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Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder

Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder

Developed by Shogun Labs, Inc.

897 reviews
Price: From $19.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Build beautiful custom pages with a powerful drag and drop page builder. Works with any theme.
  • Works for Landing Pages, Home Pages, Product Pages, Blog Pages. Import and edit existing pages.
  • Reach shoppers on desktop, mobile, and tablet with responsive pages that use your themes existing styles.

TOP RATED page builder for Shopify stores! Read our REVIEWS!!

  • POWERFUL drag and drop page builder for Landing Pages, Home Pages, Product Pages, Blog Pages.

  • TRUSTED by thousands of Shopify merchants and hundreds of Shopify Plus companies. See why they rely on our software to support their stores.

No coding required! Shogun has a seamless integration with Shopify, making it easy for you to manage your whole site within Shopify’s application. Works with any theme!

You keep your pages and changes even if you uninstall! Give Shogun a FREE trial for 10 days, and keep all of your work.

Check out our Library of Elements

Our element library includes: Box with image and video Backgrounds, Columns, Image, Parallax, Video, Heading, Text, Button, Slider, Table, Tabs, Accordion, Instagram, Social, Countdown Timer, Separator, Forms, Map, and HTML.

We also have the Shopify Product Field Elements: Title, Image, Price, Variant, Quantity, and Add to Cart Button. These elements pull in your Shopify data automatically!

Create a Custom Home Page with Shogun

You can design a completely custom home page and replace your old homepage with the click of a button.

Easy to Use:

Create beautiful new landing pages, blog pages, and product pages with a drag and drop page builder. Import and edit existing Shopify pages with the click of a button.

Mobile responsive:

Shogun’s pages are designed to look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Preview across devices in the editor.


Limitless styling options allows for completely custom landing pages and blog page creation. Library of drag and drop elements includes unique features like Sliders, Tabs and Accordions.

Developer friendly:

For those who know how to code, custom drag and drop elements can be built by writing your own HTML/Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript.

See pages that our users have built themselves using Shogun:

We are here to answer any of your questions and support you! Email us at support@getshogun.com

Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder reviews

897 reviews
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Mad love for Nick and his team. Best support I've ever experienced, their effectiveness constantly blows me away.


This is the best page builder I have used for Shopify and I installed, tested, and uninstalled several. Very versatile and great support.


Here's the thing. I'm cruising along buildin' ma' pages, loving the app, when about midnight on Saturday rolls around and I get this mysterious Shopify error message inside Shogun's page builder. The kind where I'm at a stand still and can't publish pages. I'm NOT a developer so I go through the usual amateur motions of flailing my way around google trying to figure out what could be happening as panic sets in. I try Shopify support and wait for an hour in a que (#78..). Very nice guy says he'll pass it on to the developer. I'm think: yeah, right (cynical, i know).

I give up, write an SOS email to Shogun support and figure I'll just sleep on it ...hoping against hope I won't be jolted awake by nightmares of catastrophic failure (i.e. cyber weekend is coming and i got no storefront). Oh, and I'm already writing off Sunday cuz no way I'm gonna hear back, right?

No sooner than I set my toothbrush down than I get a...get this...I get a PHONE CALL...from a strange number. I'm like, no, it can't be. I pick up. "Hey, it's Nick from Shogun - saw your email and figured you were working late, too..." whaaaaat?

A super-calm and professional Nick explains that they were working on a new feature and it was causing this error and they'd have it fixed by morning. BOOM.

Lights out. Slept like a baby.

Since then, I've needed support a few times and I gotta' say it feels good to know there's an open line to Shogun's team.

Moral of the story?

Not a developer? Need waaay better Shopify pages...AND sleep at night? Shogun.



The team at Shogun is ultra-responsive and their solutions to problems actually work. For a person who is not a trained coder (me), it's incredibly valuable to get quick fixes and advice that translates. Their response time is world-class. I was launching a new product the week of Black Friday and they made that process as easy as it could be. I am super happy with my first landing page: https://kippo.com/pages/capris


A must have app. Shopify doesn't do page building great, but Shogun do. And great support for this app as well.


This app really saves us a lot of time, and make our pages look great. Plus the best support I have experienced :)


the best page builder with the best support team!


I've used a few page builders and this is easily the best. Fantastic App!


Shogun has made making beautiful pages extremely easy. Support is quick and helpful as well!


Super fast help! Most apps take over a day to answer, and Nick answered within minutes to get my problem solved. Highly suggest this app!

From $19.00 / month

    Starter - $19/month
    -Visual Page Builder
    -Landing Page Builder
    -Home Page Builder
    -Page Templates
    -Same day email support

    Essential - $39/month
    Everything in Starter, plus:
    -Product Page Builder
    -Blog Page Builder
    -Product Collection Builder
    -Same day email support

    Pro - $79/month
    Everything in Essential, plus:
    -Content Scheduling
    -Code Custom Elements
    -Collections for custom data
    -Page Copying Services (between accounts)
    -Live Chat and Priority email support

10 days

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