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Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Developed by Shoelace

285 reviews
Price: From $49.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Retargeting automation for growing e-commerce stores
  • Fight ad fatigue and boost sales with retargeting journeys
  • Gets smarter over time and suggests ways to improve ROI

Want an expert to handle all of your retargeting?

Shoelace combines automated technology with human expertise to deliver the best retargeting strategies for your growing e-commerce store. We take care of everything from end-to-end, all you need to do is "approve" our suggestions.

  • Exceptional customer success team

  • Delivers measurable results and ROI

  • Implements advanced retargeting strategies

  • Effortless to set up and intuitive to use

Fight ad fatigue with retargeting journeys

Don’t annoy prospects by showing the same retargeting ad over and again. Use Shoelace Journeys to take visitors through an engaging sequence of ad experience after they leave your site.

How Shoelace works

Using Shoelace is like hiring the world's best retargeting expert to run all of your campaigns end-to-end.

1. Plug Shoelace in

Connect Shoelace to your e-commerce store, your Facebook ad account and some of your favorite marketing apps.

2. Shoelace builds your ads

We'll suggest the ad creatives, the audience, the budget and more. All you do is approve the campaign.

3. Shoelace gets smarter

Over time, you'll get suggestions for new experiments and recommendations on what we can improve to increase ROI

Connects with your favorite apps

Shoelace integrates with some of your favorite apps to super-charge your retargeting.

  • Shoelace + Mailchimp: Turbo-boost your emails newsletters with retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Yotpo: Turn five star product reviews into retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Foursixty: Turn your lifestyle images into retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Stamped.io: Turn five star product reviews into retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Back in Stock: Turn back in stock emails into retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Fomo: Turn Fomo notifications in social proof retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Judge.me: Turn five star product reviews into retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Recurring Orders: Boost your recurring revenue with subscription retargeting.

  • Shoelace + Conversio: Sync your abandoned cart emails with retargeting ads.

  • Shoelace + Kit: Let Shoelace manage your retargeting ads through Kit.

  • Shoelace + Shopify Reviews: Turn five star product reviews into retargeting ads.

Join 6,000+ other businesses who have supercharged their retargeting

When you add Shoelace to your store, you aren't just installing an app. You are tapping into a collective expertise that our team continuously cultivates by automating retargeting strategies for thousands of other brands just like you.

Works with Shopify, scales with Shopify Plus

Shoelace is a trusted retargeting expert for many of the largest Shopify Plus brands. We understand the nuances of implementing the perfect retargeting strategy for high-volume stores. And if your store is still just getting started, we know what it takes to help get you there!

Journeys: Takes visitor through a Journey after they leave your store

Journeys are a sequence of ad experiences designed to combat ad fatigue and to re-engage your visitors after they leave your website. We all know how powerful email drip campaigns are! With Journeys, you can now effortlessly apply the same strategy to your retargeting ads. Learn more about how Journeys work here

Expertise: we live and breathe retargeting

Every member of our customers success team is an expert on retargeting. Having worked with thousands of brands, we know how to take your retargeting to the next level.

When you add Shoelace to your store, you aren't just installing an app. You are hiring a retargeting expert.

Shoelace uses your Facebook Pixel

There should only be one Facebook pixel firing on your website. Yours. We can’t think of a good reason why any provider should be firing a Facebook Pixel that is not yours.

Retargeting can increase your sales by 12% on average

98% of website visitors leave without buying anything. Retargeting allows you to show targeted ads to those visitors and encourage them to come back.

Shoelace in the press

Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace reviews

285 reviews
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  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

Retargeting on FB through Shoelace is one of the best decisions we've ever made. We've see ROI of over 25:1 with our average order being between $200 and $300, this is INSANE ROI. Do yourself a favor and use these guys, they know their stuff really well.


I've been using this app on MezuzahStore.com for about a month. So far it has garnered me 2,800 of additional sales off about $250 of facbook ads. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Their customer service is also really responsive and helpful. It's also super simple to set up.


Fantastic app! Does exactly what it says it will do an the ROI is excellent so far!


Outstanding. We have tremendous ROAS using Shoelace and we learned a lot in the process.

This is a **must have** for every Shopify store. I repeat: this is a must have. There are no exceptions to this rule. Thanks Shoelace Team!


Great customer support and just a really awesome product. Builds out campaigns quickly and sets you up for success without spending almost any time. Highly recommend this app for retargeting!


Customer support is top.Very easy to install.Simple and usable dashboard.We get great results in one week.Thanks a lot.


Customer Service Excellence, this app would help your questions and willing to help as soon as they are free. Nevertheless its a great app to be using as retargetting!!


Shoelace has consistently given us 20:1 ROI on ad spend and has significantly lowered our shopping cart abandonment rate. I've worked with expensive enterprise-level traditional retargeting before and can say the Shoelace gives you the best with social retargeting on its own... at a fraction of the cost. Retargeting is must for nearly all e-commerce businesses, so this lower cost option is a welcome option.


It's the BEST! We're a multi million $$ ecommerce store and we're very picky about the apps we use. If you're using Facebook ads then Shoelace is a must have app for your store and every store you have.

Fiona and the whole team is amazing. The app is almost hands off and they look after everything from creating all the custom audiences you should have and also creating ads and full campaigns THE RIGHT WAY.

We experience a 3,474.71% return on ad spend which is just crazy awesome!

We love Shoelace soo much that we recommend them to everyone. We even featured an episode of our Ecom Live show on them when we went to visit their offices.

Don't hesitate! Just click "Get" and install right away! You won't regret it.


Facebook browsers are fickle and ad fatigue is real.

I fell head over heels in love with the Journeys concept from Shoelace and I have been impressed with the amount of communication I have received as we work together to tweak and perfect our retargeting efforts.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to me that my company and online objectives be understood, and Florent, Fiona, and the rest of the team at Shoelace have gone above and beyond to listen to my stated desires and outcomes and have worked hard behind the scenes to help me meet my objectives.

I can't say enough about how pleased I have been with my experience and the end benefit is an incredible user experience for our customers.

Shoelace is a must-have app and service if you're serious about quality FB retargeting.

From $49.00 / month
14 days

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