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ShipTection - Shipping Protection Platform

What is ShipTection?

ShipTection is the easiest way to offer shipping protection on your Shopify site. Simply add the ShipTection app to your site, fill out the simple settings, and your customers will have the option to add shipping protection to their orders at checkout.

How ShipTection Works

Offering extra shipping protection on e-commerce sites has become a popular trend. ShipTection allows you to finally offer an additional upsell of shipping protection that a consumer can add to their order.

ShipTection VS. Others

As shipping protection has become more popular, we saw an opportunity to allow brands to offer the shipping protection directly to their customers versus relying on a third party. Some of the benefits include:

  • Additional revenue generated from being able to pick the increased percentage your website charges for shipping protection.
  • Additional margin as shipping protection services often charges more than their costs to cover shipping replacements.
  • Keep your customer service internal since you don’t need to rely on any external party to approve or reject claims.
  • You can create your own shipping protection rules for your customers.
  • You don't need to access any additional portals. Everything you need to review is on your current orders page.



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5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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Bailey's Blossoms

We have used other shipment protection products/services in the past and were consistently frustrated with spending so much every month (a majority of the revenue from the offering for sure), just to have those services reject customers' claims unless they fit a very specific window of criteria - causing us take care of the customer ourselves anyway. They would even go so far as to tell us the customers were their customers, not ours. This led us to start considering (and even started) developing our own app to offer our own branded-protection offering ourselves. Thankfully, we were connected with ShipTection at the very early stages of our development and found they had come up with an app that does the very same functions we were wanting to create! They did the work for us!! Thank goodness! ShipTection does everything we had already decided we wanted in our app! And instead of taking a percentage of sales, it's all for just the (VERY LOW) monthly fee! Amazing!! We now offer our shipment protection with our own branding (no mention or call-outs to ShipTection anywhere), our own pricing structure, the ability to have the offering toggled on our off automatically... EVERYTHING we had already decided to build into our own product! This has been a slam-dunk win-win-win for us. ShipTection wins with a VERY happy customer. Our customers win, being able to pay pennies on the dollar for extra assurance they will receive their product after it leaves our hands. We win by retaining 99.9% of the revenue generated buy our own shipment protection offering!