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10 oktober 2018

I've been a subscriber for almost a year and it's a shame that no one responds at pertaining to a tech question that I have. This is actually the first time I reached out for help.

I needed help for a product launch page that went up last week. It's been 7 days, followed up 3 times over email but no one bothered to respond. On the contrary, a billing question was also sent to at the same time and it was followed up very quickly.

I have no idea where went wrong but this is definitely not the experience a five-star app would deliver.

Good Dog People™
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 18 maart 2019

Hey Terry- again, super sorry this happened. I know we've been in touch via email a few times. What happened was we looped in Shopify support to help us get the refund issued. You replied on that thread with some follow up questions unrelated to the refund, and we missed those questions. That's on us. We do aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and have a 24/7 global support team to serve our clients. If you need anything, please email, or email me directly. Let us know how to make it right. We're proud to still have you as a client :) Best, Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer).

15 november 2021

Soo many bugs, it's been really troublesome to get shogun up and running. No chat support is available. If you use Shogun expect a lot of issues and errors to arise. From newsletters submission forms to theme errors, to page settings. I do not recommend it at all! Pagefly seems to be a way better option, as it has 24/hours support. I am quite disappointed as we have been users of shogun for the past 2-3 years.

CARBO Electric Bike
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 15 november 2021

Hi, Lyne!

Thank you for your review and your feedback. I am sorry to see that you have had a negative experience with Shogun. We really appreciate your loyalty to the Shogun, thank you!

I am sorry for the issues you are experiencing. A member of our team will be reaching out to get more information about these issues and reviewing any prior communications that you have had with the team to ensure that any outstanding issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.

We do currently have a 24/7 support team who are always on hand to offer support. While chat support is not available on all plans, we strive to have a fast response time of fewer than 4 hours, though this is often much faster but depends on volume.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you to make your experience with Shogun a better one and appreciate your cooperation in working through the issues that you have been experiencing.

Karl | Manager, Technical Support

3 november 2022

Whenever I need help from Shogun, there is no help. They want you to hire a professional to do your need on their app.

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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 4 november 2022

Hey there, Ozkan! Thanks for leaving us a review.

I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with our app and the support team.

I see my colleague James has been in touch via email.

I apologize in case you felt there has been no help. It looks like what you were looking to achieve isn't a native feature when it comes to the product box element we have. However, we try out best to guide you in the right direction or share a workaround when possible.

We do value your feedback and suggestions as it helps us to work on features that would help all our users.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

11 mei 2021

Terrible experience and non-reliable. For the second time in 3 weeks the shogun app is down - we cannot open. And our homepage that is built on shogun is completely broken! I've been left without any answer from customer support.

Hey Harper Shop NL
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2021

Hey Cate,

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I know that a reliable page builder is essential to keeping your business running smoothly.

We believe that this could be occurring because you may be logged into multiple Shopify stores at the same time. This would explain the issues that are being experienced. This can be confirmed by opening Shogun within that store on a fresh browser or an incognito window.

Charles from our support team has reached out via email and we're committed to working with you until we make this right :)

Kalen | Team Lead, Support
Shogun Page Builder

10 juli 2023

Be careful, this company makes it really difficult to unsubscribe and like to keep charging you even if you unsubscribe. Scam subscribe and unsubscribe methods like Amazon Prime... BE WARNED!
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 10 juli 2023

25th July 2023
Hi again! I see I haven't heard back from you and it has been a while. I wanted to check if it was possible to reply back to the email thread so that I can help you further with this.
11th July, 2023

Hey again! I see we received a couple of emails about this and I reached out on both to connect someone from the BCF team, but I haven't heard back yet.

Would it be possible to reply back to me so that we can connect further and I can assist you better with the use case?

I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
Hey there! I just saw this 1-star review you left for us and I wanted to reach out and check if there is something I can help you with while trying to make sure we can turn your negative experience into a positive one.

I am sorry to hear that you feel it is difficult to unsubscribe and that you are being charged. Please note that recurring app charges work based on your billing cycle in Shopify and if you don't wish to use Shogun and if you would like to cancel the subscription you are free to uninstall our app from your Shopify account.

I see you uninstalled the app from your account on June 9, 2023.

I also see we had no prior communication or conversation about this matter from you and I just noticed that you have reached out to us via email to discuss this further.

I am going to reply back to you and hopefully we can assist you further to clear the doubts. I'll look forward to hearing back from you via email.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

Bewerkt 12 februari 2024

Made our plan obsolete without notification. Doubled the cost to just maintain the number of pages we went through the hassle of designing with the app - not trustworthy and not worth $299 / month.

