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Shipwire Order Fulfillment

Shipwire Order Fulfillment

Developed by Shipwire

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  • Fulfillment centers located in the US, Canada, UK, Asia and Australia
  • Smart order processing software gives you the lowest shipping price on every order
  • Service level guarantees: every order shipped same day with 100% accuracy or your money back

Order fulfillment for your Shopify store

Shipwire provides order fulfillment services through a powerful SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service, just like Shopify!) from fulfillment centers around the globe. Our industry-leading service helps you grow sales, expand into new markets, and delight customers by eliminating the hassles of shipping and storage.

Instantly connect your online store or marketplace with our fulfillment centers in the US, Canada, UK, Asia or Australia and let Shipwire optimally pick, pack and ship orders to your customers faster, and for less.

Features your Shopify store needs to grow

Integration with:

Real-time shipping rates - Obtain real-time shipping rates at any time during check-out.

Order entry - Submit new shipping orders as you take them.

Order tracking - Pull all tracking information related to completed shipments.

Inventory - Query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse.

Fast and flexible shipping

Shipwire provides you with a bulletproof shipping service to help you build your brand, whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, wholesale or retail. Shipwire order fulfillment centers are strategically located to reach domestic and international customers within a few days, and all orders are backed by same day shipping and accuracy guarantees. Ship your products in a variety of ways.

Powerful technology platform

Shipwire is a clear technology leader in the logistics space. With an elegant and easy-to-use management dashboard, and a patented warehouse control system, we work to take the headaches out of logistics. E-commerce technology is our backbone, and our in-house engineering team makes magic happen. Shipwire gets constant updates so it is ahead of the curve. Having such a focus on technology also means we can even provide customized solutions for customers.

Optimize your shipping

Shipwire’s intelligent optimization technology will help you and your customers cut costs by making the tough decisions for you. Each order that is fulfilled by Shipwire is optimized for warehouse location, packaging, and carrier, which all happens in the background.

Powerful analytics

With Shipwire analytics and dashboard, you'll never wonder where your shipments or customers are again. Detailed reports give you a bird's eye view of your shipping operations, so you'll know exactly where you should be storing product.

Grow your B2B and B2C sales

You can fulfill orders for your individual customers as easily as those of your retailers or distributors. Save big on wholesale orders with Shipwire, because pre-packed boxes are priced the same as single item picks, no matter how many units are in the box. This means you can use Shipwire to distribute to all your locations and across channels.


Shipwire's pricing is purposely aligned with the needs of the fast-growing business. While most outsourced order fulfillment providers require that you sign long-term contracts and agree to minimum fees in order to get competitive pricing, Shipwire offers on-demand, clear pricing that scales with you as your business grows. It is designed to be simple, transparent, and to require minimal oversight or management on your part.

The Shipwire App is free to install in your Shopify store. For your Shipwire account, you will pay a monthly fee for storage (only for months in which you had inventory stored in one of our warehouses), pick and pack fees when your orders are shipped, and shipping costs. Individual pick and pack fees reduce automatically as your order volume increases, and negotiated pricing is available for established merchants that request it.

Learn more about Shipwire or get started with a free trial.

Shipwire Order Fulfillment reviews (36)


We have used Shipwire for about three years now and are cancelling once the holiday rush is over. If you want your customers to have an enjoyable shipping experience (and you don't want to be overcharged), we'd recommend looking elsewhere for fulfillment services. Shipwire overcharges and under delivers.

We've had countless issues with Shipwire not adjusting the weights of our products despite multiple attempts on our end to correct the weight errors. This results in packages being shipped at over a pound despite the package actually weighing less than one pound. This is relevant because 1 lbs or greater ships Priority Mail at around $11 whereas the same order listed at under a pound ships First Class mail for roughly half the price. We offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount, and this error in weight has cost us tens of thousands of dollars this year alone.

Once an order is submitted to Shipwire, it cannot be modified or cancelled. Last holiday season Shipwire was overwhelmed and it took them well over a week to process and ship each order from their PA warehouse. We could have done it in-house and the customer would have received the order before Shipwire even packed them. We attempted to cancel all of the delayed orders and ship them ourselves, but Shipwire told us they could not do that. After the fact they offered reimbursement for not meeting shipping timelines, but we had to go in and individually file claims for hundreds of orders. We lost many customers over their poor service.

Furthermore, Shipwire up charges shipping fees by means of their "extended carrier fee" for USPS. We actually get cheaper shipping rates than Shipwire when you factor in their extended carrier fees.

I would only recommend Shipwire to our competitors ;)


HORRIBLE company. Where to begin:

- Frequently mixed inventory and sent out wrong products to customers, then no support to fix these problems or compensate for their errors.
- Slow to unpack stock. I've waited up to 2 weeks from when stock has been delivered to when it shows up as available.
- The worst customer service, if you even get a response from them. They just do not respond to you. No phone number to call either.

