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Elevated Faith

We've been using this app for years and it works great. Occasionally has issues, but customer support has always been super helpful in solving the problem quickly!


I have used Shippo in many stores I've built and run in Shopify.

However, I recently installed Shippo into a new store I am building. While the user names/emails associated with all my Shippo accounts are different, Shippo pulled all the data from another store. Data such as payment info, addresses, every order, customer details, etc.

1) I can not get Shippo to pull info for the store I am building out (no way to change billing details or addresses) but also 2) the data import is a massive privacy breach–and one that the client whose info is being pulled would absolute not appreciate.

Reached out to Shippo numerous times. Was given negligent responses (try logging out, logging in... yer, that's 101) and (we've fixed the issue, just go ahead and manually hide the other store's order... thousands of pages of this).

The hidden orders popped up again. There is still now way to change billing so payment goes to this new store's credit card, not the other client's. The addresses... also no way to change.

I have reached out numerous times and no one seems to care.

Uninstalled Shippo and installed Ship Station instead.

Now tempted to go back and uninstall Shippo on ALL the other stores I manage, as I will not be dealing with this with Ship Station or Easy Post... or numerous other options availlable.

Shame on Shippo.

I give them an F.

Developer reply

September 9, 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving your honest feedback about Shippo. We checked our ticketing system and it looks like our awesome advocate, LeKea, spoke with you a few times on the phone to ensure all incorrect information was removed. We're so happy we could get that sorted for you!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out to our Support Team. You can reach them via chat/phones M-F beginning at 9 AM PST. You can also reach us by email from 6 AM - 6 PM PST.

Shippo Support

Amy Kuschel

Poor integration with Shopify. If an order in Shopify is updated (say shipping address) that change will not be updated in Shippo.
Also, there is no way to customize the packing slip. We would like to remove the pricing, but this is not possible.
For packaging, there is no ability to have a hierarchy so that the packages we use most are at the top of the select list.
This may be the case with all Shopify shipping apps. I guess it's time to find out.

Developer reply

September 9, 2020

Hi Amy,

Thank you for leaving your honest feedback about Shippo and Shopify. We're sorry you haven't been satisfied with how the 2 systems work.

Updating changes in Shippo that are made in Shopify is something we are working on. While we always want to add all the features our customers prefer these do take time to build and test. However, we understand this one is critical so we are working on adding this functionality to our system.

We are also looking into adding a "gift" feature on packing slips that will allow you to remove the pricing.

Regarding packaging, if you use certain templates more often than others, you can set them as your personal package templates on your labels page in Shippo (click settings > labels).

Templates are ordered in the way they are created, so, if you'd like the most used template to show in the list first, you will want to make that one last.

If you have any further questions you can always reach out support team by chat/phones beginning at 9 AM PST M-F, and email from 6 AM - 6 PM PST.

Thank you again for your feedback on Shippo!

Shippo Support

Full Leaf Tea Company

We've been using this app for years, great customer support, and works perfectly for our needs! Highly recommend!


We have been using Shippo for about a year and it works pretty good! Lately there has been some issues but their customer service is really good so I'll give a 5 stars :)

Magical Magnets

Not support USPS FC letters
Not support DHL Express shipments from outside of the US

Easy work. Can make custom label without order.
Good USPS fees: USPS FC package from $2.93 (ebay page from $3.18, and USPS retail from $4.20), but from $2.74 (need monthly fees).

Developer reply

August 10, 2020


Thank you for leaving your honest feedback about Shippo. We are happy to have you as a customer and we apologize for any confusion with DHL Express and USPS FC letters.

Due to our agreements with USPS, we do not offer letter mail rates at this time. All rates in Shippo are for parcels only.

While we do offer DHL Express rates using our master DHL account for shipments from the US. We do not have discounted rates available via DHL for shipments originating outside the US. For those shipments, you would need a personal DHL account added to Shippo in order to see rates.

