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24 de julho de 2014

Great shipping app. Easy to use and connects directly to your shopify store. My only complaint is that you can't choose to pay for postage as you go along rather than being billed at the end of a week

Floridas Dying Records
Estados Unidos
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20 de setembro de 2016

Nice app that allows you to pay per shipment. This is ideal for business starting out that don't want to pay a monthly fee for a shipping app.

Buddhapants 2
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30 de setembro de 2014

It was working great when I had it on test mode, I fulfilled my orders on shopify, then I went back to shippo and it marked the orders as shipped. Now that I am not on test mode, it automatically marks the order as shipped (and fulfilled on shopify) when I create the shipping label. Can this create confusion or make it hard to track which orders have actually shipped? Technically the order should not be marked as shipped until it leaves my home. I would love to hear from you guys. Overall its a great app.

Evolve Apparel
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Mais de 2 anos usando o app
8 de fevereiro de 2017

I have been using this company since I launched my store; and have seen them go thru some serious changes. Some for the better, some for the worse. Shopify Advanced plan gives better rates and ALSO offers insurance now; so ifso facto its either or. If I am at home I use them to print orders as shopify's are very specific to the printer you set up. I am filing a USPS claim for the items I sent out and will give an update on their procedures

Mais de 2 anos usando o app
9 de abril de 2018

When it works, it works GREAT. However, the lack of USPS Media Mail support is really a bummer. I don't care if it is discounted or not, that method should still be offered as we use it quite frequently to ship books.

Secondly, there are some issues with Shopify and Shippo syncing IF a customer changes address information after placing an order. Shippo keeps the old info so you can incorrectly ship out packages. If you ship immediately this is not a problem.

Otherwise, Shippo is absolutely fantastic.

Parabolica Press
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19 de novembro de 2016

My favorite shipping app so far!

I'm new to shopify but shippo has been making the transition pretty easy. We started using it with our squarespace orders and kept it up when we came over to shopify.

Very easy to set up UPS accounts and immediately works with our zebra label (unlike or ups site!!!)

My only complaint and reason for the 4 stars would be that you can't enter multiple packages for one order. I called and they did in fact confirm. So for retail orders it's fine but for our wholesale shipments, most are multiple boxes and we have to create the label on the UPS site which is more difficult to read and just doesn't look as nice as the shippo labels :(

Lovewild Design
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6 de julho de 2021

When you manually enter the weight for an item when you create a label, it automatically corrects and defaults to the weight of your 'default' item. Which can be annoying! You have to refresh the page after you make the label, then edit the weight to the correct amount. Just something I've noticed that could definitely be helpful to fix!

Saltwater Swaddles
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28 de março de 2022

Our company uses Shippo exclusively for all of our shipping needs! Overall they are a great business partner! As with any partner or tool in your business, there is always room for improvement. That is the only reason we left only 4-Stars....They are not perfect, nor is any business, and there can be improvements that could make them even better!

Cyclone Inks
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13 de julho de 2021

This app is probably the best app you can find for free to help you do shipping labels. I only give it 4 stars because it has a small amount of bugs sometimes and there are some features that could be left do be desired. However, their customer support is great and the features of the app that you get for free are also great. They also have a nice free API.

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1 de setembro de 2016

pretty good apart from it costs more than other 3rd party senders

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