Given my experience with them over the last 18 months, I would never recommend ShipWire to anyone. I'm in the process of moving warehouses.


One star is far too high ......

The worst experience of my business life. It started fair enough and seemed like an economical way to store and ship merchandise while growing.

Then things went wrong .....

Shipwire radically changed their pricing structure from no minimums to quite high minimums for a growing business. I get it. Business models change but removing my merchandise and closing my account has been HELL!

A pick fee of $2.85 per item has driven my cost of changing warehouses to almost $2000. In addition they have now lost inventory and the numbers keep changing. This process has gone on for almost 2 months without any solution.

They supposedly did a hand count of all my items and updated my numbers that are radically different than what they should be.

Only it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to be correct and they are refusing to recount. An item that I supposedly had 3 of jumped to 8 with 2 more items falling to zero that had inventory.

I put an order through for a customer for the item that has 8 but he received one of the items that is supposedly 0. I have now spent hours going back and forth via email and phone without any solution.

Their incompetence and bad customer service is going to cost me a further $1500 in orders.

Stay away .... don't even think about it. Pick other options even if they seem more expensive.


Just TERRIBLE and not suitable at all for small business. I wanted to select 0 star but it's not possible. We are a Canadian company and use Shipwire only for Canadian and Intl orders (with UK warehouse). We use Fulfillrite for USA orders since they are fast, reliable and way more expensive. Now Shipwire change the app and you won't be able to use other fulfillment companies with automation (marking order as shipped, etc). Shipwire basically force you to use only their service. Plus they charge a minimum 500$ per month now. They change this last spring and of course we are stuck with them until our inventory in their warehouses is out. I don't even understand why Shipwire is doing business with Shopify since it is targeted to small business.


Shipwire LOST thousands of dollars of my inventory - the losses didn't become apparent until orders failed to ship. I've lost customers and am unexpectedly out of stock now on many items.

Clearly many Shopify users have incurred losses due to Shipwire's terrible service, there also are complaints on BBB.org, my guess is that there are many more upset customers who've suffered losses but have not aired their problems publicly.

Should we club together to recover those losses in a class-action? I'd willingly forfeit a percentage to recover my losses. Can Shopify act as lead plantiff?


Disappointed to say the least. Don't use Shipwire. Not an option for small businesses. As of May 2016, they've instated a $500 minimum fee. If you spend less than $500 a month on storage, handling, etc, you'll pay the difference no matter what. This policy is a killer for any start-up and a way for them to kick out small businesses that don't ship large volumes. In addition, we've been using Shipwire since 2015 and there were so many issues with their logistics system. We had to call support so many times to sometimes wait for days for an answer. They can't even accommodate the easiest shipping request due to a very rigid system. We're out!!!


Don't use them! They have lost our products repeatedly within their own warehouses, shipped the wrong items (not even our items) to customers, shipped products late and you need to stay on top of them 24/7 to get anything shipped out on time. Have had to open a case every week for the last 2 months. On top of that had to open cases every time something has gone wrong to get credited. And you call support and they hangup on you. Once we finally terminated our account and requested the return of our products, they shipped our product back late and in a damaged box. Great ideas, horrible execution for a "premier" shipping service.


In a nutshell: We’ve been with Shipwire for about a year and it’s been a very disappointing experience to say the least. Some things work but a large majority of things do not. Some examples: case IDs remain open for weeks without finding solutions, customer service emails and voicemails are ignored altogether, improper invoices, telephone lines heavily understaffed. Worst of all: NO ONE EVER seems to be responsible. We could go on for hours. In short, the Shipwire marketing brochures and videos are shiny, bright and clear but behind the scenes it seems chaotic to say the least. STAY AWAY FROM SHIPWIRE. Feel free to contact us if you want good alternative 3PL contacts in the US, Europe and Asia.
PS: As additional sources of information we recommend tweets about Shipwire on twitter and their profile on trustpilot.com. Be prepared for some negative surprises!


Shipwire is the worst company I've ever dealt with in my life. They are absolutely terrible at their job and their customer support is a complete joke. Absolutely avoid this company like the plague, you are better off tossing your products and your brand's reputation directly in the garbage.

Here's a little taste of what we've been through with them. The first thing they did was get us kicked off of amazon sellers platform by shipping an entire weeks work of orders about 8 days late flagging our account in Amazon for suspension for late shipments. They refused to apologize or take responsibility for this incident and would do nothing beyond sending a crappy letter to send along to amazon to try and rectifiy it. It took me 5 emails, 2 phone calls and over a month to even get a basic refund on handling for all of those late shipped orders.

