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Shipwire Order Management

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OpenEV Store

Horrible, STAY AWAY. Shipwire is a predatory company, over the 4 years I have used Shipwire, they constantly change the policies to take more and more money without providing any service. They have taken "deposits" when sending in inventory and provide no accounting and no credit as inventory sells off (not sure I will ever get this money back). Shipwire moved my inventory into another warehouse then demand $1,000 a month minimum monthly spend for the use of this busy warehouse. My business has lost many thousands of dollars due to these fees and constantly increasing minimums.

Inventory numbers are frequently wrong, orders incorrect and lost inventory is far too frequent. Shipping speed slows to a crawl during the holiday season. Support is a joke.

Shipwire will cause many nights of lost sleep, their treatment of small businesses is absolutely disgusting.


I never write negative reviews however Shipwire is that bad. Horrible service, inaccurate inventory counts, lost inventory, never takes responsibility for anything and whenever you have an issue and need to speak to someone they outsource to the Phillipines where no one there can answer your question. Its always the manager is out of the office or let us call you back which they never do. I have stayed with them because it costs too much to leave, but avoid Shipwire if you can!


This is my first negative online review in my 52 year life. Shipwire is simply awful. Horrible service, repetitive lost inventory, perpetual misrepresentation of inventory levels, and ridiculous product end of life costs, were their hallmarks. Stayed with them cause we thought their owner would improve things, but that was not the case. I just killed their service after spending thousands of dollars to separate from them. I am so happy now.


Terrible and WAYYYY overpriced. Do your own research and you'll see a clear trend in unsatisfied customers and horror stories. Avoid Shitwire at all costs. Seriously take the time to research.

Dolls, Books & Gifts | A Girl for All Time UK

I have to agree with the other 1* reviews out there. I would avoid Shipwire - there are other apps you can install that will work better. Shipwire has cost us thousands over the last 3 years. It takes a long time to resolve issues, and they have recently changed their business terms and decided to charge long term storage fees - retroactively. Unless of course you are willing to spends thousands removing your goods to another facility... They don't take responsibility for lost inventory, damaged goods, or mis-shipped items. We are a small biz and working with Shipwire has nearly put me out of business. Don't use them is my advice.

21 Draw

Shipwire is an absolutely disgusting company. If you're a start up DO NOT use them. They do not care about their customers in anyway and will probably destroy your company. Check the reviews on yelp and trustpilot and you'll see what they're all about. I'll be surpirsed if they're around in a few years. They actually don't even deserve one star.


Shipwire does not even merit 1 star. Shipwire is the worst fulfillment company ever and it's a nightmare to get out of it. Almost impossible to get back your own inventory once they have it. It will cost you $500/month and endless hours to realize they are bad to a point of no return.

In one simple sentence: DO NOT WORK WITH SHIPWIRE. For detailed explanations on how bad they are, please read below.

They don't take care of our products.
They simply don't. They open box and products end up damaged and dusty. They then ship damage products to our customers in recycled box where they don't even remove old labels from other company, and they charge you full price for this box! Simply unprofessional.

They do not Manage lots (but say they do):
We sell cosmetic products and shelf life is limited. It’s very important to ship FIFO (First in First Out). It’s also a good and usually standard practice in any fulfillment warehouse. With Shipwire they make you open a “special project” for this. I had a confirmation from them they would manage lots but realize once I ship myself some products that they actually don’t. I now have THOUSANDS of dollars of loss with products now too old to sell. You want to figure out how much Shipwire screwed your inventory? They will even charge you by the hour to fix their own mistake and it will take weeks.

Expensive Shipping Price:
It is so expensive. Shipwire markup on shipping price. For the same shipment to California USA using USPS Priority Fulfillrite (Fulfillrite is a great US fulfillment company) will rate shipping at 6.51 USD, while Shipwire will cost you $9.97 + 1.50 (expended carrier). Outrageously expensive. They also charge more for RECYCLED packing material.

Worst communication:
With Shipwire you often have to wait 3 days for a reply, it's never the same person who answers, you constantly have to re-explain the issue for a single ticket. Most of the time whey will simply answer with non-sense and you have to re-explain again and again… each of these back and forth taking at leaf 24h. You end up spending a week to fix most issues.

Managing SKUs:
You cannot re-use a same SKU in more than 1 other sku. For example you want to put 30 items in a master box instead of 20, simple right? YOU CAN’T. Once you use a SKU in inner case or master case, you cannot modify anything without creating a new SKUs, and it means creating different barcode which is most of the time impossible.

Managing Inventory:
Once you ship inventory to them, it will take forever to process and be available to ship. With Shipwire I always have to wait as long as 6 to 7 days after delivery for my inventory to be available to ship. How don't even understand how they can be so slow.

Integration with other systems:
The fulfillment is set at the product level in Shopify. It means that it makes it almost impossible to use Shipwire and another fulfillment service at the same time. They manage this so once you install this, you are stuck with them until all inventory is gone. You cannot set a new fulfillment service until then.

Tidal Vision

Shipwire is a Shipwreck.

We spent three years, and tens of thousands of dollars trying to make it work with Shipwire. It ended with exorbitant fees to leave them, loads of lost high value inventory (they justified it as "shrinkage"). They have a great sales team, but once they hand you off to go live, the actual system, service, and customer service are a total failure. They really fall apart when it matters most around busy seasons.

You can expect days, or weeks for responses to issues from customer service, lost and mismanaged inventory, and zero accountability. Your end customers can expect to receive the wrong packages, damaged packages, and late deliveries.

Did I mention they are expensive? Yes, they charge premium rates for shipping and handling.

I would seriously advise any business to go far out of your way to avoid working with Shipwire. The concept is great, the sales pitch is great, but the execution just doesn't meet the lowest of standards.


Cant beleive thee guys are still in business, worst experience ever a devastating to my business. The sales rep blatantly lied about capabilities. They charge WAY above cost for shipping and it is impossible to get a resolution to any issue, customer service people just don't reply.

Janis Trading Cop

I switched to Shipwire after working with another 3PL provider. It was a nightmare that's just now ending.

The salesperson lied to me about security in place at the warehouse. Despite Shipwire being owned by IngramMicro, a Fortune 500 company, which owns many of its own warehouses, they actually outsourced my service to another warehouse they didn't own, and never bothered to inspect. There was no security in place there, at all, and we lost over 100 pieces of inventory.

Shipwire's executives acted like it was my fault my inventory was stolen, and berated me for not buying their useless inventory insurance. I had to explain to them multiple times why their insurance wouldn't cover my losses, due to the high deductibles per incident, and how it wasn't cost effective due to the crazy-high premiums.

After months of back-and-forth, and them promising to pay me more than my cost, they actually paid me less, and nothing for my lost time. I was told I'd have to go to arbitration in California if I wanted to fight them, and if I lost, I could end up paying their legal costs on top of my own, and not get anything for my stolen goods.

They never even bothered to file a police report. I had to do that later, and got no support from them whatsoever.

Their support team is terrible. If you get someone you can actually understand on the phone, you'll find out they're just glorified message-takers. They don't know the Shipwire software or UI, at all, or how any of their own settings work, and the won't let you talk to the IT or warehouse ops team directly.

They're constantly rolling out system updates, causing all orders to be held. They ignore order instructions, costing me thousands in excess import taxes. It took me months to get them refunded, and again, no help from Shipwire, nor anything remotely close to an apology, and they acted like it was all my fault, even though it was their mistake.

The execs I spoke to were routinely rude, and would lie right to you. It's a train-wreck. Do not use them, no matter what.

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