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ROTD Crafter's Corner

This review should be a negative 5 star....they should have to give me stars!
absolutely WORST customer service ever (see below for transcript)! Go to shippo, go straight to the carriers, hell drive your orders out to your customers. THIS IS NOT THE APP TO DO IT!!!

I ship alot of packages every far this month 321 packages (not bad for a little old lady sitting at home). And I was looking for a way to mainline my shipping process. I came across this program and have had nothing but trouble. But NOTHING beats this week!

They charged me $120 for ONE package that was shipped about an hour away. Now this package weighed LESS THAN 2 lbs, and had dimensions of 25x19x1. and when I questioned it, I was basically told "too bad, deal with it". So I want an explanation. They claim that I was being hit by all of these backcharges at once, but NO explanation on what the back charges were???

I questioned and questioned over and over again. STILL no answer. Here is the latest correspondence trying to find out why i was being charged so much? Same size package shipped 45mins away (really wish I just drove it myself), charged $10 originally, and $17 back charge???? FOR WHAT????


someone must get back to me today about these hidden fees of over 120 I was charged.
Chat started
Support Team
Thanks for chatting in, we're working on finding the next available agent for you!

Clara H. joined the chat
Clara H.
Hi Julie, our team is still looking into this for you and Maia is in contact with you via email
All updates related to your case will be sent to you there

I expect someone to explain these "hidden back charges to me"./ there is NO acceptable reason that I should pay 120 for a box that weighed LESS THAN 2 lbs and had dimension of 25x19x1
Clara H.
I'm happy to let Maia know that you're looking for an update, is there anything else that I can help you with here in chat?

i already received her "message" yesterday which gave ZERO explanation just yes these are the charges, deal with it. one package cost me 28 dollars to ship...and this was being delivered 45 mins away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clara H.
I can see your responses to the ticket from last night, Maia will be sure to follow up with you

i ship a lot of packages every day...and i am seriously looking into other shipping programs unless someone explains these hidden charges, today
do i pay extra because these are residential addresses?
if so, why isnt' that on the front end, how much additional is it for resi?
Clara H.
I definitely understand where you're coming from, but I do not have access to those details

you have answers to those last 2 questions
Clara H.
I do not have access to those details and your case has been escalated to one of our team leads, Maia, who is working to resolve this for you

so you don't know if u charge for residential addresses?
Clara H.
I will let her know that you're looking for a response as soon as possible

you need a new job because that is a general question and everyone should know that
Clara H.
Is there anything else I can assist you with while we're here in chat? I'm happy to help how I can, but for updates on this case, please refer to your original ticket so that we can help you as efficiently as possible

i am going to be posting this message all over the internet so they can see what customer services DOESNT look like
Clara H.
One moment please.

Nuuvo Haircare

Your customer service and support is NOT acceptable. I've told you on three occasions that I'm unable to set up correctly, so I can't use it ... please help, PLEASE HELP, yet you keep sending email replies how busy you are, but were all busy too, so waiting for over 4 WEEKS and still not getting a response or my issue resolved is pitiful and not acceptable. I'm going to find a program / app who actually wants my business, and is prepared to help me get my app set up correctly.

Steveston Motor Co

This is a stupid app, don't use it. Takes way longer to do anything. The only reason I'm using it for now is to integrate DHL, but will be deleting it whel DHL updates their app in two weeks. Can't wait.

Impact Technology Systems

Shipstation will offer you a 30 day "free trial". I cancelled BEFORE the deadline because it wasn't going to work for my store. Then they started billing me two months later. So after you cancel watch your credit card charges and then you can waste a bunch of time and cancel it a second time. No thanks!


Extremely difficult to setup, syncing with orders is cumbersome and unreliable. It is frequently importing orders we have already fulfilled through shopify. Its a mess to setup, a mess to use, and support is 50/50 occasionally its great but occasionally its garbage.

SmartBox Express

Their so-called "support" department might as well not even exist. They get back to you on only some inquiries, and ONLY when they get good and ready to. They are either unresponsive, or at best, SLOW.

Moreover, not all customers are equal in the eyes of ShipStation. The higher paying the plan, the better you get treated. But if you're not on Pro or higher, it's as if you don't matter, so just forget it!

Sunshine Style TV

I had to change my rating back to one star. Today it didn't connect due an error at the end of Ship Station for 3 hours. Just a white screen and gear spinning. Horrible support. Continued errors with Shopify Software. I held for 40 minutes with phone support, then a leave a message, message came on. The email support is a joke. Token incompatibility with shopify. I am not happy. I spent 1/2 my morning trying to deal with shipping only 20 orders. Account rep is not responsive and there is no one to fill in. When you do reach people they are poorly trained and not helpful. All they do is ask for a 5 star rating

Hidden Router

I used to be very happy with ShipStation.
HOWEVER - if you ever need help - their support is beyond useless.
I had an issue with shipping using DHL where it kept saying that I have insufficient funds with an error code.
So I opened a ticket with them and told them the issue that I have. About 4 hours later - they finally reply saying "there might be an issue with your card at stamps (which only does usps), please re-add your card"
That tells me two things - first their support is utterly clueless, second - they didn't even check my ticket, but instead answered with a canned reply.
I then opened another ticket, hoping to get a person that would at least remotely care. Nope - same reply from the other person.
Now to make things clear - they did take the $50 for the shipping, and added it to the account. The included screenshot shows that there are money. I also shipped 4 packages using USPS after that - without a single issue. So I tried talking to them again - it just showed me how clueless they are.

I am done with shipstation after using them for years, because this is unacceptable. If you are looking for a good shipping software to go with your store - AVOID shipstation and look elsewhere. I am just starting to look for an alternative, but I am very much done with this joke of a company.


Stay away - I was wrongfully charged for a month's subscription after following the customer service agent's instruction of how to extend a trial and ended up being charged for an extra month also.

I've been attempting to chase this up for over five months now with no reply. This company owes me nearly £80 and seems to have no interest in dealing with it other than avoiding me.


Used to be good. Now with Shopify locations, when I make a sale, my sales channel removes the sold stock from inventory. Once I ship the order through ShipStation, Shipstation ADDS INVENTORY BACK. and they are refusing to take blame and blaming Shopify. My inventory is getting messed up with every sale. I’m switching to Shipworks.

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