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18. Februar 2020

Easy handling but just until a certain point. If you try to create your own templates the designs are not responsive and not optimized for mobile view. Definitely room for improvement. Three stars for the self explaining structure.

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Bearbeitet am 11. Februar 2023

App is pretty decent but they've recently forced a footer badge promoting their app on pages you've created unless you pay up the $39/mo. You can't hide it, or even change the place on screen where it shows up. I'm sorry but I think this is a trashy way to promote your app and we'll be switching to something else. I also think $39 minimum for a page builder is too much.

Pine Creek Essentials
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 13. Februar 2023

Hi again, Logan! I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to let you know that our team was happy to work on your feedback and the Shogun Badge has been disabled from all the Free plans.
I reached out to you via email, however, I haven't heard back and would sincerely appreciate it if you could reply back to me or reach out to us via our support email - so that I help with the next steps to remove the badge from the live page.
Thank you so much for support.
Hi there, Logan! Thanks for leaving us a review and sharing the feedback with us.

We are sorry to hear about your experience with respect to the Shogun badge on the footer. This badge is part of the Free plan.

We sincerely appreciate the feedback when it comes to the pricing for our internal consideration. Our team works on making updates and additions to the app based on the feedback and we'll be happy to share an update.

I see you have decided to uninstall Shogun and we are sorry to see you go. However, I'll be happy to work with you and understand your concerns better. I have reached out to you via email and I'll look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thanks again!

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

Bearbeitet am 15. Dezember 2019

You can achieve the look you want if you have alot of time to kill. There is alot tweaking to do to get something look right. Honestly most the time it drives me nuts how much I have to mess around with something so it looks the exact same on both desktop and mobile. The mobile preview is not accurate and I need to expand to full screen to make sure desktop view isnt cutting anything out of view. I'd think everything is okay until I view it fullscreen and then I have to tweak and tweak again and alot of the time I end up changing the image I wanted to use. In the editor a product image may look nice and large but in the actual live view on my phone when published it would be so small. I'd have to go back in and blow the image up till it looks right on mobile but then the image would be too huge on desktop. Its alot of tweaking.
I have also had issues with product images / listings not showing LIVE but shows inside the editor. The team tells you to delete your cookies etc. I have always questioned if I have to delete my cookies to view the website as it should look, what about other people visiting my website who have cookie overload too? Will they not be able to view stuff? I never recived an answer.
Been using shogun since Feb 2019 , sometimes I really love it and other times I hate how much it works me hard. It's ok. When I started it was $19, now I'm seeing that it is $39. I'm wondering why so high? It's not worth $39 (analytics or not).

The page templates it comes with arent the best designs and they don't work very well. They look very squeezed on mobile. I have a hard time picking one that can work. The example store used here ( looks nothing like their templates or anything that can be achieved using the drag and drop builder. I assume coding was involved.

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11 monate mit der App
29. Januar 2019

The app is relatively easy to use. The support is quick which is good, but it does appear to be robotic replies leading you to other video tutorials rather than looking at the actual problem and solution. There's still room for improvements. For one, headers and footers cannot be changed on shogun. If you build with one theme install, you will lose all shogun "pages" if you go with a different theme. Secondly, the tab functions could be better and more modern. Thirdly, using other apps shows to be a bit of a problem. Overall, it's satisfactory if you want some flexibility but lots of room for improvement. I think they are heading towards the right directions.

Herbal Theory RX
10 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 18. März 2019

Hi Syl! Appreciate the thorough feedback here. (1) Noted about support, and I will talk with the team about how we use articles in support response. We do our best, and I promise there is a big team of people here that care about you. We don't outsource our support. (2) Headers and footers. I totally wish we could control this, but it's outside of the of the page, so we leave that part to our awesome theme partners to handle. (3) You won't lose pages if you switch themes, but you might need to re-tweak some of your page content if the theme has much different styling rules. (4) Elements definitely need a design pass to make the defaults more modern. We now have a senior designer who will focus only on the editor, so expect lots of great changes. (5) More 3rd party app integrations coming! Which integrations did you want specifically? Thanks for the kind words. Reach out anytime support@getshogun or ask for me directly - Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer)

12. April 2020

Can confirm this review: It's a pretty solid page builder. Lacking some functionality, especially around your ability to position elements, but nothing that can't be fixed in later updates. I wish that I could edit the category pages with greater precision.

My biggest problem is with the price. They keep raising it. $39 a month for a basic page builder is just greedy. If it were around $15 a month I'd give it 4 stars.

