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16. Dezember 2022

I wanted to like this app as its features look great on paper. We couldn't get it up and running though, because they require a photo of the shipper's government-issued ID and a photo of the shipper him/herself before activating the app. I didn't really want to send them copies of my driver's license/passport, and I for sure didn't want them stored on their servers.

When I asked their support (which is pretty responsive) why they needed this when no other label sellers we've worked with do, and how long this information is stored they didn't have a clear answer.

Their website says things like "We receive and store any information you knowingly provide to us" and "Some information may remain in our records after the deactivation of your account" and "...unless the business that requested your verification has deleted it, Stripe (Shippo's verification provider) will retain copies of your submitted identity data-the images of you and your ID as well as any typed or extracted data and the verification results and insights..."

I couldn't find anywhere in their privacy policy a mention of them deleting this information after verification, and their support couldn't point to such a mention in their policy.

So no Shippo for us, we're now trying another app for labels that doesn't require a photo ID.

ulumulu design
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Shippo hat geantwortet 9. Januar 2023


Thank you for leaving this review about Shippo. We apologize for any trouble and confusion this caused. We take fraud very seriously and we want to ensure we're keeping our customers, and our system safe.

Shippo uses a verification system that does require photo identification when an account needs to be verified, however, the system we use automatically deletes all information every 5 days. So, you can rest assured nothing is saved. We would love to have you shipping with us, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help get you started.

Shippo Support

Bearbeitet am 17. November 2022

We've used this app for a few years. For the most part it's worked great! Recently it stopped marking orders as fulfilled on Shopify. I went to disconnect the app and read it. Now I get an error, "Shopify could not validate your access." when I try to connect it. Updated review - Shippo fixed my issue quickly! We're back up and running!

Freaky Ferments Food & Beverage
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Shippo hat geantwortet 14. November 2022

Thank you for your review and feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with connecting the app. One of our team members has reached out! If you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to email us at

Thank you,
Shippo Support

13. November 2022

My Amazon - Shippo connection stopped working Thursday Nov 4 2022 I have called, chatted and emailed customer support more times than I can count. I hope that shippo will fix the issue so I can revise the shippo review as well.

Select Settings
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Shippo hat geantwortet 14. November 2022

Hi there!

We are so sorry to hear that there have been issues with your Amazon connection to Shippo. We do see that all of your Shopify orders are coming in as expected.

We have escalated the issue to look into your Amazon connection and will follow up directly as soon as we are able to resolve this issue.

12. November 2022

International shipping labels doesn't work, been going back and forth for several days, only email response 24 hour wait and still no resolution, then wait another 24 hours for the next response and so on. They have no sense of urgency that international orders are being delayed by them. No online chat or phone support available poor response time.

Naturally My Skin
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Shippo hat geantwortet 12. November 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving this feedback. We are here to help in any way we can and apologize for the back and forth. We want to make sure you are taken care of and able to create international shipping labels.

One of our team leads, Chelsea, will be reaching out to you directly to get a resolution as quickly as possible.

To note, we do offer both chat and phone support M-F 9am-5pm PT. To reach us through those channels, please log into your Shippo account and click the Support button on the bottom left of the page.

14. Oktober 2022

After having numerous problems with other apps, I'm so glad to have found Shippo. They always have competitive rates and excellent customer service!

Happy Family
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Shippo hat geantwortet 14. Oktober 2022


Thank you so much for your review and for using Shippo! We are glad that you have found us. We hope to continue to provide great customer service for you!

Happy Shipping,
Shippo Support

12. Oktober 2022

I run an ecommerce and wholesale business, and Shippo has met all my needs. I tried converting to ShipStation at some point because it integrated better with another software, but ultimately found their interface too confusing to navigate. I like the simplicity of Shippo, and have always had good experiences with their highly responsive customer service team.

Keiki Kaukau
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 3 jahre
Shippo hat geantwortet 13. Oktober 2022


Thank you so much for your review and for using Shippo! We are so glad to hear that our interface allows you to navigate your orders and shipments with ease. When it comes to support we strive to make sure all of your questions are answered in a quick, pleasant, and timely manner, and will do our best to keep it up!

If you have any additional questions or issues please reach out.

Happy Shipping,
Shippo Support

12. Oktober 2022

We loaded Shippo in August and so far are very pleased. There are some features we would like to see offered and have reached out to customer service, but on the whole I like the shipping costs offered and the customer service help & response time has been fantastic.

Simpson & Vail
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 4 monate
Shippo hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2022


Thank you so much for the great review! We're so glad to hear you're enjoying Shippo and saving money! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us on new features you'd like to see. We take all feedback at Shippo seriously and we're constantly looking for new ways to improve our platform.

If you ever need any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach back out.

