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14 mars 2013

Shipstation saves us HUGE amounts of time fulfilling orders. In particular, we love the automation rules and filters. The only thing missing from making it a PERFECT app is the ability to apply filters to orders with multiple items.

Taproot Magazine
14 juni 2013

We use ship station in conjunction with stitch and it has been a life saver. It has decreased the amount of work required to ship out our items on a timely basis.
18 april 2013

We LOVE ShipStation and we especially love it in tandem with Stitchlabs ( . Shipstation is a stable, highly configurable, intuitive, robust, platform that *WAY* more than pays for itself in the time it saves (not to mention discounted USPS rates).

If you're copying and pasting address info, signing into multiple shipping sites, copying and pasting tracking numbers, and wondering if there's a quicker way, you've just found it. Takes a little bit of time to set up your filters and rules, but it was time well spent. Shipping time is *easily* halved (if not more) after setup.

I mentioned Stitchlabs. These two integrations have completely changed the way we run our online business and I can't imagine our business without these two apps. Shipstation and Stitchlabs work seamlessly together and pass all the important info all the way back to Shopify. Huge power when combining these apps: reporting, inventory tracking, light bookkeeping, and shipping all dramatically improved.

Added bonus about using both integrations: it counts as ONE channel in Shipstation (even if you have multiple channels tied to Stitchlabs).

Highly recommended!

Shop | betsy & iya
22 maj 2013

I don't usually leave a comment unless I am overwhelmed with something that is worthwhile spending time to share with... well. ShipStaion is..

I have researched pretty much every option available in the market. Here are the main reasons why you want to adapt their service so that you can find more time of yourself or spend more important things that only you can do...

Perhaps, go to Santa Monica beach with your family. :)

1. None of softwares are perfect; however, ShipStation support-staffs understand the means of excellent service. They WILL be available when a problem happens. - that is all it counts in business.

2. They work well with "other" associated support companies such as StitchLabs, Carrier services, etc. They don't 'dump' problems to others, but take it seriously as if it is their own problem.

3. The results by signing up with their service extends far more value than the committed monthly fee. Our company has saved up to 30-40% of labor time comparing from where we were without Shipstation. It has virtually eliminated the most of human errors and our inventories are now well managed.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. - Don't waste your time searching somebody else.


3 maj 2013

makes shipping SOOO much quicker and easier! paired up with stitch, all the info goes in and label prints out easily. makes shipping seamless!

3 juni 2013

We've been using ShipStation since a couple months after we started using StitchLabs. Together they're amazing! I can't believe we used to do this however we used to do this. I'm able to have my sister 800 miles away handle all of our retail shipping, it's been amazing. Don't waste any time not having this app!

Figs and Ginger
16 september 2016

this is a no brainer. Makes organizing your shipments so easy!

14 mars 2017

saves you A LOT of time by being able to bulk print labels

10 januari 2012

Great tool! It's reliable and integrates various shipping providers with ease. It could use some enhancements though. The inability to correct an order's product selection is frustrating. At the moment the only way to change the order is to manually remove the order and add a new replacement. An import feature for addresses would be great. Ability to reorder the rows and save the format. And finally, not sure if it's a Mac Safari specific issue but when scrolling down in the application the window also scrolls with a slight horizontal movement. Making it scroll diagonally. This is really frustrating and should be looked into asap. Otherwise, great product. Keep it up!

17 maj 2024

RealSteel Center
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