10 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. August 2020

Updated: The Shogun team has been helpful in making this experience better by being very attentive and thorough. I still think that there should be an affordable version for small businesses. Please let me know when you improve your forms. Thanks

This app works fine but it is NOT AFFORDABLE to keep on your page so you might as well not use it unless you are never going to make edits again! The forms in the app are HORRIBLE and they stop working after you uninstall the app so its a waste of time to use them in the first place. You should make an affordable option for individuals!

Slash Objects
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8 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 15. Juli 2020

Hey Arielle,

Our support team has reached out to you and left a voicemail and sent an email as well.

We are so sorry to hear that you have not had the best experience with Shogun. We appreciate all of the feedback and would love to hear about any suggestions you might have for improvements to the forms element.

We would love to find a solution that works for you and your business. If you could please respond to the email at your earliest convenience, we would greatly appreciate it. We will try giving you a call tomorrow to see if we can reach you.

Kalen | Team Lead, Support
Shogun Page Builder

Bearbeitet am 28. Juli 2021

Updated review:
I'm going back up to 3 stars and I'll leave it at that because despite the fact that there is nothing to complain about in terms of quality of service and after-sales service, marking it free when it is only free under certain conditions, that you don't tell the customer (ON SHOPIFY), is deception.

Blue Memory
7 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 24. Juli 2021

Hi Seuldon,

Thank you for your honest feedback, and our sincere apologies for the confusion and frustration. The free plan is currently available to new users. This is noted on our app store page, but I can see how this can be missed. I'll communicate your feedback to our team right away to ensure this can be made more clear.

I see your store had previously installed our app in February of this year. I'm sorry to see your return to Page Builder has not been a positive experience. Our support team has reached out via email with further details and steps to help you try our app again from a clean state.

Our support team is available 24/7. We're looking forward to your response and helping you back into using Page Builder again. :)

Thank you,
Jill N., Director of Client Services

9. Juli 2021

Function template: Great
Reaction speed: As slow as a snail
If you are lucky enough, the shogun reaction speed is still very fast

VOFFOV - Better Furniture Better Office
7 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 9. Juli 2021

Hi, there! Thanks for your review. We appreciate the honest feedback.

I understand you are facing some issues with the page speed and I would like to learn more about the issue so that we can look into this for you.

I have also reached out to you via email and I would appreciate it if you could reply back to us so that we can assist you better.

Sweetan | Team Lead | Support

21. September 2022

Was evaluating if we can go for their headless solution but we think not really after trying with their page builder. Blocks sometimes disappear after being configured in page builder so you'd need to build again. Cannot preview page properly (still fixing). Cannot export page content and import into another identical site (need to pay them hundreds if you need this feature) meanwhile other page builder like pagefly can provide this function at no cost. Lack of block templates. Page templates are somehow generic which you need to build from scratch. If pagefly isn't that buggy we will stick with pagefly.

VY Beauty Store
Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
5 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 22. September 2022

Hey there! Thank you so much for leaving us a review and sharing your honest feedback with us. Your feedback really means a lot to us as it helps to improve your experience with Shogun.

I do apologize for all the inconvenience caused here.

It looks like there's some conflict with a third-party code that is causing issues with the preview of the pages. Our technical team has reached out to you with more information on this while we continue to investigate this further for you.

I have also reached out to you in a separate thread so that we can address and assist you with other questions and issues you have highlighted.

I will look forward to hearing back from you so we can assist you further.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

Bearbeitet am 12. Februar 2021

pretty difficult to use, if you are expecting user friendly experience like Shopify theme editor , you will be disappointed. User experience is difficult. simplify it Shogun. Even simple email marketing platforms have better drag and drop function.

Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
Shogun Labs, Inc. hat geantwortet 1. Februar 2021

Hi Enes,

Thank you for your review. I'm really sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Shogun. We strive to ensure that the app is easy to use, and helps customers build beautiful stores with ease. We clearly missed the mark here.

I can see that my colleague Charles reached out to you by phone but could not get through, then followed up by email to gather further feedback from you to assist with the issues that you are facing. I would ask that you reply to Charles and we would be happy to guide you on what you are hoping to achieve.

We really appreciate any feedback that you would like to share with us - it helps us grow and helps us provide you with a better service.

I hope that we can help you have a better experience with Shogun. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Response to your update: sorry to hear that you are still struggling with getting to grips with Shogun. We have been trying to contact you since you originally posted this review but we have yet to hear back from you about what issues you are facing, what you are finding difficult, or how we can help you. If you could, we would really appreciate it if you could reach back out to us so that we can offer assistance or log the feedback.

Thank you,
Karl | Team Lead, Technical Support