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19. mars 2024

Once you use Shogun you're locked in. They have repeatedly changed features and changed their pricing which results in broken pages, missing features that we once had, and difficulties site wide. Customer support is slow to respond. You guys suck.

Nesten 4 år bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 21. mars 2024

Hi there!

Thanks for leaving your feedback with us. While we change our plans' pricing and add new features, necessitating shuffling features to different plans, we never take features off of users, nor do we force you onto new plans.

Once the app is persistently installed, you've always got to keep the feature set you are familiar with. Pages, therefore, will not spontaneously break. As I understand, the features that were missing were found to be still available, only slightly moved in the UI with the editor design refresh.

Customer support is available 24/7 through email, where we aim to respond to every email within 24 hours, and live chat, where we can be reached most hours within a couple of minutes.

I know we were chatting recently about this, and if you have any specific queries not addressed in our more recent interaction, please reply to that same thread or reach out to our team, and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

James | Client Services

21. mars 2024

Unexpected HUGE charge

Trying this app is not advised… I was shocked to see that I was automatically charged almost $400 (with taxes) after trying this for a day. My $1 / month trial Shopify account just set me up to get taken advantage of. If I automatically was charged $39 like it shows is the price then I would understand but this is 10x that.
I only used for a few hours and didn’t find Shogun to be intuitive unfortunately.

My Store
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 28. mars 2024

---Update - April 5, 2024---

Hi there, Jay, I appreciate you writing back, however, it looks like we have not heard back from you again. Could you check the email and reply back with the store details so that we can assist you further?


Hi there, Thanks for sharing your feedback here.

I am not able to locate your account or a support conversation about the same as the store name- My Store seems to be very generic.

However, I would like to let you know that app charges or subscription charges work based on billing cycles in Shopify. We offer 10 days of free trial and if the app is not required we recommend uninstalling the app before the trial period is over. If the app is not uninstalled, the recurring subscription starts automatically, that is how subscriptions work.

I see you suggested you tried the app for a day, but if the app was not uninstalled before the free cutoff period, you will be charged which is expected behavior. And, you will be charged based on the plan you selected while you uninstalled and started the trial.

If you reached out to our support team about this previously, could you reply back to us on that thread?

Having said that, as I am not able to locate your store details I wanted to check if you can reach out to our support team at

Our support team will be happy to analyze the account and share further information to clear any doubts or misunderstandings here. And, we'll be happy to help with the charge.

We'll look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sweetan | Client Services

17. juli 2024

Uninstalled the App and got charged nonetheless.

berlin collective
10 dager bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 18. juli 2024

Hi there!

Thanks for your feedback!

We wouldn't expect you to have been charged if you uninstalled the app while you were still in the trial period.

Unfortunately, we no longer have your email, as it was redacted (standard procedure on uninstallation). Could you send us an email to referencing this? Then, we can look into and resolve this issue for you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

James | Client Services

13. november 2023

I'd give 0 stars if I could

Shogun is slow and you have to update a page manually one at a time. It's extremely painful to make any changes, let alone make a single small change across all pages.

The app has decided to double its costs recently, making it completely prohibitive for any business trying to scale.

SUMMARY: SAVE YOUR MONEY, HIRE A DEV, OR USE ANOTHER APP. You will simply get no value in this app

Over 2 år bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 15. november 2023

Hey there, Eric. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feedback.

I am sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been a positive one.

I wasn't able to locate a conversation with respect to the slowness you were facing, but our features such as bulk publishing, theme sections, and global snippets are used by our users to make changes across multiple pages.

Having said that, we do change and update the pricing for our plans, which is normal behavior. Your account was subscribed to our legacy plan and that plan is no longer offered. We don't force our users to move away from their grandfathered legacy plans. However, if you uninstall or reinstall the app, the legacy plan will be lost. This is something our support team explained further via email. There isn't a way to activate that deprecated plan again.

I see you have since uninstalled the app, however, I also see you had been installed for a while with us and I apologize if you felt there was no value.

I also see you are in touch with our team to get some further assistance and our team, as always is more than happy to help you.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

7. desember 2023

Don't use this app. Find something else.

The app worked fine until they moved all the standard features to only be available in higher plans.

Image quality is an issue now on the main plan.

They want you to jump from $39/month to $99/month.

Embarassing for a SaaS company to act this way. I hope a lot of people cancel and move to more affordable competitors.

Good Wave
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 14. desember 2023

Hi there Aaron! Thanks for taking the time to log your feedback with us.

I am sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been a positive one.

I had a look to double-check and found that Image Quality Settings haven't historically been available on the Build plan and weren't moved up when we implemented the current plans. This hasn't been specifically raised as an issue before; still, we're taking this feedback and are looking at retroactively granting the capability to the current 'Build' plan, given the new price point.

Regarding the price increases - a big part of this is related to significant changes to our product and company. We were a “page builder” for a long time; however, we’ve expanded our offering to include core optimization features, including AB Testing, Targeted Experiences (personalize content to audience), SEO tools for keyword discovery, AI-assisted blog generation, and page performance monitoring.

