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20 de outubro de 2019

Would love to see how the app works! Nobody can help make it work for me after 3 hours and tech support is nonexistent on weekends. Getting back you you in 48 hours is not OK for paying hundreds per month.

Estados Unidos
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Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 20 de outubro de 2019

Hello Chris- sorry to hear the frustration. We actually do have technical support on the weekends, Jill comes on afternoon (PST) time- and we have general support that can escalate to weekend engineering team members if it's urgent. I checked with Jana (who has been working with you via live chat)- looks like the syncing feature is working just fine- we checked inside your account as well. Did you manage to get everything you needed? I'm always working (weekends too)- so please feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you. - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

6 de outubro de 2020

Warning! If you use this app and want to pause it so you don't have to pay the fee while not using it they will not do that. You have to delete the app and then after a couple months all your saved info is deleted. This means when you reload it and try to use it most of the information on each page is gone and you have to rebuild the majority of each page. Buttons, links to other pages and everything!

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Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 6 de outubro de 2020

Hey Paul,

So sorry to hear that your pages were lost when uninstalling the app. In the past we kept all of your data on your account so that you can easily reinstall the app at anytime and manage your pages as if you never left. However, to be GDPR compliant, Shopify has instructed us to remove data from the users account. After 14 days, the data from the account is removed and will be lost. We send out an email to every user that uninstalls warning them of this change.

We understand that this is frustrating and I have passed along your comments to my team. We are looking into different options that we can provide to make this process better for our users. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

I've reached out to you via email and would love to hear back from you.

Kalen | Team Lead, Support
Shogun Page Builder

20 de maio de 2021

The most unintuitive website builder tool i ever used. in terms of formatting, it's more worse than Word.

12 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 20 de maio de 2021

Hi, Theresia!

Thank you for your review. I'm so sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with Shogun.

I've asked our Success team to reach out to you to discuss the issues that you have been having, and hopefully help you have a better experience with Shogun. We'd love to hear what went wrong so that we can pass this feedback onto our teams for future consideration for Page Builder - we log all feedback that we get from customers because we think it's the best way for us to grow and provide the best experience possible to customers like yourself.

We're looking forward to hearing back from you, and really hope that we can help you achieve what you are hoping to with Page Builder.

Thank you again, and please do not hesitate to reach out.

Team Lead | Technical Support

Data de edição: 12 de fevereiro de 2024

Made our plan obsolete without notification. Doubled the cost to just maintain the number of pages we went through the hassle of designing with the app - not trustworthy and not worth $299 / month.

American Hospital Supply
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11 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 6 de janeiro de 2023

-----UPDATE - Feb 14, 2024-----

Hi there, Brian. I see you updated the review to a 1 star and I apologize for the trouble that has led to this feedback.

I was looking at your account and I see it it still subscribed to our old/legacy plan. I think there is some misunderstanding here. Yes, the plan is old and legacy, and yes, it has been deprecated, but you are free to be on this plan while the app is installed and the plan isn't upgraded to downgraded.

We are not forcing you to change or upgrade to any other plan at all.

Your account, pages, and data are still there and nothing has changed. We have introduced new solutions such as A/B test, Targeted Experiences, etc, and thus the pricing for the new plan, but you can continue to be on the old/legacy plan.

Apologies for any misunderstanding here. I have reached out via email to discuss this further in case I am missing something and I'd appreciate it if you could reply back to me.


Sweetan | Client Services

Thank you so much for leaving us a review, Brian! 😊

We are very happy to hear that you are having a great experience with Shogun and our support team. Thank you for the feedback.

I'll be sure to share your kind words with Andre and the support team.

We'll look forward to assisting you again in the future.

Sweetan | Client Services
Shogun Page Builder

9 de setembro de 2019

A very suck software!The software keep cashing, and very lagging! Please improve the performance!!!!

11 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 9 de setembro de 2019

Hello Sin- sorry to hear about the bad experience. I'm not sure this is related to Shogun though- we have 10,000+ clients, and we're not getting any other reports of this. A member of our technical support team, Karl, reached out to you right after the post: he can help you troubleshoot to determine what the issue is. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Thanks!
-Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

27 de abril de 2021

it made setting up the site easier but after that you are locked into shogun. if i delete this and then try to make any edits on the site the entire thing breaks.