American Hospital Supply
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 6 januari 2023

-----UPDATE - Feb 14, 2024-----

Hi there, Brian. I see you updated the review to a 1 star and I apologize for the trouble that has led to this feedback.

I was looking at your account and I see it it still subscribed to our old/legacy plan. I think there is some misunderstanding here. Yes, the plan is old and legacy, and yes, it has been deprecated, but you are free to be on this plan while the app is installed and the plan isn't upgraded to downgraded.

We are not forcing you to change or upgrade to any other plan at all.

Your account, pages, and data are still there and nothing has changed. We have introduced new solutions such as A/B test, Targeted Experiences, etc, and thus the pricing for the new plan, but you can continue to be on the old/legacy plan.

Apologies for any misunderstanding here. I have reached out via email to discuss this further in case I am missing something and I'd appreciate it if you could reply back to me.


Sweetan | Client Services

Thank you so much for leaving us a review, Brian! 😊

We are very happy to hear that you are having a great experience with Shogun and our support team. Thank you for the feedback.

I'll be sure to share your kind words with Andre and the support team.

We'll look forward to assisting you again in the future.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

4 december 2019

The app is very buggy. The support staff answers quickly but its always a work around and not a clear solution. Fine if you have to use it (i.e. cannot code) but be prepared to redo everything a few times to get it right.

Allied Beauty Association
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 26 december 2019

Apologies for taking a moment to get to this. We would love to get some greater detail here, so our engineering team can take a look. Can you please contact our support team and ask them to forward your email to me? Thank you very much. - Nick (cofounder, Shogun)

26 juni 2019

I lost hours of work with this buggy software. I made some edits on the page, clicked saved then publish then viewed the live page and none of the edits I made appeared on the page. I then made sure to click save then publish again several times and everytime I did that it displays that the page is published but it's still not showing in the live page. When I exit out of the page I am editing then entered again, everything that I made in the last few hours were gone.

Dr Sam Bakhtiar
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Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 26 juni 2019

UPDATED: Dr. Bakhtiar- the engineering team isolated the issue, and this is now fixed. Again, apologies for the inconvenience. We are happy to provide a refund as our way of showing our gratitude. Thank you.

Dr. Bakhtiar- first of all, I want to extend deep apologies here, I am sure that is an incredibly frustrating experience. Our engineering team has been combing over the code and attempting to replicate the error. It seems only you and one other client had an issue here (still unacceptable). We are on top of it. Our support team should be in touch as well, but please do let us know if there is anything we can do to amend this experience. Thank you for your patience. - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

7 mei 2021

Terrible app to use, functionality in-app v poor. Pages do not load quickly and holding pages have no exit option. Do not use.

Misfits Health
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 7 mei 2021

Hi Josh,

Thank you for your review and for taking my call earlier - I'll follow up with you next week, as discussed.

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Shogun and we hope that we can help you turn that around - I do see that you recently wrote in regarding landing page templates, a colleague of mine was in the process of replying to this as your review came in and will get back to you.

I would really appreciate it if you could get back to my colleague so that we can be sure to set you in the right direction and hopefully turn your experience around.

Update: unfortunately we have tried to get in touch with you numerous times to help you resolve the issues that you are having but you were unresponsive to our team - we would love to help you out if you have a chance to get back to our team. :)

Many thanks,

Karl | Team Lead, Technical Support

2 maart 2022

If you care about ranking on the search engines do not use this product. The code slows down your site to a crawl. I was ranking #1 on Google on all 4 of my target keywords. After a few weeks of adding the code to my site the rankings dropped off completely. This product cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. It took me a while to figure out what was the cause, but I had my developer remove the ShoGun code and I started ranking again within a week or two. DO NOT USE THIS APP. It's great for A/B testing and making quick website changes, but it will kill your chances of ranking in organic search. I repeat stay away. I asked their developers and they said it was SEO friendly, but it clearly was not.
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Shogun Labs, Inc. heeft geantwoord 2 maart 2022

Hey David,

I'm really sorry to hear that you've had this experience with Shogun Page Builder. We know that SEO, search ranking, and site speed are important metrics in growing your business. Given what you've said about what changed on your website, I too would have questions.

We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to make things right. We don't have a full understanding of the issue just yet, but we would appreciate the chance to jump on the phone and learn more.

We've sent an email your way and I spoke with Leslie on the phone and left a number I can be reached at directly. Feel free to give me a call anytime. Would love to hear from you.

Kalen | Team Lead, Support
Shogun Page Builder