They send 1 of an item when a customer orders 2. This happens daily. They're response was that they found the problem and fixed it. Not 3 days later it starts happening again and continues to happen daily. Not once did anyone take responsibilty or apologize. They take forever to respond and take even longer to take any action. Their customer service reps all the way up to management simply do not care about you, your company, or your problems. I have no idea how the hell they are still in business.

They send the wrong items all the time, this happens daily.
They send products from completely different companies to our customers.
They send completely empty sealed packages. After I notified them of this they said that the particular SKU was a "pick n pack" SKU and came prepackaged. This is simply not true and never was true. Also that's not even what "Pick n Pack" means at all. But besides that, it doesnt take a genius to notice a package is completely empty when shipping it out. It seriously seems like they are doing it on purpose. Once the customer support agent realized his mistake, he says "yeah you're right" and then tells me how to go about putting in a damn ticket to get the correct product sent. Guess what, genius, the customer absolutely does not want anything to do with us after that so I had to refund the order.

We're currently trying to get our products to a different provider but we can't because the inventory count is so incredibly messed up it is impossible without physically going to their warehouse (which by the way is forbidden by them, you can't) or waiting on them to do a manual audit which will take weeks. Meanwhile its basically a full time job dealing with customers who have been sent wrong or missing items. This isnt rocket science. All of our products are clearly marked and packaged with UPC's. You get a system with a scanner and a scale and there are zero chances of shipping something incorrectly. Come to find out, they dont scan anything. Everything is hand picked in their warehouses. And furthermore I'm not even sure if they own and operate the warehouses outside of Palo Alto at all. I mean, that's really the only thing that can explain it. They're simply a service middle man for outsourced warehouses which they have absolutely no control over and nor do you. If they do actually own and operate the warehouses, then this is just rampant mismanagement and incredibly poor hiring.

Here's the simple truth. Shipwire will absolute ruin your business's reputation at every chance they get. They will take a carefully planned and executed customer experience that you have been honing for years and absolutely take a crap all over it by sending your customer an empty package. 0 Stars.



And I mean that with no exaggeration. I cannot stress enough that you should avoid using Shipwire at all costs.

Here are a few (of the many) terrible experiences I had with Shipwire: My shipping costs quadrupled when I started with them because their algorithm couldn't find the right box for my product (clothing). As a result, their system put my product in a box that was 4X larger than it needed to be, which increased shipping costs dramatically. Not to mention Shipwire hit me with a bunch of hidden fees for finding the right box, filling the box with filler material, charges for the actual filler material, etc. When I informed them of this issue, they simply told me that I'd have to figure out a way to trick their algorithm into picking the right box for my product...somehow it was all on me to figure it out by trial and error. Also, for a few orders, Shipwire said they fulfilled and shipped the orders but actually didn't. It took my customers emailing me weeks after they submitted their orders for us to realize the issue. When I reached out to Shipwire to inform them and ask for a refund, they said my customer would have to fill out a form to prove the product was never received, despite the fact that the tracking numbers Shipwire provided clearly showed that the package never left the warehouse. They even refused to accept the form when I filled it out on my customers behalf since I didn't want to inconvenience my customers any more than Shipwire already had. They've since cancelled my refund request and have not reimbursed me for the costs. Last, realizing that I had to cut all ties with this company immediately (only after a couple months of working with them mind you), I went through the process of getting all my inventory returned to me and closing my account. Despite the fact that their warehouse was 30 minutes away from my HQ, they refused to let me come by to get the product and insisted it had to be shipped to me (Note: every other outsourced fulfilling company I've spoken to since said that's unheard of). Further, Shipwire told me that to get my inventory back I would have to ship each unit of my product back individually, which would incur their per unit picking fees. In response I asked if there was a way they could put all my units into a few large boxes and just ship those large boxes out instead, to which they said (verbatim), "Oh, yeah, I guess we could do that." The Shipwire picking costs to return my inventory via the method I suggested (with a few big boxes) was only $40; the Shipwire picking costs to return my inventory via the method they suggested (each unit individually) would have been thousands of dollars. At no point did they even mention there were alternatives; in fact, they said shipping individually was the only option available to me until I pushed back and sent in a special request.

One other thing I feel I have to mention. They assigned a customer service agent to my account. At one point, I called in to check on the status of my inventory return (since she had gone radio silent on me for weeks). Another agent informed me that my agent was unavailable because she leaves work at 2PM everyday, and that she was the only person in the entire company that could help me. He said she typically starts work at 6AM though (to make up for leaving so early everyday), and I could call her first thing the next morning the following day. So I tested that. I called in every hour the following morning starting at 6AM PST to see when she'd be available. I didn't get a hold of her until 6 hours later.

This is the only negative review I've ever written on the internet, and it pains me to trash another company publicly. But my experience with Shipwire was so consistently terrible that I feel obligated to make others aware of it, in the hopes that I can help them avoid an extremely timely and costly mistake, which could easily be fatal to a small company starting out.


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