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Shipwire Order Management

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Predator Cycling

Don't use them! They have lost our products repeatedly within their own warehouses, shipped the wrong items (not even our items) to customers, shipped products late and you need to stay on top of them 24/7 to get anything shipped out on time. Have had to open a case every week for the last 2 months. On top of that had to open cases every time something has gone wrong to get credited. And you call support and they hangup on you. Once we finally terminated our account and requested the return of our products, they shipped our product back late and in a damaged box. Great ideas, horrible execution for a "premier" shipping service.


If i could give zero stars i would. When i signed up with this company, it was with a certain payment plan. I have a small company and really only use them when I travel. I paid to ship my products there, which is totally understandable and I would always expect to do so. I did it with the knowledge that they were ok with my small quantities and occasional use. Well they pulled the rug out from under me. I was sent an email stating that they will now charge $500 per month no matter what! This is not what we agreed to. I now need to get my products back and find another fulfillment center and i need to pay exorbitant prices to get my products back. They should cover the cost since they changed the contract, not me. Not only do i need to pay A LOT to get my products back, they are charging me for everything (pick fees, handling, etc..)! They expect me to do crazy, time intensive online work with their crappy system in order to 'exit'. As i'm typing this, i'm sitting on the phone for 56 min. on hold for customer service.
BUYER BEWARE. They are horrible and dishonest.


I'm an ex-Shipwire customer, we used them for 6 months. They started out great, my sales rep lured me in with personal attention and quick responses. Sure their prices were high, but their website was well put together and integrated easily with Shopify. Things ran relatively smoothly till they shipped out our first order. We had shipped them marketing inserts, they didn't include them with any of our first 500 orders. So I contacted customer support to fix the issue and they refused to fix it, they also stopped talking to me. So I emailed my old sales rep, he stopped reading my emails. So I guessed the CEO's email and told him how poorly I was treated. He never responded but someone did get back to me eventually. From there on it was nothing but a fight to fix any issue. Their customer service team is garbage.

Also, if it seems like their prices are high, thats because they are. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else.

Cat Crib

What a mess. Their software seems to have gone through several different iterations (the dashboard we login to is nothing like all their "help" files online). The inventory they display on your account does not match what should be in their warehouses. Customer service is a joke.

UPDATE: The final cherry on top is that they are now charging users a minimum of $500/month. If you don't make up that much in fees they will just charge you the difference. What a joke! If you want to remove your inventory form their warehouses they will charge you the pick and pack fee for every item. They can't just ship back everything and close down your account. They want to charge you outrageous fees to handle each and every item you have stored with them.



I was hesitant to use them given the reviews, but was assured it was just the tiny stores that didn't know what they are doing that didn't try and make it work. Well, we may not be huge, but we've got a lot of product in their warehouse and things have not gone smoothly since starting at the end of November. Currently I have 5 cases open with them where getting an answer back is impossible. Your on boarding specialist will get you in, then dump you off to customer care. It's an ironic name, given that they don't seem to care actually at all. So here are just some of the issues as of today.

1. We have packages scheduled to ship in box sizes far greater than what is at all logical. We tried to get this changed with our on boarding guy, but he quickly noted "all of your further inquiries will be handled by customer care" when we asked to get this fixed. This was after he said he'd fix it. That was the end of December, and we still don't have this resolved. Last update it was supposed to be fixed yesterday, but still of course haven't heard back even though we've stayed on them, rather than them communicating with us.

2. We don't have poly bags. Be careful of the rates they quote you in the beginning. We always ship in poly bags so our size and weights were different when they said they don't ship in poly bags after on board. Now after further digging I find out they do. Why is this a big deal? It adds a lot of cost when going with dimensional based weight, especially with sizing being off.

3. Shipstation integration. Yes they integrate, but good luck getting it to work right. Your settings are very basic. "Ground" being one of them that is funny. You don't know if it's first class, priority mail, or something else. It just defaults to ground. The fields also don't match up. For international we have to choose priority mail to get first class rates. So I'm selecting priority mail, paying first class, and assuming it will go first class, but I guess if it didn't that would be awesome. Ship station says it's a ship wire issue. Ship wire says it's a ship station issue. How is logic mapping my issue? You two should work this out, this isn't a customer issue.

4. Last week we had a package that was supposed to ship, Monday, 1/11. The package was created, but nothing ever updated. I submitted this for resolve on Thursday and never heard back, called on Friday 1/15 and was told that she'll hopefully have an answer same day or Monday. Sent an email yesterday (Tuesday 1/19) asking for an update and nothing. Again today and nothing. Case still open.

5. Yesterday we found out that they shipped the wrong product for an order. Not sure how or why, don't have resolution yet, but at this rate, I doubt we'll ever find out.

