity constraints and we have since significantly invested in our support team so that they can better help merchants. We would like to put things right, so please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help and I will forward your concern to the correct person at Shippit. In the meantime, I hope we get another chance with you again soon.

Industrie Music

Location Australia
Time spent using app About 1 year

Shipit is a terrible app and has garbage customer support! My store is based in Australia, and I have had nothing but issues setting up shippit with my Shopify store. shippit rates are not accurate if you have products that are outside the Satchels sizes they provide by Fastway, & couriers please you will have big issues with your shipping check out page.

also, there is no way to bulk upload your product dimensions to get accurate shipping rates for large bulky items.

there is absolutely no email customer support, I will be going to me credit card provider and requesting chrage backs for my subscription fees

Use Easy ship and sendle

Developer reply

May 6, 2021

Hi Industrie,
We are so sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with us. We are doing everything we can to continually improve our app and service. Last year taught us a lot and we have significantly invested in our support team so that they can better help merchants. If there is anything we can do to help or assist with, please let us know and I will forward your concern to the correct person at Shippit. In the meantime, I hope we get another chance with you soon.
Warm regards,


Location Malaysia
Time spent using app 20 days

Review submitted on 5 May 2020:
What started out as utter joyous disbelief for me in finding an app on Shopify's App Store that could handle both shipments and provide a COD facility quickly turned into nightmare.

Integration issues that started from the very beginning have turned into total chaos for me and my site with other related issues creeping up. Not only have I been given reasons after reasons on why all the screw ups are taking place, this service provider has yet to settle the whole issue despite having already eaten up 14 days of my time and giving me a few sleepless nights - IMAGINE - 14 days of having a paid site that does not really have a workable shipping page and 14 days of lost of income. Furthermore, some answers given have not been true... and don't even get me started on the attitude of 2 of their employees.

Since my web store is a newbie, I obviously didn't think anyone would have tried to buy any of my products yet and gave Shippit time to settle the issue but sadly, I have lost my first customer and I have the email to proof it.

To all Malaysian website owners who are intending to use Shippit, thread carefully - if possible, look elsewhere. Some of their staff do not even know what they're doing or selling and if you're hoping to have someone settle your issues during weekends, tough luck! The response rate on queries could also be an example, my last email to Shippit was at 9:04am, Malaysian time. It is now 5:31pm and I have still not heard back from Shippit!

Perhaps Shippit needs to get off the grid and go back to the basics before promising A, B and C to potential clients.

Come on, ensure all your bases are covered before even deciding to play with the big boys!

I am still waiting, Shippit - or maybe you would like me to go somewhere else for my shipment rates to materialise on my web store? I will allow the management team of Shippit to decide!


1. Has the management team of Shippit not "wondered" why bad reviews continue to be posted since September 2017?

2. To the management team of Shopify, kindly vet through companies properly. People, like me, decided to exercise our entrepreneurship through sweat and hard earned money with Shopify and obviously, after x-amount of years signed up with Shopify, we do have some form of trust in what Shopify publishes or promotes on its app store. To a certain degree, Shopify is somewhat responsible for allowing us clients go through such bad experiences too when Shopify continues to list such companies in the app store despite knowing that after 32 months since the first bad review, multiple bad reviews of a similar nature continue to surface (10.34% bad reviews of the total number of reviews, to me, is a high number).

Updated @ 7:21pm, 5 May 2020:
Shopify team,
Kindly note that I just sent an email to Shippit, terminating their services and have requested that the integration be removed from my site. Your team should be receiving the email too.

Updated @ 7 May 2020 - Written below is my reply to Shippit's 7 May 2020 comments and explanations on statements made of my earlier review. Shippit's reply to my review is either a DESPERATE move to "soften the blow" from the damage my review might or is already causing their business, or, have been misinformed on timelines by their team when it came to "solving" the integration issues and the date the complaint first surfaced. I have all the proof needed to substantiate my statements as per what was written in my first review:

To the person who replied my review - SHAME ON YOU for lying but I will give you the benefit of the doubt - that your colleagues lied to you to save their skin!

