SHIPSI Instant Delivery

SHIPSI Instant Delivery

par Shipsi Inc

Friendly, affordable, same-day delivery

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Lower Shipping Times & Costs

Your customers can get their orders delivered within hours with live-tracking and alerts, and all for the cost of an Uber ride.

Increase Sales & Conversions

Stop losing conversions due to slow shipping. Empower your customers with affordable, same-day delivery, & watch your sales skyrocket.

Customer Service & Tracking

Support for you & your customers, live-tracking maps and alerts ensure clear communication from order confirmation to delivery.

À propos de SHIPSI Instant Delivery

Power your business with SHIPSI Instant Delivery—an ecommerce solution that enables any retailer to easily and affordably deliver consumer orders within as little as an hour.


Any time one of your customers chooses SHIPSI Instant Delivery as their shipping option at checkout, SHIPSI automatically finds the cheapest rate among our mega-network of last-mile delivery companies (think Postmates, Doordash, and other courier services), shows the best rate to your customer, and then delivers the order. It’s like buy online/pick up in-store, but instead of consumers picking up their orders, SHIPSI makes the delivery for the cost of an Uber ride.


Savvy retailers of all sizes use SHIPSI Instant Delivery to get their customers what they want: INSTANT GRATIFICATION.


We’re so glad you asked. Did you know that most cart abandonment is due to slow shipping speeds? A customer adds and item to their cart, but when they see the delivery time and cost, they click away and find what they’re looking for on another site. But with SHIPSI, customers can order now, and get it now.


The SHIPSI Mega-Network of Delivery Partners This is really the secret sauce that sets us apart. Each time a customer within your radius sees SHIPSI Instant Delivery at checkout, we’ve scanned the rates of all our last-mile delivery partners, like Uber and Postmates, and selected the cheapest option. This ensures your customer gets the best delivery price, every time.

Live-Tracking Map

Ever wondered where in the world your delivery actually is? Worry no more with our live-tracking map! You and your customer know exactly where each delivery is at all times.

Retailer Notifications

We’d never leave you in the dark. We send the following notifications to you with live-tracking links, so you know the status of each delivery:

Delivery confirmed (email and text after the order has been placed by your customer)

Driver dispatched (email after your specified amount of packing time to let you know the driver is on the way to pick up the order)

Customer Notifications

We also keep your customers in the loop. More transparency to them = less customer service time for you. These are the notifications with live-tracking links that your customers will receive :

Delivery confirmed (email after a customer places an order on your store and choose SHIPSI Instant Delivery as their shipping option)

Delivery is on it’s way (email after their order has been picked up)

Order has been delivered (email after their order has been successfully delivered)

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$9.99 par mois

Delivery costs average $1.75/mile

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD. Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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Avis les plus récents

iLevel Lab

SHIPSI has been an excellent value-add to our business, giving us the ability to offer same-day shipping in LA (total delivery time is really only 1-2 hours!). Customer service has also been extremely helpful in assisting us in resolving any issues that arise.


Shipsi allowed us to get all our orders for an event delivered within 2 hours. This was a game-changer in helping us get last-minute sales and increasing our revenues. Easy setup and great customer service!