If you ever have questions in the future, please feel free to email us, or catch us on chat/phones M-F beginning at 9 AM PST. You can access all support methods from within your Shippo dashboard by clicking the "Support" icon.

Shippo Support


This app says it provides rates for UK customers but it doesn't. It's misleading after spending so much time trying solve the issue it turns out that they don't have parcelforce or any UK negotiated rates

Red Bay Coffee

This expensive paid app is better than having to use Shopify itself to print labels. That's about it. There support is horrible and none existence, to say the least, no contact phone numbers of course (why to hide a phone #?)....they are very laid back in responding to issues with Canned messages and more so now with the COVID situation which they blame very conveniently after responding to a query days later which usually ends with; "we are sorry we are very very busy due to the COVID situation" and "by the way, we do not, of course, have a solution for your problems but will let our team know about it". They are not looking at adding other carriers, not looking at an option to help customers being able to filter out "local pickup orders" from Shopify which of course do not need to to be shipped, they do not support customizing packing slips, do not support refund options (which was there before), their system freezes often when doing batch payment processing of 100 orders at a time (there system defaults back to 25 orders..imagine a business doing batch processing 25 orders at a time when you have to ship out a 1,000 orders per day?). Their billing system likes to stop accepting payments randomly even when you have used that credit card for months. When you contact them about it they will just send you Canned message with a link to billing page....wonderful service. I am currently looking at an alternative like Shipping Easy etc....

Developer reply

August 10, 2020


Thank you for reaching out and leaving your honest feedback about Shippo. We are very sorry to hear you've not had a great experience with our Support Team. This is never something we want!

While we have been very busy due to an increase in the amount of customer outreach from COVID, we certainly would not want to use this as an excuse to send canned messages and we apologize if our responses came off that way. To improve our response times, we have worked on hiring more team members so we're able to get back to our customers more quickly.

I also apologize if it was difficult to find our live support options. We do offer live chat and phone support M-F beginning at 9 AM PST. We also offer email support M-Sun. You can access all of these options by logging into Shippo and clicking on the "Support" icon on the bottom of the page.

It looks like you spoke on the phone with one of our awesome advocates, Rodrigo, and you have been using Shippo regularly! Thank you so much for giving us another shot!

If there is anything else you need, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Shippo Support

Much Ado Boutique

I tried to set up my Shippo account and do some testing. I could not figure out any way to handle local pickups (store pickups). Shopify handles these just fine. Shippo doesn't recognize them and wants to print postage. This is not why I am giving Shippo one star. I upgraded my trial to the "Professional" version so I could try out their customer support. That's when I realized they do not have customer support. They have what appears to be an outsourced customer service team that only knows how to send "canned" email responses. I asked about the local shipping issue and received a response "I'm sorry Shippo is not meeting your needs...would you like us to cancel your account?" That's awesome support. No thanks guys...I can cancel my own account...So I did.

Developer reply

June 3, 2020


Thank you for leaving your feedback about Shippo and our Support Team. We apologize you had this experience as this is not what we strive for. We are very sorry that the messages seemed bot like - we are definitely human and I can see how that did not come across that way.

We attempted to call you earlier to discuss this but weren't able to get through. That said, we would love to help you get set up. If you'd like you can call us back on the number we listed in the voicemail, or reach out through email with a better time to talk.

For reference, we do offer live chat support from 9-2 PST M-F and phone support from 9-5 PST M-F. You can find these options by clicking the "Support" button from within your Shippo dashboard.

We apologize again for the experience you had.

Thank you,
Shippo Support


I was hesitant to use another shipping app due to charges I'd experienced in the past, with other apps, that outweighed the convenience. Shippo's pricing structure is so fair and clearly designed to help growing businesses achieve efficiencies right from the start. I am able to use Shippo with two different stores on two different platforms. It's absolutely seamless! Thanks!

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Developer reply

June 3, 2020

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the feedback. :) We are so happy to hear Shippo is working for you seamlessly! If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to reach out!

Shippo Support