Not only do I have the documented emails between your various staff and me (with 1 not being able to solve the issues, you needed 3 different people to be assigned), I also have the recorded phone call of the initial conversation between your sales staff and me.

Very clearly, in one of my last emails to your staff, it was mentioned that for the sake of a paper trail (and for the very reason of miscommunication - "I said this, you said that"), I was not going to entertain any more phone calls.
Also, if indeed you sent DETAILED instructions as claimed in your reply, where is the proof cause I surely DID NOT receive any "detailed" instructions. In fact, I even highlighted via email that one of Shippit's website links were not working - I HAVE THE PROOF! Maybe you would like to check with your "close-knit" working family why no reply was made to that email???

Not every day is filled with rainbows and sunshine, people of Shippit - just say SORRY when you are wrong instead of coming up with ridiculous replies in the hope of making the reviewer look like a fool!

Developer reply

May 7, 2020

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We’re a close-knit business that really love what we do and take pride in seeing our retailers succeed. Hearing your feedback was deeply upsetting to hear, especially as it is vastly different to the majority of other experiences on our platform. After investigating this with the team, we’d like to address and clarify the points you’ve raised from the perspective of our team.

In regards to not having a working shipping page for 14 days due to integration issues. We shared a step by step guide on how to integrate Shippit with Shopify which instructs users to begin the process inside the Shippit platform. As this was not followed, our support team stepped in to help. After resetting your account's integration, the steps were again not followed contributing to further delays. This is a standard guide to all of our retailer. We’ve also tested this integration and on average it takes 7 minutes or less to integrate and book in your first order.

Whilst investigating this issue further, we found this issue was initially raised on the 30th of April, meaning it's been 7 days. Our team have been in touch every day, and have attempted to call you repeatedly. We can also appreciate 7 days in an unacceptably long resolution time but not being able to get in touch and delays in hearing back from you had contributed to this.

Being a growing business with a close team, we can certainly relate to what it feels like to lose your first customer. Whilst our integration does not support live quoting, we shared an equally apt alternative, and to implement this for the best outcome possible. We also offered guidance on how to create zones and a rate card to help you ensure the rates you entered were accurate.

We’re so sorry to hear your experience above. We can also appreciate that there may have been misunderstandings that contributed to the gravity of your experience. We’d love to make this right for you and are here to help.

opti-MY-WISE life®

Location Australia
Time spent using app 2 months

Unable to load app. Have tried shippit and shopify support. Now waiting to talk to shippit again on tuesday or will have to abandon shippit for another company

Developer reply

February 27, 2020

Hi, thank you for trying Shippit. I believe a representative did reach out to you on Tuesday to help you set up your account. Sorry that we weren't able to help you before your onboarding session as we received no tickets for support.
We're always willing to help when there are problems and syncing issues are an easy fix as our onboarding manager mentioned in your session. If you let us help you, Shippit can be a very easy platform to use. Sorry to see you leave before even trying the platform which we know would help streamline your shipping process. If you'd like to give us a fair go, we would be delighted to assist you through our services. Thank you.


Location Australia
Time spent using app 11 months

After my experience I sadly found this app to be more of a hinderance than a help. Everyone has a different experience of course, this was just mine. To summarise: I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone. Here is why I would recommend staying away from it:

