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5. Juli 2022

I've used this app for literal years and years, and it's been perfectly fine. Ever since they updated the layout and forced it on us with no option to revert it's been buggy, glitching out at anything more than a few orders at a time, and have completely disrupted the work flow many of us have been using for years. Now it's taking 2-3x as long to do the same basic stuff we used to do. Please use Pirate Ship or something else. Ship Station sucks

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23. September 2022

This was the best app we had. Once it was updated IT IS COMPLETE TRASH!! Their support will take weeks with no help. A glitch a day will make you feel like you work for Ship station and not your own business.

Tristar Plants
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16. Juni 2022

Always having issues and being forced to reinstall from scratch. Leaves my business and my employees hanging. Absolute pain.

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5. Juli 2022

I've been using Shipstation for about 5 years now, and this most recent update is absolutely horrible. They made it very hard to split orders, and the newly split orders no longer have their own order number. Now, as of July 1st, you can't even split orders anymore. I'm sure it's just a glitch, but when we have a large order that needs to be split into multiple shipments, we can't do it anymore. Printing labels now takes extra unnecessary steps. When you hover over an order, order details automatically pop up in a screen in front of you and doesn't go away until you click the popup away. That's annoying. They also took my custom layout for printing and wiped it clean with this new update, so I have to re-establish that. This new update is absolutely horrible, and good luck figuring out how to contact them. I am on the Gold plan and it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to contact them because help just says that if I'm on the gold plan, I should click the ? and a chat button will be there. There is no chat button. I actually have no idea what I clicked on in 30 minutes of searching to make the chat button appear, but it was ridiculous. This update will more than likely cause us to leave Shipstation after many years with them because each day it just gets worse.

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9. Juni 2022

The app was once golden and a must have for our business. But since the recent updates we have had trouble after trouble with getting into our account for everyday shipping. We are unable to to login to our account at all! it's terrible and there is no support or answers! We have used this app since 2016! So sad, but will be seeking out other options and I advise anyone looking into a platform for shipping ease to do the same! Our workflow has been completely disrupted!

KaAn's Designs
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Bearbeitet am 23. Juni 2022

I have used Shipstation for 4+ years. I liked Shipstation despite its quirks. Two weeks ago they overfilled my by $800 account due to their system error when we tried to ship and refill our account. When your account balance is too low, a window will pop up to refill it. We recharged with $200, or so we thought, but we got the prompt again that we didn't have enough balance and we needed to purchase more. Did it. .system error - same thing. Little did we know their purchases were delayed by 20 to 30 minutes and each time we pressed the buy button, it was purchasing more shipping and creating a shipment, but not showing the shipment or updating the balance in our account. So 5 transactions, $200 each -$800 more than needed. I only found this with our credit card transaction review. We called them and they refused to refund me without canceling my account. They were very interested in how this happens, so guessing they were debugging their system error. We didn't need $1000 shipping, so after we reached out to them and tried to resolve it, we contested with our credit card for $600 of that. Shipstation was very quick to shut my account down. If there is anything I can say about Shipstation is that system of shutting off a customer's account is very quick and efficient. Good job. After we realized our account was shut down, we called back in and they said the only way to get reactivated was to bill back the $600. Without options and needing to ship, we caved and said go ahead. Start the clock, it took them another 7 days before we could ship. This service feels like they really don't want me as a customer or think overcharging and holding hundreds of dollars of customer money is good business. Will I recommend Shipstation - No Way - something is broken over there. did I before this? Yes. I wasted over 6+ hours of my time over 7 days resolving Shipstation's screws ups and bureaucracy in getting my account turned on. I don't know if there are better options at this point, but you can be sure I am scheduling time to figure it out. If you want to count: 7 calls over 7 days to get this resolved. 6+ hours of my time. On several calls with primary support, the agent said they couldn't resolve my issues - Only the people at XXX number could resolve this. Then when I called the XXX number, they said they couldn't resolve the issue either and to call back the original number. I asked for a supervisor, said there is none and to call back the regular number. Did that, waited on hold again asked for a supervisor, agent said no for 15 minutes until he spent the time reviewing my case and asking all the same questions. Never got to speak with a supervisor. I run a business - like all people who have a Shopify account. Stuff happens, but when it does having your account shut down for a system-critical service is a real issue. If you do use their services, have a plan in place for when you have issues and expect multiple-day downtimes. Expect no apologies. Expect no one to take responsibility. Expect a lot of broken promises and wasted follow-up. Also, they sent me a survey to ask how they did. After starting, I realized it would have taken me over 30 minutes to complete it. I opted to spend that time here to let potential customers know about my experience. Update 6/23/2022 - Shipstation/Stamps management reached out to me by phone/email to understand this issue better and see what went wrong after seeing this review. They are going to look through their support strings and try to figure out what went wrong here and try to make it right. There is someone at the other end of the line here listening at least.

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16. Juni 2022

Terrible apps since the new update. Can't even reverse to the old theme. WE use this apps to save time and now it's getting even worst to ship. I dont even talk about all the bug

Bijoux Medusa
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16. Juni 2022

We were really liking this app until they did a flash move of our account to a new version without our permission. I'm ready to find a new provider now as they won't move us back or fix a critical feature (allocation tool) that we need for our operation to run smoothly. I have gotten zero updates from the company since bringing the issue to their attention 3 weeks ago. I'd avoid this app for now.

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18. Juni 2022


Cerini Coffee & Gifts
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12. Juli 2022

Loyal ShipStation user for years, had gotten quite used to things and everything ran fairly smoothly. Had gotten the new layout forced upon me but always could switch back. Now that the V3 is rolled out and forced upon us with no reverting, our ability to ship effortlessly is impossible. We have been on support calls for hours only to be told "huh, that's weird" and no solution in sight. Now having to manually adjust every one of our hundreds of orders because of glitches and bugs in this new layout that they have been working on for over a year. It's really sad, I loved this stuff, and now it's borderline unusable, and searching for other solutions.

Outbound Lighting
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