6. Our first shipment they received a partial to a case. When I said that's not possible as we triple checked everything and he told me that it was short shipped. I had to get forceful to get him to check which he finally did and said it was indeed short. Then I got more forceful and all the sudden I was right and the inventory was somehow found. Kind of sketchy as it looks pretty obvious that diligence wasn't being done to make sure the shipment was correct.

There are more issues, but I'll stop there. I really wanted this to work, and am still trying to make it work, but they are extremely unresponsive so good luck.

The Travel Bra 2

Going with Shipwire has been a disaster for us. The Shipwire software only allows us to configure our product in one mastercase size. We configured our product in a 120 box to go to the Los Angeles warehouse - then when we tried to send the same product in boxes of 100 we had to pay a $2,000 bond which was huge for us because Shipwire treated each individual item in the 100 cartons as individual entries. Furthermore, we discovered that Shipwire does not actually have its own warehouse in Hong Kong but uses another company - this confused our freight forwarder, especially because Shipwire refused to give us the Hong Kong warehouse phone number and so caused delays in delivering. The support at Shipwire is only Monday to Friday USA time - we are an Australian company importing from China - so we could not get support when we needed it - causing further delays and ultimately greater costs. We are getting away from Shipwire as soon as we can work out how.

Acme Co Usa

We've been with shipwire for 6 months. They get you on board with their slick looking shopify integration and website and great customer service before you start.

Then they start shipping wrong products, sending too much to customers, losing products, sending one item instead of a case, then sending a full case instead of the rest of the case they were supposed to send.

They have lost thousands of dollars of inventory, with no explanation.

They "guarantee" a turnaround time of 24 hours. With hundreds of our orders sent in the past few months, we can count maybe one or two orders that they sent out in less than 72 hours. The guarantee just means they give you a refund of $2.50 when they don't meet it. I don't even think they try.

They have cost us thousands and thousands of dollars in the past few months in incorrect shipments and lost product. Now they are going to charge us more money to move our products out of their warehouse. Plus they have over $3000 in "deposit" from us. (Why they need a deposit when they are the ones who have our stuff, I do not know).

They have tentatively said they will partially refund us for some of the inventory they have lost or sent out incorrectly - but the reputational damage with our customers is beyond repair. One of our largest customers has received FOUR incorrect orders in a row from Shipwire. They now think we are a joke.


UPDATE: A week later, and we cannot get anyone at Shipwire to call or email us back. They seem to have realised that our account is so badly messed up, that there is nothing they can do to help us, and are scared to contact us. We have phoned and emailed over 40 times, with no response. They have over $100k of our inventory, and we cannot even get anyone to speak to us. Our customers have paid for orders which might never ship. Our reputation with our customers is ruined.

Still not much further ahead. Shipwire are unresponsive. We have orders sitting in their queue for over a month and a half. They avoid our phone calls. We have been unable to sell or ship anything over the entire Christmas period, and our customers are livid. They are holding $100k worth of inventory, and they will not even communicate with us. The only thing they've managed to do in this time is send out an email saying that their Terms and Conditions are changing to make them less liable for all of our products that they have shipped out incorrectly and lost. This has been a huge money pit for us. Twitter and facebook are full of messages from their customers trying to get them to reply or ship orders out. It is likely they are on the verge of going out of business, and all of our inventory will end up at an auction somewhere, for us never to see again.

Onesize Apparel

So far, is a NIGHTMARE.
Let me tell you. You will love Shipwire when you see the cute view above. You will love them even more when you are setting up your account. But once you start sending your inventory, get ready to loose your hairs.

Customer service is just... horrible. Period. Don't take my word for it. Experience it yourself.

Do you have lots of back up money?? Good luck. Because Shipwire will take a deposit per "item" once you inventory reaches a certain number. That's right. Don't recall exactly how much, but they will take about $2 per item. If you don't understand what I'm saying, just ask them about this funny deposit.

Are you closing your account and want your inventory back? Get ready to exchange emails for close to 2 months.... and counting. Yep. I've been trying to close my account and asking for my inventory but no luck so far. Since I have a balance on the account, all I'm asking is to use the balance I have to send me all the inventory that my balance allows and just abandon the rest. But, so far, this has been an impossible task for Shipwire.

I love the potential that Shipwire has. Only if it worked as nicely and cutely has the Video above!! But no. Far from it. Still don't take my word for it. I see lots of 5 stars reviews here. So they must like it.

Yet, when you begin to experience any sign of the frustration, GET THE HELL OUT before too late.


Shipwire LOST thousands of dollars of my inventory - the losses didn't become apparent until orders failed to ship. I've lost customers and am unexpectedly out of stock now on many items.

Clearly many Shopify users have incurred losses due to Shipwire's terrible service, there also are complaints on, my guess is that there are many more upset customers who've suffered losses but have not aired their problems publicly.

Should we club together to recover those losses in a class-action? I'd willingly forfeit a percentage to recover my losses. Can Shopify act as lead plantiff?

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