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Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Developed by Shoelace

134 reviews
Price: From $49.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Retargeting expert for growing e-commerce stores
  • Implements the perfect retargeting strategy for your store
  • Gets smarter over time and suggests ways to improve ROI

Want an expert to handle all of your retargeting?

Shoelace combines automated technology with human expertise to deliver the best retargeting strategies for your growing e-commerce store. We take care of everything from end-to-end, all you need to do is "approve" our suggestions.

  • Exceptional customer success team

  • Delivers measurable results and ROI

  • Implements advanced retargeting strategies

  • Effortless to set up and intuitive to use

Install Shoelace to bring your visitors back!

Works with Shopify, scales with Shopify Plus

Shoelace is a trusted retargeting expert for many of the largest Shopify Plus brands. We understand the nuances of implementing the perfect retargeting strategy for high-volume stores. And if your store is still just getting started, we know what it takes to help get you there!

Journeys, Nudges, Integrations and Expertise

Think of Shoelace as a holistic approach to your entire retargeting. Our recommended strategy includes Journeys, Nudges, Integrations and learnings from working closely with thousands of brands on their retargeting

Journeys: Takes visitor through a Journey after they leave your store

Journeys are a sequence of ad experiences designed to combat ad fatigue and to re-engage your visitors after they leave your website. We all know how powerful email drip campaigns are! With Journeys, you can now effortlessly apply the same strategy to your retargeting ads. Learn more about how Journeys work here

Nudges: Brings back visitors who haven't returned in a while

Nudges are like the retargeting equivalent of sending a newsletter. They target large segments of your past visitors to encourage them to come back. Learn more about how Nudges work here

Integrations: Shoelace connects with your favourite marketing apps

Shoelace integrates with some of your favorite apps (Like MailChimp, Fomo, Conversio and others) to super-charge your retargeting campaigns. Learn more about our integrations here

Expertise: we live and breathe retargeting

Every member of our customers success team is an expert on retargeting. Having worked with thousands of brands, we know how to take your retargeting to the next level.

When you add Shoelace to your store, you aren't just installing an app. You are hiring a retargeting expert.

Turbo Boost your MailChimp emails with Shoelace

Right after your MailChimp email newsletter goes out, Shoelace instantly creates a retargeting campaign to turbo boost the email. We’ll retarget the recipients of the email, using the same images and messaging from the email they just received. Learn more

Shoelace uses your Facebook Pixel

There should only be one Facebook pixel firing on your website. Yours. We can’t think of a good reason why any provider should be firing a Facebook Pixel that is not yours.

Retargeting can increase your sales by 12% on average

98% of website visitors leave without buying anything. Retargeting allows you to show targeted ads to those visitors and encourage them to come back.

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Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace reviews

134 reviews
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I only recently had this app installed in my store, but I'm already getting results! Customer service has been EXCELLENT, helping to tailor the app to my store's needs since I have sale and rental products. Exciting that this is just the beginning and the app is supposed to get BETTER over time! Thanks Shoelace! :)


This company stands behind there product, and the ease of use, and customer support reflect that.


Absolutely thrilled! Spent $36 so far and made a 4 figure profit- the results have really blown us away!


I've used Shoelace for almost 2 months and I can say it's been the best app investment I've made. I'm consistently getting over 300% return on the investment and over 15% conversions on clicks on the ads. This is the most effective ad campaign that I have. The customer service is outstanding, honest, timely, and responsive. They won't recommend spending more money unless they can show that you'll get more return for your money. Their system is very sophisticated and effective. I highly recommend them to anyone. Give them a try. You won't regret it!



Not got around to using it completely yet, but it looks simple enough


This app has been working wonders for us! More than 10X return on investment so far. So happy we gave it a shot and I highly recommend it.



Doesn't get any better than Shoelace. As someone who spends welling to five figures per month on regular targeted FB ads, I did not want to add dynamic ads to my workload. But, I knew I needed dynamic ad retargeting.

Shoelace took care of this for me. They worked with me, understood my business, and made it happen. Their service fee is well worth it to take this part of the workload off my plate. Plus the fact that they use my FB ad account means I can see all my data and control my dynamic ad spend.

6 Star service and company.


By far the best move I made with my ecommerce store. www.bellybands.com.au Installing the app has increased my revenue by double as it brings back customers who were already interested in our products. Set up was super easy, the app layout is great and the support has been outstanding. I would highly recommend it. So thankful to have found it. Great Job!


Shoelace is an amazing app. We highly recommend using it if re-targeting works in your on-line model. So far Shoelace as contributed 33% of our online sales with an ad spend of under 4%.

Highly recommended,

Mia Melon.com


The customer service is incredible, if you are looking for a way to boost your sales by retargettng across Facebook, Instagram, and they are now in Beta with Pinterest advertising. Very cutting edge stuff.

We have tried almost every retargeting company and service out there and have been extremely happy with not only the level of service but also the competency. It is not uncommon for one of the founders to jump on the live chat at 4am in the morning to help solve a problem or add a suggestion for a creative.

For us we sell mostly bikinis and swimwear but have been making a move to sell more Women's fashion at Bikini Luxe. Being able to retarget our customers on the other visual and social media platforms has been a very effective sales tool.

The swimwear and designer swimsuit business is extremely competitive as are most Ecommerce businesses retargeting your customers is appealing to a customer that is already way down the sales funnel and is almost ready to buy.


Women's Swim and Luxury Fashion

From $49.00 / month
14 days

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