Aura Locks
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 27 de abril de 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for your review today!

Our team have tried to give you a call but it appears that the phone number that we have on file for you is invalid. We have also sent you a follow-up email to clear up the confusion.

When pages are edited outside of Shogun, Shopify does strip some Shogun code out of the page - this is not something that we have control over as it is up to Shopify themselves. Re-publishing the page via Shogun will resolve any issues that you have with this.

If you want to edit your page via Shopify, we would recommend using the "revert page" option that is available through the dashboard.

I would ask that you reply to the email that was sent your way so that we can help you with your issues.

Thank you,

Karl | Team Lead, Technical Support

Data de edição: 14 de abril de 2020

Updateupdate: They make changes to live pages (without your permission). You have to tell them to revert back (it made visible changes to layout/text). Then they tell you now it's looking as before. Only later do you realize, yea it does, on desktops.. but not mobile!! My whole product description was missing.

Then a test product were added to live page, without telling me that I had to remove them.. I don't know if I should have figured out I was sup' to remove it myself, after he tested something with it..

Shogun dev. team, pls be careful with live pages, and check on all devices..

10 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 1 de novembro de 2019

Hey Niklas- sorry for the delay here- I know our team was in touch right away, but it took a moment for me to get to this personally. This has prompted a lot of internal discussion on support approach. Some clients care most about speed to reply- our global presence is an advantage there: we have support team in USA, UK, Jamaica, Philippines, India, Canada, and Australia- so when one rep might have signed off, 2 more have signed on. That said, some clients probably prefer consistency- and would prefer contact with just one rep, even if that means waiting 12+ hours for a reply. Regardless, your feedback has prompted a few things (1) We're going to implement a formal NPS system to get to experience problems like this before they are a major issue (2) We are considering an initial option in chat that asks if the priority is "speed" or "dedicated rep" (3) we are QA-ing our support process, looking for things like better internal commenting in support convos etc. Long winded response, but want you to know that you are heard. Thank you - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

Data de edição: 24 de fevereiro de 2022

I ask for help about SEO. I never get any reply after I give the app a 5 star.
It cost me $39/month without any support, and the page I built cannot shown or crawled by google search engine. What a shame!

Estados Unidos
7 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 26 de janeiro de 2022

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review! I'm so glad to hear that you've had a wonderful experience with Shogun Page Builder and our support team.

If there is anything we can help with, please don't hesitate to let us know :)

Kalen | Team Lead, Support
Shogun Page Builder

2 de janeiro de 2020

I would love to try the App, but sadly there is now 10 days trial?
Actually, even on the website, a trial is advertised...
Would love to test it. Message me

5 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 2 de janeiro de 2020

Hi Hannes! It appears that the trial period for this store was used originally back in March of 2019, however, we have gone ahead and re-enabled this so that you can try Shogun once more :) A support team member has also reached out to help with anything else you may need. Happy New Year! - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

Data de edição: 26 de junho de 2019

2nd Review
Now it has been the 20th time, and another whole day of work - gone!!

It is so frustrating, and it keeps letting me down again and again! This time, i used Safari as you told me to.
Why is it that this program keeps letting me down all the time again again and again? Even when it tells me everything is saved?
It is not, and I am really getting quite frustrated!!

I will definetly not recommend this page builder, and I will look around for something else - Saving issues is the minimum of what you will expect of an online platform

1st Review
Want to avoid serious headache with saving?
Do not use Shogun!!!

This application has critical issues with saving abilities

I've been working with it for three months, and i've have experienced multible times saving issues costing me awefull lot of time and headache.

When you hit "Save" it does not always saves, even tho it tell you so. Then when you refresh your browser, all your work from previous saving, until now, is gone.. Caput... Very very frustrating.

More frustrating is it, because you do not know when the saving is not saved. It is just comes up randomly.

So... If please Shogun, fix this saving issue


4 meses usando o app
Shogun Labs, Inc. deixou uma resposta 22 de junho de 2019

Hey Kasper- I know Abhinav has been helping you out, but just wanted to acknowledge your frustration here. It may be the that the browser you're using (Brave) is causing the issue. We aim for compatibility with all browsers, but focus on Chrome and Safari. We're here to help, so let us know what we can do. Also- we need to add "auto-save" as a feature, and that is on our roadmap. Thanks! - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)