-->>There are a lot of technical bugs and functions that don't seem to work in the system, causing a LOT of headaches and wasted time. Ive had technical issues filtering tags, filtering out particular couriers from syncing with Shippit, connecting Shippit with Shopify, making sure that shipment costs actually appear on checkout. All of these issue result in dealing with the customer service team, which leads to my next point.
-->>The customer service is quite poor - the team respond fast (great!), however often (almost always somehow?) give you incorrect information (as one of a variety of examples, I was told I needed the Shopify advanced plan to use Shippit, which is incorrect, wasting me money. They also seem to be unable to access your account information, as they regularly told me that I'm not signed up for international orders although I am and that I didn't have shipping synced with Shopify although I did. When you have issues they often refer you back to Shopify - who then politely redirect you back to Shippit - and the cycle goes on)
-->> Due to the technical bugs, you end up doing a lot of manual work that the app is supposed to save you from doing.
-->> There is poor guidance on how to use the system. The tutorials that exist are basic and don't include a lot of really essential information on how to get set up, leading to a lot of problems when you go to ship. (E.g. I wasn't advised that it would be a lengthy process to enable international shipping, or that I needed phone numbers to be mandatory in my checkout process. This led me to panicking about not being able to ship internationally and manually contacting each customer to ask them for their phone numbers - upwards of 200+ people because Shippit didn't advise that this was mandatory for international orders)
-->> The shipping prices appear to be more expensive than what they would be outside of Shippit. For example, shipment of a 650g book ranges from $50 - $70 world wide, however when I installed an alternative app shipping was $35 to the same locations. I was on the unleashed plan, which is supposed to be around 30 - 40% of shipping.

Alernatives to consider are Starshipit, which is where I'm hoping to move to when I get a chance to breathe after all of the issues I'm currently dealing with using Shippit. Fingers crossed I can assist someone when making their choice with my review.

Developer reply

December 4, 2019

Hi, we're really sorry that you've had this experience. We've taken on your feedback and passed this on to the product team. We’re working on our processes and are constantly improving the platform. Thank you as your insights here will really help us. Sorry, we weren’t up to your expectations this time but we hope you can give us another go in the future.

Velvet Alabaster

Location Australia
Time spent using app 3 months

Shippit and couriers please sucks big time!!! only been with them for 2 months and encountered tons of problems, thye lost our parcel on our 4th delivery, and no one was helpful at all. PLS STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND MOST IMPORTATNLY COURIERS PLEASE! though they seem to be cheap, but thier services are the worst, they dun wait for customers at all, they knock ur door once, if u dun asnwer straight away, boom, they are gone! many more bad experiences!

Developer reply

December 4, 2019

Hi, so sorry that you've had this experience. Poor delivery experiences like this are the exact opposite of why we exist so we would really like to help you get the best outcome. Please email us with your store name at so we can take a look at your current set up and recommend other courier services for you to use.

Barney Bed

Location Australia
Time spent using app 24 days

We had the worst experience ever from this company. Their own system lost our orders and despite us repeatedly asking they took a month to resolve it. They are very hard to contact and the system is full of bugs. We moved to Easy Ship which so far seems much more professional and the system is a million times better.

White Sands e-Boutique

Location Australia
Time spent using app 1 day

No customer support. Overcharged and still no response to my complaint/enquiry. The app also doesn't support Auspost shipping without an account (and an app isn't required for anyone who already does have an account with Auspost).

Developer reply

April 14, 2019

Thank you for the review and I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I can't see any support enquiries from 'White Sands' so can you send your full request to so our team can get back to you ASAP.

lal & nil

Location United Kingdom
Time spent using app 12 months

I used to be subscribed to Shippit and was quite happy with their service. But now I have moved countries and I had to cancel my previous account and reopen a new one due to my email stopped working. Since then, I have used them twice as I go, and so far they have completely lost one of my parcels and the other one is getting delayed for pick up. Their customer service is quite inefficient as they only allow chat and keep changing the person who looks after you plus they have to liaise with the courier companies and always take a long time to get back to you if there are any issues with your deliveries. At the moment very frustrated with their service unfortunately.

King Kingsley

Location Australia
Time spent using app About 1 year

CONSTANT ISSUES! - They also do not work weekends for help and support so you are stuck all weekend not being able to get orders out for the week! FRUSTRATED