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24. Februar 2013

awesome shipping management software!!! really great. i use it daily to fulfill my orders (that come in also from ebay and amazon) i would recommend it to anyone. one really useful feature for me is the fulfillment slider. on one (apple-stlye) flick of a 'slider' interface - i ship myself or from my amazon warehouse - automatically, one click. no problem. so smooth!

25. Februar 2013

Ship Station has been a game changer for us - our order fulfillment times have been cut in half. The interface is intuitive and packed with great features. Ship Station enables one to do seemingly simple things (though things not always included in competitor's products) like printing large batches of shipping labels in the same order as your packing slips (seems simple but it wastes tons of time to have to collate on your own) and also more advanced things like editing the look and feel of the shipping confirm email that goes out to a customer when their order ships.

Overall, we're super pleased we made the jump to Ship Station. Highly recommended for any growing business!

Ernest Supplies
9. März 2013

Bottom line, Shipstation and it's discounts with shippers has easily paid for itself each month. Beyond that, the convenience of 1-stop shop for shipping has been invaluable, as are the shipping reports and the order-information memory. I wish it didn't sign me out all the time, but this is a minor gripe compared to the value Shipstation has delivered. Very happy with this app.

20. Februar 2013

I love this app! It has streamlined my shipping process and has cut the time I spent on my shipping in half. I only wish I had found it sooner. Definitely worth the monthly investment between the discounted shipping rates and time savings.

Bumble Bee-Knees
21. Februar 2013

ShipStation has been a quality app that has reduced the time I spend on creating packing slips and shipping labels to only a few clicks each week. Well integrated with Shopify, the set up was quick and I have encountered no problems thus far after using it for two months now.

Donostia Foods
24. Februar 2013

ShipStation is INCREDIBLE! Has saved me an insane amount of time, kept me organized and the customer service is extreemly top notch.

LBF Shop
8. März 2013

Great product. It has helped me with my shipping needs. Instead of going to multiple sites for my shipping needs I go to 1 place. Shipstation.

Habitat Imprint
8. März 2013

Shipstation is a must-have if you're processing more than 5 orders a week. It's saved me hours of tediously entering shipping information manually, and you get awesome discounts on shipping through Endicia and Express 1.

Nutmeg Botanicals
12. März 2013

I save a staggering amount of time each day using ShipStation. My only regret is that I didn't start using it a year ago when we first moved to Shopify.

Scenic Labs
14. März 2013

Shipstation saves us HUGE amounts of time fulfilling orders. In particular, we love the automation rules and filters. The only thing missing from making it a PERFECT app is the ability to apply filters to orders with multiple items.

Taproot Magazine