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4. Januar 2015

This app works good for domestic shipping during non-peak but glitches out all the time with International and during busy times. We have been using them about 3 months and have decided to look for another solution as it seems that they are a new company with a lot of things to work out - labels get stuck in the program, with Windows 8 the scroll bar is at the bottom of the page so to scroll to the right you need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page first, it errors out on almost all international labels, and during Black Friday weekend the whole program went down for 3 days - when we had so much to ship. It really set us back some time. They said it was their servers but they should have been better prepared for such a high demand weekend.

Ultimately I think this program will be great when they get things figured out but now it over promises more than it can deliver. For now, we are on the hunt for something more consistent.

Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 16. März 2017

Too many opportunities for errors with Return Address, and a lack of information on Packing slip etc. Won't use again until they fix these.

Help and Contact were friendly and helped the best they could, so rating updated to 3 stars.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
5. April 2016

Just got this set up, and was about to start using it when my store launched on 4/4 - and then they lost the ability to offer USPS Media Mail, which rules them out for me. Pity. I liked it all the way til then. If you don't need Media Mail, it seems like it would be a great app.

Fourlosophy Com
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
8. Dezember 2017

The interface is very easy to use, but the rates are mediocre compared to other apps, I am using XPS for my shipping now, the rates are much better.
They get 3 stars for being easy to reach and good customer service, seem like good people over the , hopefully the rates will reflect it someday.

Vereinigte Staaten
21 tage mit der App
7. Februar 2017

This app is generally good if you would like to add additional insurance to your packages. However, it's not so convenient in other aspects. First, there is a delay in loading the orders, therefore if you receive an order and you wish to print the label 10-15 minutes later, it won't be available yet. Also, there is no Fedex discount for shipping through Shippo, you can only use your own account which is not really that useful

Forge Hardware Studio
Vereinigte Staaten
19 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 29. November 2016

I was contacted and asked to consider changing (improving) or removing my 3 star rating. In the interests of transparency, I prefer to let it stand as-is for those who may get value from it.

Four different Shopify Support staff recommended that I install this app to provide improvements I was looking for with carrier calculated rates. This app does not provide any integration with carrier calculated rates. As Shippo noted this " simply not what Shippo was designed for."

Yet Shippo does claim that "With Shippo API, you can automate your entire shipping process easily and get rates and labels right on your website."

At best several points of this statement are marketing embellishment. In reality, rates are not on your website; neither front-end or back-end. Store owners are redirected to a Shippo URL. And automating your entire shipping process is another obvious overstatement of it's capabilities.

There are other shipping apps that do have APIs for integration of carrier rates available. it is possible, just not with Shippo. 

Jack Wagon Coffee Co
Etwa 13 stunden mit der App
29. Juli 2020

Not support USPS FC letters
Not support DHL Express shipments from outside of the US

Easy work. Can make custom label without order.
Good USPS fees: USPS FC package from $2.93 (ebay page from $3.18, and USPS retail from $4.20), but from $2.74 (need monthly fees).

Magical Magnets
37 minuten mit der App
Shippo hat geantwortet 10. August 2020


Thank you for leaving your honest feedback about Shippo. We are happy to have you as a customer and we apologize for any confusion with DHL Express and USPS FC letters.

Due to our agreements with USPS, we do not offer letter mail rates at this time. All rates in Shippo are for parcels only.

While we do offer DHL Express rates using our master DHL account for shipments from the US. We do not have discounted rates available via DHL for shipments originating outside the US. For those shipments, you would need a personal DHL account added to Shippo in order to see rates.

If you ever have questions in the future, please feel free to email us, or catch us on chat/phones M-F beginning at 9 AM PST. You can access all support methods from within your Shippo dashboard by clicking the "Support" icon.

Shippo Support