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Lots of support, lots of options. Needs a few more small additions to make it seamless with Shopify, but overall we are happy with the product.

Eshine Car Care Inc
使用應用程式 大約1個月

This app has enabled us to ship orders with accuracy, using the scan to verify option. We have no order complaints now due to incorrect items being sent & has sped up the packing system massively. Wonderful customer support, we had a few technical issues and received a call quickly to fix the issue.

Indy & Eve
使用應用程式 大約1個月
ShipStation 已回覆 2021年6月24日

Incredible! Thanks for the kind review!


The app itself is very good, really enjoy using Ship station. The integration with Shopify needs some more work in terms of troubleshooting of errors i suppose.

使用應用程式 20天

Great tool! It's reliable and integrates various shipping providers with ease. It could use some enhancements though. The inability to correct an order's product selection is frustrating. At the moment the only way to change the order is to manually remove the order and add a new replacement. An import feature for addresses would be great. Ability to reorder the rows and save the format. And finally, not sure if it's a Mac Safari specific issue but when scrolling down in the application the window also scrolls with a slight horizontal movement. Making it scroll diagonally. This is really frustrating and should be looked into asap. Otherwise, great product. Keep it up!