Shop Analyzer

Shop Analyzer

作成: Pixc

Get actionable insights on your product images in a few clicks


Actionable insights

Reports that you can easily action. No more guessing what to do next with your product images.

Save time

We’ll do the analysis for you. Just download reports. Share with your team or fix the issues directly from the app.

Fix issues right away

No need to analyze anything. Our Wizard tool provides a way for you to fix your image issues right away.

Shop Analyzerの詳細情報

What is Shop Analyzer app?

The Shop Analyzer app by Pixc scans your Shopify store and provides you with an actionable report on your product photos. It tells you exactly what's wrong and how to fix your product images to improve your sales and conversions.

How does it work?

  1. Click the "Analyze shop" button
  2. Our app will analyze your store. Wait for the analysis to finish
  3. Review your report
  4. Click the "Fix photos" button to either download the report and share with your team or optimize your images using our Wizard tool.

What makes Shop Analyzer app unique?

With our Shop Analyzer app, you no longer have to refer to generalized feedback about your product images or guess what you need to do to get sales. Our app will tell you exactly what's wrong with your product photos and how you can fix them in just a few clicks.

Our app also uses image detection technology to provide accurate suggestions on how you can improve your imagery.

What can the app analyze?

As of right now, our app is focused on images on your product pages. Our app uses technology to detect whether you need more photos and what type of photos your product pages need to improve the user experience and conversions.

We're working to expand the scope of our app reports to other areas of your store and product pages.

Analyze your store. See what you need to fix.

Coming soon

  • One-click mobile integration to take photos from your mobile
  • A complete reporting feature of 50+ recommendations to improve your store and product pages so you can increase your conversions.





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