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Shirtmagic Fulfillment

Shirtmagic Fulfillment

Developed by Shirtmagic

3 reviews
Price: Custom More info
  • No upfront cost, No inventory to buy, No fees
  • The more of each design you buy the lower the price. We calculate the cost when you import orders.
  • Over 600 items to add your design to. If we do not have it we can add it quickly

Why add custom produced products to your store

This is a great way to sell additional items to your existing customers with no cost to you. You can sell apparel, mugs, front license plates and many more products to create additional sales. This is a great way to increase your sales. We allow you to expand your store and offer your customers additional products at no upfront cost to you.

How ShirtMagic Fulfillment Works

Once you install the app you can pull any product designed on Shirtmagic.com to you Shopify store. Once the product sells ShirtMagic will create the product and ship it to your customer in a white label poly bag. With over 600 items to design you can find the perfect products for your store.
Steps to start creating custom products

  • Install app

  • Create ShirtMagic account

  • Design products

  • Add products to store

  • Start selling

Once a product is sold you can pick how you want the orders passed to ShirtMagic.

  • Automatically - You can have them sent for fulfillment right away

  • Daily - You can have them sent once a day

  • When you choose - You can manually push all new orders anytime.

We price your products when you send the orders for fulfillment. The more you send the lower the price. If you are running paid ads and want to bulk send the order every few days, you can get a much lower price. It is up to you.

Let me give you an example.

You have a next level ring spun cotton tee that you add to your store. You run ads for your shirt and sell 105 shirts in a 7 day period. We will charge based on the total quantity when you send the orders.

  • Automatically – $10.04 per shirt

  • Weekly – $5.07 per shirt

The more you send of each design the lower the price.
You can check pricing on all products here https://www.shirtmagic.com/shopify
Once your product is shipped we will pass all the tracking information back to your Shopify so you can notify your customer with their tracking information. We do charge a flat fee of 3.95 for each product sold to cover shipping and handling.

Deal Directly With The Printer

Shirtmagic has been printing for online websites since 2005. With the latest technology and qualified staff we are able to offer no minimum order, quick turn around times, design review and help and quality printing for all your products. We have a full staff here to help.

Dedicated Customer Service

  • Help on orders

  • Need to find new products

  • Source products not found on the site

  • Questions on what is working now

Graphics Artist

  • Help creating your artwork

  • Help with ideas to make your products better

  • Edits to designs

Have Questions

Should you have any questions you can contact us via email at sales@shirtmagic.com or call us at 843-681-7300.

Shirtmagic Fulfillment reviews

3 reviews
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I am brand new to the POD business, but found Shirtmagic's interface so simple and intuitive to go through.

The integration with Shopify is simple - click on create a product, and follow the wizard. Although it can also be used standalone direct from their website.

As far as my experience with adding it to Shopify goes...

1) Choose a type - tees, skirts, bags, hoodies and much more, then choose the type of fit - men/women, long-sleeve and so on, then the color - around 50 of them!!

2) Next, you can upload your own image, or add text and clipart from the huge library available to you.

3) Then set your goals - the more you aim to sell, the lower the unit price becomes. You can have your campaigns run for a set period of time, or lifetime.

4) When you're done, the tee/hoodie/whatever image is imported with all of the options you selected from the Shirt Magic setup - and you're good to go.

Being new, I had a couple of questions - so I sent an instant message to them on Facebook, and Todd immediately asked if he could screen-share with me to answer my basic queries. These really were my insecurities about my first order - and nothing to do with the setup of the products, or the fulfilment.

I highly recommend Shirtmagic for:

a) ease of use
b) ease of integration and
c) customer service

All in all, a great app for your store.


Started to sell a few custom t shirts and sweatshirts on my Shopify site. Shirtmagic Fulfillment app works great. I created a few products and added to my store. After I sold the a few shirts it was easy to sent the order to Shirtmagic via the app. As the orders shipped it sent the tracking numbers and marketed the orders fulfilled. Happy with the turnaround time and easy to use app.


Been using in beta and love the app. It allow you to create custom products, sell them and send for fulfillment. Once the custom products ship it sends the tracking info back to my shopify store..


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