Happy Shipping!
Shippo Support

29. August 2022

I don't recommend this app if you are thinking to automate the returns process. We spent over $2000 on the unmanifest articles because they are not able to pass the article details. I have given 2 months to fix the issue but they couldn't, now I need to accept the loss and find something else.

Bevilles Jewellers
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Shippo hat geantwortet 9. September 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving this feedback. We are here to help in any way we can and apologize for any frustration surrounding manifests. Our Senior Lead, LeKea, has reached out to further assist.

17. Juli 2022

i delete the app and after 3 week they take me money from my bank account ...... this is like someone stolen you !!!!

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
Shippo hat geantwortet 26. Juli 2022


Thank you for leaving this feedback about Shippo and we're very sorry to hear about the billing confusion you encountered.

We would love a chance to speak with you further about the charges you received so we can explain what happened, and investigate them further for you.

Please reach out to our Support Team M-F from 9 AM-5 PM via our live chat and phone options, or through email by emailing To access all of these options, just log in to your Shippo account and click on the "Help" button.

Thank you,
Shippo Support

Bearbeitet am 8. Juli 2022

Would not recommend for larger packages - We have been using shippo for over a year, no significant issues that we couldn't work through with customer support until recently. Our business is growing and packages and quantity is larger. Noticed multiple " fee " charges. Reached out to support and was advised UPS is charging SHIPPO for incorrect dimensions on packages and SHIPPO is charging us. We have proven over 20+ times that the dimensions are correct and fees are unwarranted ! Fees have been refunded & corrected. However this is a weekly issue and requires us to review every invoice and dispute 5+ " fees " with SHIPPO on a weekly basis. The crazy part is we are providing each time that the "fees" are unwarranted. Yes, we get a "credit" back NOT a refund but that takes 1-2 weeks. It has also become a task that requires us to almost hire someone for just to stay on top of disputing unwarranted surcharges. We have tested multiple third party shipping providers to determine if this is an across the board issue with UPS as suggested by SHIPPO. From our findings from the last 6 weeks of testing, SHIPPO is the only third party app charging us "fees" for incorrect dimensions but if I catch it we get our money back... Since this finding we have decided to end our relationship. We are not saying don't use SHIPPO as we are not bashing any company just want to share our experience and remind everyone the importance of reviewing all invoices and looking for "fees" that do make sense. If this was not caught on my end, my business would be out over $100's and counting as the fees are small enough to go unnoticed. Like $5-$10 a week. We are in the process of trying to figure out with SHIPPO what will happen with our credit of about $150ish & then we will continue growing with another company. Hopefully the closing process is smooth & we can walk away from this situation. Update **** We have received a $18.00 " surcharge ". SHIPPO has advised that this is due to UPS having to deliver the package to a different address. The address the customer submitted at the time of purchase is the same as the billing address. Also no indication at the time of purchasing the label that the " address did not exist ". If UPS went to deliver the package and it was turned away due to being the wrong address, won't the package be returned to sender? I have never heard of a UPS driver, driving around looking for " Customer X " and then when he finds her sends me a $18 invoice. I disputed the "fee" with SHIPPO and was advised by Deangelo that UPS said " For any future shipments, the shipper will need to update their shipping records to avoid delays and charges. " This response is not appropriate for the type of business SHIPPO runs. We are a business with 1,000's of customers. The customers purchases from us and provides shipping details, we ship the product to the address provide, if the address does not exist it is returned to sender. This is common practice. I am now told that I will not be getting the $18 back and pending an explanation why the package was not returned to sender. I also now have to reach out to my customer as a business owner and make sure they are taken care of because technically the order WAS NOT delivered to the correct address. This is a mess. It further validates my decision to remove my business and decrease my rating from 2 star to now 1 stars. If UPS is truly charging all of these fees. SHIPPO is not protecting their customers. I recommend investing a fee before charging your customer as it leaves a bad taste and breaks trust.

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Shippo hat geantwortet 26. Juli 2022


Thank you for leaving this feedback about Shippo, and we apologize you ran into trouble with surcharges from UPS.

Looking over your correspondence with Deangelo, it does appear that UPS updated us with more information about the address correction they made. Per UPS, they stated that the correct address associated with the suite numbers is 1850 per the United States Postal Service's website, not the 1859 address that was entered.

We do apologize for the surcharge you received, however, UPS is adamant this address correction was needed and is correct.

We understand receiving surcharges after shipping is always a surprise, and we're very sorry this happened on multiple occasions. When this happens we will do everything in our power to fight these charges with UPS (or any carrier). At times, these are successful, and at other times the carrier will deny the dispute if their findings are accurate.

I understand you have been using a different shipping provider and these charges have not occurred there. We would love a chance to talk with you further about these charges and see if anything is being done differently on that site, as well as see how we can win you back as a Shippo customer.

Again, we thank you for your feedback. This helps us align on where we need changes in our product so that it is a better experience for our customers.

Thank you,
Shippo Support