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Shogun Page Builder & Designer

by Shogun Labs, Inc.

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Cognitive Surplus

This quote is from Shogun's shopify FAQ page:

"Although there is not yet a way to "apply to all", and set this new page layout as your Shopify product page layout for all your pages, this helps you edit your existing Shopify product pages for custom page layouts."

read this as, if you want to use shogun to edit your product's page layout -- you need to edit each product, one at a time. This also includes category pages etc. This app treats your store as a huge array of individual pages that you need to edit individually. Great tool for making custom one off pages. Terrible if you are hoping to use this to build a custom theme. -4 Stars because they got my hopes up. +1 star because of the free trial.

Developer reply

July 2, 2019

Hey Geoff- sorry to hear you had a bad experience here. We called and emailed to explain. For clarification, we actually built this feature in the way you want (making the product page a "master page template") - but the only way to engineer it leaves a heavy footprint on the theme files. We always prioritize minimal impact on code so that (1) there are less opportunities for code conflicts and (2) in case you ever want to part ways with us, your theme files are clean. Happy to issue a refund here since we didn't meet your expectations. Thank you for being considerate. - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)

Dazio Floral

Sucks for product page editing. You can't move existing elements like product description.

Might work for something else but its no good for product page editing.

Developer reply

March 22, 2019

Hey there! We reached out and got in touch with Heather, but still trying to get in touch with you. You can actually make completely custom page layouts for product pages; when you're in the product page editing flow, choose the "Custom Layout" option instead of the "Existing Layout" option. The latter is restricted to your theme layout, the former allows you to put the product fields wherever you like. Reply to us at if you have any questions. Our team would be happy to walk you through it. - Nick (Cofounder, Shogun)


I tried to use this app, but it definitely disappointed me. Very bad drag and drop tool that i've used for a couple of hours without finishing a single element as i'd like...

Developer reply

March 18, 2019

Hello Viktor- Very sorry to hear that your experience was disappointing. We reached out immediately after this, and you refused to accept our help. If you change your mind, please feel free to reach back out to . We have a 24/7 support team based in USA, UK, India, Australia and Jamaica. Thank you. - Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer)

Icon Days

So far this is a really clunky ugly builder compared to PageFly AND more expensive. I tried to move away from PageFly due to the bugs, but this is painful to use.

Any planned UI upgrades?

Developer reply

March 18, 2019

Hey Ben- I think a member of our support team (Charles) reached out to you immediately after this to schedule a call to see where you feel we can improve. I'm not intimately familiar with PageFly, but we always like to hear feedback. Please do take us up on our offer to chat, and we can also help you with a free re-trial. I think once you explore our software a bit more you'll have a different perspective. is always here to help. Thank you for your consideration. - Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer)

The Wrap Life

I dont understand all the high praises for this app. If you're designing something for mobile and desktop, it's very difficult to use. There no logic or way of knowing if you do one thing, it'll impact the layout of another on a different screen. Spent hours fumbling around hoping to get lucky. Nothing seemed to work. Deleted it.

Developer reply

March 18, 2019

Nnenna- hope all has been well. We reached out a few times, but I think we ultimately weren't able to get in touch. I TOTALLY feel your pain here. The screen settings feature in Shogun is helpful for creating experiences unique to screen size, but we need more powerful screen specific controls. Happy to say that we are working on that now, and it will be out soon. You can reach out to for a free re-trial. Ping us anytime if you need help. Thank you - Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer)

Hammer Department

It works but Its got a lot glitches, half the time you can't change the color of text or font style or size. It erased the page I was working on, 2 hours of work when I published the page down the drain it erased half the page. And when you link product URL to shop button it bounces you off the page and onto product page in store, then when you go back it freezes what your working on then I have close & reopen just get it to work.

Developer reply

March 18, 2019

Hi James- sorry for the trouble here. We did reach out to you about this, but were unable to get a response. We were unable to replicate these errors, but would love your help documenting them so we can make sure they are resolved. Happy to issue a free re-trial so we can check it out. Please do email us at and we'll jump on it. Thank you. - Nick (Cofounder, Chief Product Officer)