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13 de dezembro de 2021

Pro: -Generally positive experience for orders placed and fully shipped within a few days. For orders with longer wait times, or orders that are split into multiple shipments we have some issues. -Automated completion of customs forms for international shipments. Con: -Long times between automated store synchronization: Can be over two hours between store updates from Shopify. There is the option to manually update the stores, but it is not feasible to manually update the store 24/7 if there are other processes that rely on timely information. -Poor support for split-shipped orders. If one item from an order ships, Shipstation will not process any edits to the order (e.g. an item added to the order, an item removed from the order, other quantity adjustments to the order, address edits or updates) -Orders only open to edits for a short time: After 60 days no order edits or changes are passed to Shipstation. With supply chain delays we regularly have orders that are older than 60 days that require changes or edits. -Long loading times in Shipstation: with orders that have a large number of items, or orders that have one or more previous shipments there is a VERY LONG and noticeable delay from the time an order is opened in Shipstation before the page fully loads and we are able to make adjustments in weight, shipping service, return labels, or print a label. -Unreliable USPS tracking numbers generated during peak seasons: Recently, large quantities of tracking numbers that are generated for our USPS shipments have not been reset before being reused. These tracking numbers provide the shipment history of shipments that were completed previously during the year, and we have been unable to find a solution to reset those so that our customers receive accurate tracking information for their order.

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Data de edição: 28 de junho de 2021

I'm still finding bugs on a weekly basis. Plus, whenever they push down an update, there's no notification. You never know when a new version is going to overwrite the old (it's web based). Nor is there anywhere you can go and find out what the latest bug fixes were. Using it is a big productivity boost, but it's simply unreliable. You don't dare print out more than 10 labels at a time, and you'd better count them as they print, to make sure none are skipped. Their current bug, is their integration with Amazon FBA. Shipstation simply refuses to see my FBA inventory accurately, resulting in me either submitting orders to Amazon FBA when there is no stock, or Shipstation will tell me that FBA has no stock, when indeed they do. They have a slick product, but they simply have very poor quality control in place, for the software updates. June 28/2021
Well, here we are about a year later....Shipstation no long has the issue of printing incorrect label counts. Seems they fixed that. However, they still don't have a handle on the FBA integration. SS still reports your FBA quantities wrong, and SS also reports the FBA postage fee wrong (but only sometimes).

Woodchucks Wood
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ShipStation deixou uma resposta 30 de junho de 2021

Thank you for sharing your continued experience with ShipStation. We value your feedback and have shared it with members of our team so that we can continue making improvements.

16 de agosto de 2022

Getting customer support to answer questions is like pulling teeth. I've had a few occasions where Shipstation wouldn't print, I would make labels in bulk and then couldn't print, and assorted other issues. They take over a week to answer meanwhile you're trying to run a business. Annoying.

Crimson and Clover Studio
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29 de outubro de 2017

This system is retarded, you have to manually go and refresh "update all stores" when orders come in to make sure the orders get pulled from Shopify and then pushed to FBA. The goal of having such is a system is to automate a process and not use manpower, but you still need manpower to update orders.

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3 de dezembro de 2016

I've had less than satisfactory results with Shipstation. It takes a long time for the program to enter and have high-speed Internet. The user interface is less than intuitive. Overall I think there has to be a better way, I just haven't found it yet.

Femme Velo
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12 de junho de 2018

IT doesn't work efficiently with Shopify. If an order is fulfilled through Shopify it's still listed as waiting to be shipped in ShipSation. This adds a lot of manual tasks that need to be completed.

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26 de agosto de 2019

this app has so many issues if a customer buys more than one sku in the same order. The software doesn't look at the sku's individually but only sees it as a "Multiple item" order. So you have to setup all these tags and work arounds. Now we have more and mores sku's and orders we keep finding more and more issues. if you are a 1 sku company than 5 stars

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11 de janeiro de 2022

We are deeply disappointed in both the service and performance of this app. On two occasions during the height of our sales season, the app presented technical errors that resulted in costs to our business due to time spent troubleshooting technical errors and rectifying poor customer experiences. On both occasions, Shipstation did not provide an explanation of why the issue had occurred nor how to resolve it. They also did not escalate the issue to investigate this matter further. I do not recommend this solution for any Canadian business looking to benefit from Canada Post's Commerical Shipping rates. There is some good functionality to the app but overall not worth it.

Aurora Heat
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4 de março de 2018

If I couldn't figure out how to use this app on my own, I would have given it 1 star. Shortly after signing up, I got an email telling me who my account manager was. During the process of installing the app and changing the different parameters to meet my store's needs, I had several questions. I tried calling the account manager several times, and never once did he answer his phone, so I emailed him and only got one partial answer from him 2 days later. All subsequent emails have been ignored and gone unanswered.

I was basically left to figure everything out on my own or do Google searches with my questions. I have one question that I can't find the answer for and my account manager absolutely WILL NOT respond to me. If you're fairly decent about figuring things out on your own, you will probably like this app. If you need support from ShipStation, forget it. It does not exist. In fact, it's horrible and I would never recommend this app because of that.

At this point, I am not 100% sure I will keep this app after my trial period is up.

Dead Fly Zone
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7 de dezembro de 2020

I tried to get this to work, followed the outlined steps but ultimately it would not connect to stamps.com.

The Social Tea House
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ShipStation deixou uma resposta 8 de dezembro de 2020

Thank you for your review and for trying ShipStation. We're sorry to hear you're running into this issue. A member of our account management team has reached out to see where we can help!