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3 de maio de 2024

Shiprocket Promise has been an absolute game-changer for our Shopify store! This app has not only streamlined our shipping process but has also significantly boosted our website's conversion rate. The seamless integration with Shopify makes it incredibly easy to manage orders and track shipments in real-time. With Shiprocket Promise, we can offer our customers reliable delivery timelines, instilling trust and confidence in their shopping experience. The best part is, the app's intuitive interface and helpful features have saved us valuable time and effort, allowing us to focus on growing our business. If you're looking for a reliable shipping solution that enhances customer satisfaction and boosts conversions, look no further than Shiprocket Promise!

Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 2 de maio de 2024

follow up review 02 May:
I wanted to give a detailed follow-up on my recent issue with Shiprocket. I'm pleased to say that they swiftly addressed and resolved the problem. Their professionalism and proactive approach were impressive overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by Shiprocket. They have exceeded my expectations in every aspect, from their responsiveness to their dedication to resolving the issue effectively. I am confident in recommending Shiprocket to others based on my positive experience, and I look forward to continuing to utilize their services in the future. Thank you once again to the entire Shiprocket team for their outstanding support and assistance.

1st review April 25: The current app is practically useless. It displays incorrect dates and even shows the same date for different locations. For instance, Mumbai and Delhi should have different delivery dates, but they're identical. Moreover, the delivery dates for other locations, like Hyderabad, vary by one or two days inconsistently. The expected delivery date should align with the respective business practices. If an item is shipped within one or two days, it should calculate the average delivery date based on various courier partners and show an average date. This app's functionality is severely lacking and needs significant improvement.

The Bubbles Bath Co.
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 7 de junho de 2024

Two stars detuct
Bcz of advertising way of shiprocket. If I am paying for any app i would not show it on my site. i have installed almost 10 apps in my website if everyone will do advertising my site will looks cheap. this is the big reason i will delete this app after trial.

One Star detuct 2 reasons
getting worng infomation that i got 4 orders yesterday in my online orders but i did not have any single order on my site yesterday.

i also dont know which customer getting which date and how i will complete my promise which is visible on my site

(EG: if date of the delivery visible for visitor after 4 days. how i will know that my website shows delivery on that day. I contact shiprocket but they have no idea about it)

Customer give us 1 star rating for uneducted courier partners. I have filled NDR and also conversation on conference call with customer. but still parcel not delivered.
We get returns almost 25%
10 % customers which we understand.
15% returns bcz of shiprocket's poor system.

In this way promise app will not work. Its just a fake promise to customers. We are going change our courier partners

Vijay & Sons
24 dias usando o app
30 de abril de 2024

Promise looks promising!

Great addition to my website and displays accurate information regarding Delivery Date of shipment. My sales have increased after using the widget. Will use it for other businesses as well.

My Store
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
15 de abril de 2024

With the delivery date on product, seeing some improvements in add to cart, seems to be working well

2 meses usando o app
18 de abril de 2024

Was searching for such a solution since a long time and finally found this app. Very useful!

ZWAG Collection
12 dias usando o app
2 de maio de 2024

Amazing app to show accurate EDD. It is easy to use and the set up just takes a minute. EDD being shown is dynamic and is accurately determined for all pin codes.

22 dias usando o app
Data de edição: 20 de junho de 2024

Delivery date doesn't change regardless of what Pin code we put in which makes it a useless app.

Also, making a subscription out of basic functionality is no use.

Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
25 de abril de 2024

Told them multiple times about various issues that this app is facing, still neither they reverted back nor they implemented any changes. Full of bugs and errors. Useless!

Study Buddy Store
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Data de edição: 2 de maio de 2024

The app initially had some issues but those were addressed immediately by the team, overall its a good add on from Shiprocket.

Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app