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2024년 2월 26일

Shipstation made it extremely easy for us to ship many orders at once with only a few clicks. If your business is like ours and you often ship more than 20 orders a day, I would highly recommend Shipstation. Once item weights were inputed into Shopify, and automation rules were set in Shipstation, we were able to save at least an hour of work each day in the shipping process. Not to mention the low rates Shipstation offers. By the end of the 30-day trial, I was relieved to have found this app. : )

National Running Center
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2024년 3월 6일

Great tools, and great rep Stancey. She reached out personally and helped resolve some problems. Shipstation is a huge help however it is fairly difficult to setup all your automation rules. Once you set up your automation rules, then you are off to the races. Thank you.

앱 사용 기간 8개월
2024년 3월 11일

I run multiple Shopify sites and having all the dispatch/shipping co-ordinated in one place makes my life so much easier.

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2024년 3월 15일

Stancey was a great help, when I was paying to much for my subscription , she advised me what the different plans were, and made sure I was on the right plan! Also made sure that every thing was working for me. Best part is that she reached out to me without me having to call Shipstation.
Love Shipstation as it lets me customize my shipping labels with my logo and slogan. A+

Lorcana Card Shop
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2024년 2월 1일

Stancey was extremely helpful and even followed up with me to make sure everything was working well and going fine. Definitely would recommend getting in contact with her if possible!

Dazzle Sports Marketing
앱 사용 기간 9개월
2024년 2월 15일

Easy integration and has streamlined and automated most all of our shipping at good rates. Very much recommended.

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2024년 2월 11일

ShipStation is fantastic and I’m glad I made the switch! The level of customisation and automation is amazing and something I thought I wouldn’t need, but after using it I can’t see how my previous integration would’ve been able to match ShipStation’s capabilities.

The customer service and support is also a cut above the rest with friendly and knowledgeable staff. You can also reach them by phone or video call as well which is great for business owners.

Looking forward to continuing business with ShipStation!

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2024년 1월 30일

We migrated 2 months ago and immediately shaved hours off of our order fulfillment process. It used to take on average about 6 hours from reviewing orders to having the last one packed, we've gotten that down to about 2.5 hours through the use of pick lists, having labels printed by SKU and being able to quickly price shipping and print in bulk. ShipStation pays for itself through saved labor hours.

Forest City Supply
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2024년 3월 1일

We use ShipStation and Shopify with 3 different businesses.
We could not be happier with the service and the Apps.

앱 사용 기간 10개월
2024년 2월 6일

The customer service is top notch. I had received a call from Stancey, and she helped make shipping easier and even send me the related guides that I wouldn't have been aware of with out her.

She's been keeping in touch to help answer all my questions. It's been by far the best customer service experience I've had.

Artemis Pet Food Company
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