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Tech-enabled paid media buying with white-glove support

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Lara J

Ad performance - Good ROI. We are looking at 2500 - 3000%

Support - Great. Support team usually replies within a day.

Ease of use - Very easy to create ads. No codes needed. No need to create rss feed etc etc.

Backend - As of 19-Jan-2016, backend is still lacking. Ad creation page and analytics page are of different domains. Would be good if they can link up the 2 sections into one backend. Support team did feedback that they are working on providing us a full-fledge backend. Will give it a 5-stars once that is done.

Atomic Jane Clothing

This is everything the other reviews say it is. The proof is in the numbers. We spent 69.00 from 1/01 through 1/07 and received total sales on this app of $741.00. Every week that we've been with them, approx 4 weeks now, we've seen these kinds of returns. We've now increased the ad spend and look forward to even more returns. Finally, customer support is over the top. All of our message are answered very very quickly and these guys will also jump onto a call if need be. Superb in every aspect of their business and their performance. Thank you Reza!!


*** Updated Jan 7th, 2016 ***
I spoke with David Berglas, one of the founders of Shoelace, over the phone tonight. He heard me out and apologized for the poor experience. He's a great guy and I believe I offered some solid feedback for how they can improve the app.

I am a unique user and had a bad experience, but many of their users are seeing great results.

He admitted they need to improve the statistics on their backend as far as reporting as well as monitor the ad-spend more closely to determine whether ads are converting or not. He also mentioned they were advertising for the products we had that were sold out, which they will fix and improve in the future.

I'm hoping all issues get fixed because this would be a great app for a majority of shopify owners when 100% complete! I look forward to updating my rating to a higher rating when I test again in the next few months.

*** Previous Rating ***
I'm changing my rating from 1-startLet me preface this by saying I'm a serial entrepreneur and I specialize in marketing. I've also used other retargeting software like Perfect Audience, Adroll, and FB retargeting ads.

Shoelace markets as being "retargeting on autopilot". This is 100% true, except for the fact that the "auto" in autopilot is likely drunk, has a low IQ, and poor communication skills. I viewed the ads they created on my behalf through a secondary FB account, and they weren't very convincing from a buyers perspective. They were plain, simple, and didn't set the product out from any of the rest of the advertisements.

There is also LITTLE to NO CONTROL over the ad software, so you don't get to choose when your ads are showing or who they are showing to for how long.

This software also attributes any sale that happens after someone clicks one of their ads to their software ... this is poor statistics because just because they clicked on the ad, doesn't mean that convinced them to buy. It could be they were already planning to buy, and saw the ad as an easy link back to your site. This causes Shoelace to boast that it is having a bigger impact than it really is.

Lastly, Shoelace didn't work for the first 15 days I had it installed. I had to email customer support several times for things to start working. They also have statistics on the backend that do not properly track or report costs so there is no way to see why your ads are costing so much. We had 405 visits to our website as a result of their ads and that cost us $260 ... which is 64 cents per click, a lot compared to other platforms.


I was referred to this retargeting app a few weeks ago - they take the hassle out of setup by creating the ads for your based on best selling products, and also auto-optimize the campings. My most recent campaign yielded $683 in revenue from $41 in spend. Try it!


Bold Betties

Very user friendly and thoughtful app! Great for non-technical store owners like myself.

Moomin Shop

We've been running Shoelace on our Shopify store for a month now and we've already seen an ROI of over 2500 %!

We tried to do dynamic retargeting on a product level on our own and we just couldn't get it to work. Shoelace made the process easy and we've been more than happy with both the app's performance and the support from the Shoelace team the few times something has gone wrong or we've had questions.

This is one of the best and most affordable marketing add-ons for Shopify. Try it now!


We have never written a review for any of our APPS. this is the first one we've done because it truly deserves it.

Setup was super swift and we saw results straightaway.

Definitely worth trying.


Every person dreams of making a business decision that contributes thousands of dollars in revenue immediately...Shoelace made that dream come true for us. Shoelace has paid for itself THOUSANDS of times over in the 10 days(!!!) since we added it.

A couple things to keep in mind as you evaluate adding retargeting/remarketing to your business:

1) If you aren't currently retargeting/remarketing right now, drop everything right now and get it up and running. With Shoelace this takes a few seconds, just install the app and you'll receive custom ads(we had them up and running the next day) without any headache on your part. Retargeting is our most effective method of ad spend. We run FB ads where our CAC can be up to $10-12. Our CAC with Shoelace is sometimes under a $1.00(!!!). Retarget.Now.

2)Quality of Vendor Support should be a high priority when selecting a tool/app. If you are evaluating multiple retargeting tools, do what we did and send emails to all of their support desks(really you should do this with any tool). Support should always be fast,knowledgeable and helpful(duh). Shoelace's support aced all of these tests with flying colors. Their support has always been top-notch and fast. You don't want any vendor where this is not the case.

3)How valuable is your time/resources? You can spend a ton of time designing new ads or creative content to market to your audience, or you can just use Shoelace. They create all the ads and run it by us before starting the campaigns. If you are like us, you have a million other things to do while running your store which leaves little time for important things like retargeting. With Shoelace we can be sure we are getting expert help(they are constantly optimizing our ads with no effort from us) and constantly acquiring customers who have shown interest by coming to our site. The amount of $ Shoelace adds to our bottom line doesn't tell the whole story of our ROI from the tool because we also get our more time to focus on other avenues that grow our business.

Adding Shoelace to your suite of Shopify apps is one of the few no-brainers I've ever encountered.


Before Shoelace we had pretty much given up on Facebook advertising. It was a dead platform with virtually no engagement or clicks. Now, just two months in we're seeing an ROI of over 1,000%. Magic? I wouldn't be writing a review if it weren't true.

The best part about this is that I don't have to do a thing. These guys handle everything!

This Bar Saves Lives

Working with the guys at Shoelace has been amazing! Their expertise, customer service, and overall communication has been really great. We experimented with Remarketing on our own and saw a negative ROI. The guys at Shoelace ensured me this time would be different, and they backed it up! Looking forward to growing together.

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