While the entry plan has increased, we’ve also added features, including our AI page designer, AI text generation features, and grid-based editing. We also increased the page limit on our entry plan to 50 pages and removed page limits for any plan higher than entry.

While there are cheaper alternatives, if you’re looking to build and optimize your shopping experience, we are still quite budget-conscious compared to most AB testing, personalization, and SEO software providers.

Lastly, you can contact us any time at, and we will do our best to help.

James | Client Services
Shogun A/B Testing & CRO

24. januar 2024

charged me 99$ when i had uninstalled a long time ago, get back to me to refund my money please

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 25. januar 2024

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out with your feedback.

We noted your request for a refund yesterday, and my colleague, Sweetan of the Billing team, replied to say that he had processed your refund and that the amount would be back with you in the next 5-10 days as per normal process.

It looks like our email reply may not have been received and we suspect the email address you used to reach out to us had a slight typo. If there are any outstanding action items, could you please write back to us or reply to the same email thread? We'll be happy to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

James | Client Services

22. november 2023

Being forced up upgrade to a $100 plan is ridiculous. I laterally just need to update 1 page but rather than pay the original $40, i'll be paying $0 and going someplace else.

Exxtended Image Hair Co
Over 2 år bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 23. november 2023

Thanks for taking the time and leaving us a review here, Jenae.

We appreciate the feedback.

I am sorry to hear that you felt you were forced to upgrade. I wanted to share some details here.

Looking at the account I see Shogun was uninstalled on July 25, 2023. This is when your account was subscribed to our old plan. That old plan was a legacy plan that had been deprecated a long time ago. As the app was uninstalled, this legacy plan got canceled as well.

You reinstalled Shogun again on November 16, 2023 and our pick-a-plan page displayed the new plans that can be activated which would be the expected behavior.

I could not locate a recent support conversation about the questions you may have had with respect to the plans, but I have reached out to you via email to share more information.

I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

4. august 2023

They double charged me, last November I uninstalled and they still charged me. My store was deactivated because of multiple reasons. I just paid my bill to reactivate and of course they charged me again without even being installed. BEWARE!!!!

Over 1 år bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 6. august 2023

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time and leaving us this review and sharing your feedback.

It looks like there seems to be some misunderstanding here about how the app charges work.

I see I was already in touch with you to understand these charges so I could help you further. While I did explain why you noticed these charges, I wanted to share the information here as well.

The app charges work based on the store's billing cycles in Shopify. If the app is installed, the monthly charges continue to work as usual based on the subscription plan that is active on the account. We always recommend our users to uninstall the app if the app is not required. This helps to ensure you are not charged further.

This is also true when you close or pause your store with Shopify. The store was closed on December 9, 2022 without our app being uninstalled, then reopened on August 3, 2023. When the store reopened, the subscription charges were unfrozen. The app was correctly uninstalled on August 3, 2023. This means any pending charge would be processed when the store is reopened.

However, I reached out via email to discuss and learn more about the charges in question so we could help you with them.

I'll really appreciate it if you could reply back to me on that thread and I'll make sure we can help resolve this and clear the misunderstanding here.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

1. august 2023

No actual free plan, you're tricked into downloading it only to be brought to a page to give them money.

Can't even see if their templates might be fit for my store, not a super good business model to say you can try it out for free when you're instantly hit with a paywall. That's definitely a false advertising move.

Rundt 15 timer bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 2. august 2023

Hi there! I appreciate you taking the time and writing this review while also sharing your feedback with us.

We do offer a Free plan which is available for users and stores who are installing Shogun for the first time as the plan is more of a way to test the app and the editor. However, looking at your account, I see our app was installed 3 months ago, on 2023-05-09 and the Build plan was activated. The app was then uninstalled and reinstalled again on August 1, 2023, which is why you didn't see the Free plan option since the Build plan was the last plan activated on the account.

I can understand the frustration here and I'll be happy to look into this further for you.

I have reached out to you via email and would appreciate it if you would reply back to me. Thanks for your support.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

24. oktober 2023

Buggy app and doesn't function well with most themes and there's no chat support.

Dash Square
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Shogun Labs, Inc. svarte 30. oktober 2023

Hey there, Paras. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feedback with us.

I am sorry to hear that you faced issues while using Shogun.

I think I was in a conversation with you previously with respect to your Shogun plan. I requested to reinstall the app so I could assist you further with the plan, however, I didn't hear back from you.

That was the only support conversation I could locate. Having said that, if there was something buggy with the editor we would love to gather additional information so that we can resolve the same for you.

As far as the themes are concerned, while Shogun works and is compatible with all the themes, we do recommend checking the themes from the Shopify theme store.

Also, we don't have the chat support on our base plan. Our chat support is available on specific plans, but our email support is equally fast.

Having said that, I can understand the concerns and I'll be happy to understand the issue with the app or the theme further. I reached out via email so that I can connect with you further. I haven't heard back from you yet. I also tried to reach you via phone but wasn't able to connect.

If you could reply back to me I will be happy to assist you further.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder